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Welcome to our club located in Eustis, Florida. Visitors always welcome.

Play Bridge with Us

510 W. Key Ave. Eustis, FL 32726

(352) 589-9589

Important Information

Christmas Party sign up NOW available.

Date: Thursday Dec 8th

Cost: $35 each    $30 dinner only

Latest Club News
  1. Beginning Thursday, Nov. 3rd, a “beginners” game will be played.  You MUST have 499 points or less.  9:15 classes for those who are interested. Game will begin at 10:00 with a short break for lunch.
  2. Thursday, December 8th, LCDBC Christmas Party.  Call or email Nancy Williams for info or to offer help. Asking for volunteers to help and donors or benefactors to subsidize the cost of dinner.  Game at 1 pm.  Dinner following. Same chef as last year.  Chef Timothy Hobbs.  Christmas party will be at the clubhouse.

  3. 2023 Dues are now due.  $25 will cover November 2022 through December 2023.  Remember, dues paying members save $3 for each time they play!

  4. Effective Nov. 1st, the Director will not play except to complete a full table.  If you need a full time partner, email ralph dolan.  (see Need a Partner in upper right.)  If you do drop in without a partner, sometimes, the Director can make a couple of calls.  Instant partners do exist, just add water.  But not always...


Lake County Duplicate Bridge Club

Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting

October 12, 2022

Present:  Directors: Jim Carpenter (JC), President; Linda Edwards (LE), Vice President; Virginia Parker (VP), Secretary; Barbara Benedict (BB), Treasurer; Ralph Dolan (RD), Absent: Joan Mager (JM).  Guests: Denise Erwin (DE), Club Manager; Lindley d’Ouville (Ld) Club Accountant.

Call to Order and Determination of a Quorum

The meeting was called to order by President Jim Carpenter (JC) at 11:00 am. With five of six members present, a quorum was established.

Approval of September 21, 2022, Board Meeting Minutes

The minutes of the September 21, 2022, Board of Directors Meeting were approved (motion LE/second BB).

Treasurer’s Report

Club Accountant Lindley d’Ouville (Ld) presented the September balance sheet and profit and loss statement. Aside from offsetting IRS transactions, which skewed this month’s and last month’s reports, the balances are typical of our summer figures. The monthly report was approved (motion VP/second RD).


President’s Report

President Jim Carpenter (JC) reported he will be arranging a meeting with Joan Mager (JM) to discuss the creation and activities of a membership committee.

Club Manager’s Report

DE reported attendance has dipped slightly from August, and Friday games have the lowest tables, averaging 3.4. Overall, our September average is 3.96 per session; in 2021, the average was 4.31.

RD is planning to take the director’s exam shortly and may assume charge of the Friday games in December.

Cell phones have been interrupting play. DE requested a fine. The Board approved charging anyone whose phone rings during a session $1.00 , and $3 if it is answered rather than shut off. Anyone who may need to receive an urgent call is to leave the phone with the director. The policy is to be effective November 1.

With concurrence of the Board, directors will now only play to make a full table; they will no longer play if that results in a half-table. DE will update a list of on-call members. The 0-299 game starts October 13, and DE has lessons planned. This is the only game offered which guarantees a partner.

Dave Bischoping is in the process of repairing the exhaust fan in the men’s room.

JC pointed out the game clock is back in operation and asked it be used regularly.

The Club Manager’s report was approved (motion BB/second JC).

                                                                                                                                                            Page 2

Committee Reports

Education Committee

No report. JC will talk with JM about class offerings and resuming last year’s popular mentoring program.


RD reported there have been no partnership requests. He is unsure our new website is transmitting requests and will check with BridgeWebs to verify requests are not getting lost.

Facilities Manager Report and Standing Committees/Programs Reports

There were no reports from the Facilities Manager, Ethics or Sunshine.

Old Business

Christmas Party: DE is eager to have details about the December 8 party as members are asking the price and wish to sign up. JC will talk with Nancy Williams, chair, to have questions resolved by November 1 so reservations can start then. DE said dues renewals will also begin November 1.

New Business

There was no new business.


The meeting adjourned at 11:55 (motion BB/second LE)

Respectfully submitted,

Virginia Parker, Secretary

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Wed November 30, 2022
Regular Game
Club 1:00 PM
Director: Denise Erwin
Thu December 1, 2022
Regular Game
Club 10:00 AM
Director: Denise Erwin
Fri December 2, 2022
Regular Game
Club 1:00 PM
Director: Denise Erwin
Director: Denise Erwin
Regular Game
Director: Denise Erwin
Regular Game
Director: Denise Erwin