KLTC Bridge Club
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Club Profile

Special interest group within Kooyong Lawn Tennis Club (KLTC)

Bridge Club members must be KLTC members

Duplicate sessions are held Monday & Tuesday at 1.00pm, Tuesday evenings & Thursday mornings

Visitors may play only if invited by members as their partners (limited to three times per year)

Mailing Address

KLTC Bridge Club,

c/- Kooyong Lawn Tennis Club, 489 Glenferrie Rd, Kooyong, VIC 3144


Welcome to KLTC Bridge Club
Intermediate Lesson



The next Intermediate Lesson by Bill Jacobs

is on Tuesday 11th October at 10.00am

You will have the choice to have lunch after the lesson then play Bridge or just come for the Lesson


Direct Credit to the Bridge Club CBA account or through the Members only Bpoint Credit card facility.

EFTPOS will be available after the Duplicate sessions on 26th & 29th September & 3rd & 6th October ONLY

Orders taken until Thursday 6th October at 6.00pm


If you intend to play Bridge please register in the usual way.

'Stayman for Sophisticates'

There's a bit more to this Convention than meets the eye 


We will delve into matters covering;

- Garbage Stayman, for when you have your usual garbage

- Puppet Stayman, which allows you to discover your openers five card major

- and more


Postings/Entries will appear here, but none currently posted !!
Supervised Sessions




Monday the 12th September 2022

Supervised Sessions will run from 7.00pm each week.

These sessions have initially been set up for the Beginners to move to, however any Member is welcome to attend.

These sessions will become more structured over the next few weeks when it will become necessary to book in on our website, as with our other sessions.






Thank you to the 91 members who completed this questionaire

It is important for us to hear your views.

The large majority wanted 3.00pm Bridge then Dinner, however, Tuesday evening supporters wanted to play Bridge.

We will have our

Christmas Dinner on Monday 12th December at 6.30pm


Monday Duplicate will begin at 3.00pm

Tuesday Duplicate at 1.00pm and 7.00pm as usual

This satisfies all Members as you can Just have Dinner, just play Bridge, or do both



Dear Members

A member has suggested we change the format for our "end of year' celebration dinner.

The Committee thought it wise to ask you, our Members, what you think so we have put four options for you to consider.

Which are;

1.  Same as previous years, Dinner at 5.45pm then Bridge around 7.00- 7.15pm

2.  Dinner at 6.30pm (no Bridge)

3.  Bridge at 3.00pm then Dinner at 6.30pm

4.  Dinner at 6.00pm then be partnered for Bridge with a 'Surprise Partner'!

The 'Surprise Partner' idea was to make it a fun night and play fewer Boards.

Please complete the attached form by clicking here.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey.

Your Committee

* An email has been sent to all our Members

F2F Sessions
F2F Sessions


 Face-to-Face Sessions


Mondays at 1.00pm 

*  Mondays at 7.00pm Supervised Play

*  Tuesdays at 1.00pm 

Tuesdays at 7.00pm 

Thursdays at 9.10am Tutorial 

*   Thursday at 9.30am


Check-In and pay

  Between 12.00 noon & 12.45pm on Monday's

  Between 12.00 noon & 12.45pm for Tuesday 1.00pm sessions

  Between 6.00pm & 6.45pm for Tuesday 7.00pm sessions

  Between  8.30am & 8.55am on Thursday's

Please check-in early to avoid delays.

Government restrictions continue to change so please check our Calendar regularly for the latest time table.

Although optional masks are recommended at the table.

No food at the table

Our sessions are cashless.

Check in and be seated 15 minutes before start time.

To book in to a face-to-face session please go to the menu, 'Duplicate Registration'.

To cancel a booking go to the menu, 'Need to cancel your booking?'

Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Stay safe

KLTC Bridge Club Committee


Looking for a Partner? Need to cancel?



Need a Partner for any of our sessions?

Telephone our 'Connector' Maree Muir on

0432 221 036


Go to the Menu for 'Need to Cancel?' form to cancel your booking



Suggestion Box

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Our 'Suggestion Box' has been modernised

Please send to

Your Committee welcomes your ideas & suggestions

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Mon 26th September 2022
Club Duplicate - Red points
Convenor: Maree Muir
Mon 26th September 2022
Supervised Play
Tue 27th September 2022
Club Duplicate
Tue 27th September 2022
Club Evening Duplicate