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Feb 17, 2023 10:39 EST
Welcome to our club located in Eustis, Florida. Visitors always welcome.

Play Bridge with Us

510 W. Key Ave. Eustis, FL 32726

(352) 589-9589

Important Information
     Save the date!   Sunday March 19th      
Swiss Team AND Pot Luck
Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with friends AND a "friendly" game of cards.
Teams to be balanced.  High Pairs randomly matched with low pairs.
See Flyer to your left.
Latest Club News
  1. Effective January 1st, every game will cost $8.00 per player.  The Board reluctantly had to respond to inflation to ensure the Club's future. 
  2. 2023 Dues are now past due.  $25 will cover January through December 2023.  Remember, dues paying members save $2 for each time they play!

  3. Effective Nov. 1st, the Director will not play except to complete a full table.  If you need a full time partner, email ralph dolan.  (see Need a Partner in upper right.)  If you do drop in without a partner, sometimes, the Director can make a couple of calls.  Instant partners do exist, just add water.  But not always...


Lake County Duplicate Bridge Club

Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting

January 11, 2023

Present:  Directors: Jim Carpenter (JC), President; Virginia Parker (VP), Secretary; Barbara Benedict (BB), Treasurer; Ralph Dolan (RD), Joan Mager (JM). Absent: Linda Edwards (LE), Vice President.  Guests: Denise Erwin (DE), Club Manager; Lindley d’Ouville (Ld) Club Accountant.

Call to Order and Determination of a Quorum

The meeting was called to order by President Jim Carpenter (JC) at 11:05 am. A quorum was established.

Approval of December 14, 2022, Board Meeting Minutes

The minutes of the December 14, 2022, meeting were unavailable. They will be distributed when prepared and approved at the February Board meeting.

Treasurer’s Report

Club Accountant Lindley d’Ouville (Ld) presented the December balance sheet and profit and loss statement. She highlighted the club netted $3,000 from the Christmas party and $1,245 from classes due to the generosity of donations.  The monthly report was approved (motion JC/second RD). Ld will present the 2022 year-end report at the next meeting.


President’s Report

President JC presented, in the absence of any additional candidates, Joan Mager and Ralph Dolan as renamed to the Board for three-year terms (2023-2025). The Board approved (motion JC/second BB). VP moved officers remain as for 2022, and the Board approved (Motion VP/second BB).

Club Manager’s Report

DE distributed a proposed calendar of games for the January-April period and asked for Board confirmation of the Club’s participation in the Junior Fund and Education Fund games in January and February, respectively, for which ACBL charges an additional $5/table. Board consensus was we will support these educational efforts.

DE said 16 of our 2022 members have not yet renewed for 2023. Several new members have joined.

There have been complaints about the condition of some decks of cards and bidding box cards. JC said he will check on the cost of replacements.

The Club Manager’s report was approved (motion JC/second VP).

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Committee Reports

Education Committee

Chair Joan Mager (JM) reported classes offered by Walter Bogaerts are in progress, with 15 enrolled in the 2/1 class. The Slam Bidding class will follow it immediately. She has not yet talked with Jane Carusone about the possibility of resuming the popular mentoring program.


RD volunteered to create a substitutes list for the afternoon and Friday morning games.

Facilities Manager Report and Standing Committees/Programs Reports

There were no reports from the Facilities Manager, Ethics or Sunshine.

Old Business

Friday Morning Game has limited attendance. Its fate will depend on turnout in the coming few weeks.


New Business

There was no new business.


The meeting adjourned at 12:05 (motion JM/second BB).

Respectfully submitted,

Virginia Parker, Secretary

BridgeWebs Tip of the Month
Knock Knock...
When's the last time you learned something "new"? 
I don't do that very often either.
I get Bridge with Larry Cohen but hardly ever read it. 
How much better would I play if I did?
Walter Bogaerts' Jan. classes are full. 
But the opportunity will knock again.
Maybe you and I should open the door.
Fri March 31, 2023
Club 1:00 PM
Director: Denise Erwin
Mon April 3, 2023
Club 1:00 PM
Director: Denise Erwin
Wed April 5, 2023
Club 1:00 PM
Director: Denise Erwin
Director: Denise Erwin
Director: Denise Erwin
Director: Denise Erwin