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Unit 373 is soliciting candidates for the position of Unit 373's representative on the District 17 Board of Directors for the term beginning January 1, 2020.  Candidates are invited to nominate themselves by sending an email to the Unit 373 Board of Directors President, Bob Lafleur,  The email should state what the candidate considers his/her qualifications for the position. 

The selected candidate will accompany Rebecca Rodgers, our current representative, to the last 2019 D17 Board meeting on (Friday? Saturday?) September 27 at the Taos Regional.  There are three annual meetings and the 2020 meetings are going to be at the Phoenix, Denver, and Las Vegas regionals. A stipend of $500 dollars is provided for all District 17 Board Meetings attended.  There are free plays at district regionals. Board membership involves more than attending the three meetings.  Members serve as officers, on committees, and in various other roles.  Much time is required between meetings.




          Next Board Meeting:

A Regularly Scheduled Meeting will be held

July 9th - 10:00 AM - Las Vegas Bridge World


Unit 373

AGENDA – July 31st  2019 – 10:00 AM

Meeting of the Board

 Las Vegas Bridge World

 The new agenda is currently under construction

NOTE: If you have any topic, suggestion, or other item you wish to bring to the board's

attention, we respectfully request that you send us an email at least 1 day in advance

in order that it may be added to our agenda. Please address your email to:

Gary McGough,

Unit Secretary -  





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