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 Please check the Unit 373 website clubs page at for the latest status of bridge activities regularly.

Las Vegas Unit 373 Board Election

Our unit bylaws provide for a board of directors of from five to nine members.  All but one board member are elected for two year terms.  The one non elected member is selected by the board, and ideally has fewer than 300 master points and is an advocate for and liaison to members who have less then 300 points. 

Our bylaws require our election process to be conducted in the last quarter of the year.  To comply with Covid restrictions, we are prohibited from having membership meetings.  Accordingly, anyone who is a member in good standing of our unit may be a candidate for the board.  Also because of restrictions, all board meetings are being held electronically and our between meeting communication is conducted by email.

Assuming that there are more candidates than open board positions, an electronic election will be held from Nov. 7 to Dec. 5.  All unit members, for whom the unit has a valid email address, will receive an email with a link to the voting site.  The link is unique and is only usable once.  In addition, to provide opportunities for all members to vote, there will be staffed voting kiosks for people who haven't been able vote on their own.

Those who wish to be candidates for the board should send an email with a picture of the candidate and statement.  Statements typically include a candidates background, qualifications, priorities, etc.  If you have any questions or wish to declare your candidacy, please email






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