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Teams Details 2014-2015
The club has three teams in the Fylde and District League.
The "A" team plays in Division 1 and is captained by Steve Raine
The "B" team plays in Division 2 and is captained by David Lowe
The "C" team plays in Division 3 and is captained by Joyce Snellgrove

Please let any of them know if you are interested in playing for any of the teams.

Results and league positions of the 3 teams can be viewed by clicking on the "Useful Links" tab on the left-hand menu, then on "Fylde League Tables"

A Team Matches
Preston A
Poulton A
Southport B
Bolton A
Southport A
Blackburn A
Brierfield A
Lancaster A report so far

At the time of writing (2 Dec 2014) Lancaster A have played 4 games this season in Fylde & District Div 1:-


Match 1 - Away at Preston A Oct 1st. Always going to be a tough game against the defending league champions. With the loss of the services of Alex Wilkinson, and other absences, it was necessary to bring in David and Liam from the B squad. However, even our experienced A team members were unable to make any headway against a very solid Preston performance, and we slipped to a disappointing 3-17 defeat. Team members: Steve Raine & Colin Mitchell, Jackie Pye & Paul Fearnhead , Michael Cox & Sandra Bell, David Lowe & Liam Aspden.


Match 2 - Away at Poulton A Oct 13th. Again, absences meant we had to raid the B squad, and Susan & Audrey came to our rescue. A solid, if not spectacular, performance led to a pleasing 14-6 win to spark our season's recovery. Team members: Steve Raine & Colin Mitchell, Jackie Pye & Paul Fearnhead, Michael Cox & Sandra Bell, Suusan Winder & Audrey Ellis.


Match 3 - Home against Southport B Oct 30th. A potentially tricky game against some strong players. We welcomed David Strawbridge and John Farmer to strengthen our team, whilst acknowledging they may only be available for home matches due to distances they would have to travel to away fixtures. With Colin Mitchell not available, I was partnered very competently by Alan Paylor. As the match panned out, two of their pairs played well, but were held in check by all our pairs. Their other two pairs were rather disappointing by their usual standards, and were punished by all our pairs. The result was a comfortable 15-5 win. Team members: Steve Raine & Alan Paylor, Jackie Pye & Paul Fearnhead, Michael Cox & Sandra Bell, David Strawbridge & John Farmer.


Match 4 - Home against Bolton A Nov 27th. Bolton A had started the season well with 3 straight wins, and were lying a close 2nd in the league behind Preston A. David and John were again available to play, but Paul's first absence of the season meant some adjustments were needed in the line-up. We brought in Liam again from the B squad, and it was decided that he should play with me, leaving Colin to play with Jackie. At half time, we trailed by 46 imps, and were facing the prospect of another heavy defeat. However, a spectacularly spirited second half performance by our whole team overturned the deficit, and we won the match by 12 imps (12-8 VP). This leaves us comfortably in the top half of the league. Team members: SteveRaine & Liam Aspden, Colin Mitchell & Jackie Pye, Michael Cox & Sandra Bell, David Strawbridge & John Farmer.


Steve Raine (A team captain)

B Team Matches
Chorley A
Blackburn B
Lytham B
Bolton B
Bolton C
Lytham A
Poulton B
C Team Matches
Blackburn C
Great Harwood
Poulton C
Preston C
Preston B
Bolton D
C Team match v Blackburn C

Lancaster C team won their first match on September 13-7 against Blackburn C.

The IMP difference was +19.

However we were fortunate that 16 imps were gained on one board and without that we would have drawn the match. On that board Lawrence made 4Dx for +710, and Stan and Mike made 5H for +650.

TeamJoyce and Lawrence, Stan and Mike, Margaret and Michael, Dorothy and Harry.

Joyce Snellgrove Captain

C Team matches v Great Harwood and Poulton C

The C team lost it's October match 7-13 against Great Harwood, and won the November match 14-6 against Poulton C.

The same players each time:

Joyce and Lawrence

Stan and Mike

Janie and Richard

Margaret and Michael.

Joyce Snellgrove Captain

C Team Match v Preston C

Unfortunately the C team lost it's December match 7-13 to Preston C. We are still just above 50% after 4 games. My thanks to Stan Hayes for stepping in as Captain.

Team: Stan and Mike, Richard and Stephen, Margaret and Michael, Dorothy and Harry.

C Team Matches 2015

The C team has had a very average season.

The matches since Christmas have given 2 losses and one win.

In January we lost 2-18 to Preston B, the eventual top of the division. The team was Joyce and Lawrence, Stan and Mike, Margaret and Mike, and Dorothy and Harry.

In February we lost 5-15 to Broughton. Team: Joyce and Barbara, Stan and Mike, Dorothy and Harry, and Allan and Barry.

But finally we won 15-5 against Bolton D, ensuring that we stay in Division 3.

Team: Joyce and Lawrence, Janie and Richard, Margaret and Mike, and Dorothy and Harry.


Joyce Snellgrove