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This  Sims event through Ecats is raising funds for two different, but closely related Charities – Cancer Research UK and Marie Curie




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Kyle of Lochalsh Bridge Club- where visitors and new members are ALWAYS welcome!
BOOK YOUR PLACE Charity Challenge Friday 19th March 3pm

KoLBC are once more running an open charity event through ECATS.
Friday 19th March at 3pm. 

The  booking form is now open. 

Anna Gudge at Ecats says....

"This year we are raising funds for two different, but closely related Charities – Cancer Research UK and Marie Curie. And we have extended the event to run all week, with different hands each day to try and maximise the amount raised for them.

It’s been what can only be described as an extraordinary year – one year ago you joined us to raise money for RNLI, with a final cheque at the end for £5,595.88 and a total over the past three years of £17,349.05 for which they were more than grateful. 

The past year has seen charities receiving less and less as the pandemic has taken hold – many people of course have less disposable income and the charities themselves have found that many of their traditional avenues, such as the charity shops, street collections etc are unavailable to them. Which is why we ask you to that we can send as much as possible to the two named charities for 2021.....And of course we welcome donations even if you are not able to play !" 


We've received a friendly challenge from our Jamie Macdonald's other club in Crewkerne and are delighted to accept. 
The friendly teams match will take place on Friday 5th March 2021. At 3pm. On
Please sign up your team in 'BOOK EVENTS'. See Menu.
If you need help finding teammates, contact Miriam or Mark
We need everyone on board for this! 
Our professional friend from London, Victor Lesk,  will TD the match. 
There is no charge to join in. You are representing your club and your country! 😉 The two clubs are sharing expenses. 
NB. This will take the place of our usual Chatty Bridge, our TGIF@4 event. 
We'll play 20 boards, in 2 rounds of 10. 

SBU Highland District Sunday Tournaments

Highland District run a variety of competitions on Sunday afternoons on BBO  until March 2021.  All events will start at 1.30 . We encourage club members to support these events. 

The charge for the District events will be $3 for 24 boards on BBO and the site is SBU_H_DIST.  If you have any questions or have a problem registering for an event on BBO then contact John Copland by email at  or by phone at  01463 224370.


12 Boards Bronze Pairs $1.50 on BBO.  Registration opens 2 hours before.

Login to BBO.  Click Competitive, All Tournaments and search for an SBU host with BRONZE BRUNCH in the title

The host will vary each week, but will be of the form SBU _x_xxx

An Invitation to Berwick

Berwick-upon-Tweed Bridge Club invites all our club members to its thirty-eighth annual Congress to be held on Sunday, 25 April 2021 on Bridge Base Online (BBO).

The Congress will be a two session event. The afternoon session, starting at 1pm, will be a matchpointed Open Pairs Championship; 12 two-board rounds with barometer scoring and Swiss assignments.

The evening session, starting at 5pm, will be a Swiss Teams event with five 5-board matches, scored by imps converted to victory points using the BBO VP20 scale.

Each event will cost BB$4 per person and you must register on BBO in the two hours before the event. The events are run by SBU_E_BER. There is no need to pre-register, just turn up, pay and play. You may play in one or both events.

All SBU members are welcome, but it is particularly suitable for intermediate (Bronze) players.

When registration opens for each event, the BBO Partnership Desk will open. For the teams, you will also see pairs who are registered and looking for teammates.

Relax in the Lounge

You are invited to put the kettle on/uncork whatever and gather with your 3 best mates for ad-hoc informal Bridge in our


   Club Lounge

Open all day Saturday and Sunday, to join go to Lounge2728

For more information contact Miriam

Play it again:- review your scores from a previous Lounge Session



TGIF@4 Next Session. Friday 12th

Friday's at Four on


No TGIF next Friday, 5th. Teams match starts at 3pm.

Next session Friday 12th at 4pm.   

To join in the link is "tba"

If anyone reading this has not yet made it onto RealBridge but would like to join in, we would love to see you but please email  Mark Entwistle  or call me on  01471 844216 in advance to avoid any technical problems on the day.


Here are the links to return to the platform at anytime for "History" of a past session

Friday 19th Feb* Muck

Friday 26th Feb* Rum

*A Commentary sheet is available for these hands. Contact me as above for a copy