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Welcome to the new KZNBU, the home of bridge in KwaZulu-Natal

We trust that it contains interesting information for our current members, as well as for anyone considering playing in KZN. 

A page carries details of our upcoming tournaments and events, together with the results of recent events. Member information is password protected to ensure compliance with the POPI Act .  

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The home of bridge in KwaZulu-Natal
The home of bridge in KwaZulu-Natal
Last updated : 22nd Mar 2022 16:38 SAST
Westville Bridge Club reopens

Westville Bridge Club is reopening for face to face bridge from April. The club will meet at it's usual venue, the Bowling Clubhouse at the Westville Country Club.

"We will be reopening on Tuesday 5 April. Bridge will start at 9am, so try and arrive a little early," said club charman Brian Thomas

Bridgemates will be in used with scoring by Thomas and Steve Tearnan. However until the club can find someone to operate the dealing machine, the boards will have to dealt at the table.

Last updated : 19th May 2022 14:34 SAST
Durban Duplicate moves online

Durban Duplicate Bridge Club is moving online - permanently. The club will still meet on Monday evenings at 7pm, except now it will be on BBO.

So join us for a regular weekly pairs event of 24 boards. Entry is $1.50 per player and registration by 6.50pm. The tournament is run by Peter Bircher.

For more details contact Jenny Ten-bokum on 083 485 0477.

Last updated : 22nd Mar 2022 16:46 SAST
Other online clubs

Durban Duplicate Bridge Club has moved online with a regular pairs event on Monday evenings on BBO. Starts at 7pm, registration by 6.50pm. Playing 24 boards, 8 rounds. Find the tournament in virtual clubs, SABF. Entrance $1.50 per player. Contact Jenny Ten-bokum 083 485 0477.

The Midlands Club has three tournaments on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday mornings on BBO at 9.00am. Registration by 8.50am. Cost $1.50 per player. Contact Sonja Purdon 082 805 8050 or Pippa Faul.

In addition Pippa Faul runs a free Saturday morning tournament on BBO at 9.00. Find it under free tournaments.

Last updated : 25th Mar 2022 12:05 SAST
Next tournament

The next KZNBU tournament is our mini congress, a two-day teams event held on August 6-7. Entries will open in July.

In the meantime, why not enter the South African national congress teams event running from June 16-19. it's a four day teams qualifying and final played on Real Bridge. To enter visit the SABF website here

Mon 23rd May 2022
Mon 23rd May 2022
Mon 23rd May 2022
DDC Evenings
Petra Mansell Overall
Petra Mansell NS Section
Scorer: Peter Bircher
Petra Mansell EW Section
Scorer: Peter Bircher