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Unit Goals and Objectives
Our Goals and Objectives



Unit 373 has approximately 750 members.  Our goals are to help our members, and our clubs.  We hold two Sectional tournaments, and one Regional Tournament annually, and a variety of Unit Games throughout the year.

Our Objectives are (as stated in our bylaws)

   •Preserve and promote the best interests of and to stimulate interest in the art of playing competitive duplicate bridge 
   •Preserve and promote membership in the ACBL Unit.
   •We will promote bridge, and in pursuance of such, the Unit shall cooperate with all bridge clubs within our Unit.
   •We will promote the development and growth of ACBL-affiliated clubs.
   •Prescribe rules of eligibility for participation in tournaments.
   •Encourage the highest standards of conduct and ethics by its members and to enforce such standards.
   •Consider and pass upon reports of dishonest, unethical or improper conduct of participants in tournaments and Unit games, and to bar or suspend persons found guilty of such conduct by review of the Conduct & Ethics Committee;
   •Cooperate in the ACBL's charity program and to sponsor and conduct charity events with the object of realizing funds to be devoted to worthy causes.
   •Conduct such other activities that will foster the advancement of and interest in the play of duplicate bridge.

The unit board of directors consists of 8 elected directors and a 299er representative, who is appointed at the first board meeting each year. Each director is elected for a two year term; and, normally, one half of the positions are elected each year.

The unit is required to hold an annual membership meeting.   We encourage any unit member who has interest in working for the benefit of the Unit to run for the Board.   Voting will be electronic (details to follow), and the results will be announced at the annual Holiday Party.