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Face-to-Face Bridge Suspended

All face-to-face bridge has been suspended during the Coronavirus "Lockdown" until further notice. 

Online bridge tournaments are available - see the panel opposite. Full ddetails and results are available at Ned Paul's home page

New Wednesday Venue And Ladder Winners
New Wednesday Venue And Ladder Winners

The new Wednesday afternoon venue at the United Reformed Church right in the heart of Kingston

Congratulations to Joan Clancy whai has won the Kingston BC Main Duplicate Ladder in December 2019.  With the win comes the £50 bi-monthly prize. The Ladder has run almost since the Thursday night duplicates started and the full list of winners is below. Rosemary Vase takes over as leader in for the next segment.

In addition to the Thursday evening Ladder the Wednesday afternoon players now have their own Ladder. The December leader John Page wins £40. The starting handicap system has been adjusted slightly to ensure that repeat wins are not so easy.

Recent Thursday Evening Winners  (For the full list click on 'News' above):

  • December 2019 - Joan Clancy
  • October 2019 - Ernie Baker
  • August 2019 - Claus Werner
  • June 2019 - Asad Ansari
  • April 2019 - Martin Samuel
  • Feb. 2019 - Ernie Baker

Recent Wednesday afternoon winners:

  • D.ecmeber 2019 - John Page
  • October 2019 - Ann Ingel
  • August 2019 - Sue Perin
  • June 2019 - Adam Emerson
  • April 2019 - Lisa Martini
  • Feb. 2019 - Ann Ingel

Click the "Competitions" link opposite for full standings.

Absolute Beginner

Bridge is an enjoyable game and a great social skill. If you have any experience at all, even not very much and/or a long time ago, then you are welcome to join our Monday afternoon sessions.

If you are a true beginner one of our bridge directors Ned Paul teaches the basics in a single weekend course "Learn Bridge In A Weekend"  This 2-day course runs several times in the year at different venues in London. You get all of the basics out of the way in one go and the course has been very successful over many years. 

Next dates: 

After the course you will be able to progress by joining the Monday (or even the Wednesday) Kingston BC sessions.

Please email for more info or advice.

BriAn Electronic Scoring

Kingston BC duplicates are scored using the BriAn electronic scoring system.  The BriAn system (= "Bridge on iPhone and Android") uses mobile phone technology to replace traditional tabletop scorers.  Players can use their own smart phones or other devices, such as iPads, or use android scoring tablets supplied by the club.

We believe BriAn is a very player-friendly system that has advantages over other systems.  When results are entered for each deal, the next screen shows the full lay-out of the deal, the available tricks in each suit and a full travelling score slip in a single screen. Results of previous boards and a full table of current rankings can be accessed from any device via a menu. The bridge director can create and modify games, adjust scores if necessary and create final files suitable for posting to the web.

If you have a suitable android or iPhone you can become a scorer simply by downloading the free BriAn Bridge app.  Go to the app shop in the normal way and search for "Brian Bridge". It's free to install and easy to use,  You can read more about BriAn Bridge on the website   Using your own phone, iPad or tablet is fun but entirely optional - extra scoring tablets are always available from the club.

The Kingston BC Ladder
The Kingston BC Ladder


Everyone who plays in the main duplicate on Thursday evenings participates in the Kingston Bridge Club Ladder.  Your Ladder score is the percentage by which you beat 50% in any week's duplicate.  Accumulate Ladder points by playing and doing well regularly.  Each two months the current Ladder leader receives a £50 prize, but then gets a handicap sending the winner back down into the field.  You can win more than once but each time you win the handicap becomes greater.  Winners so far:

  • December 2018 - Pauline Finn
  • October 2018 - Sean Butler
  • August 2018 - Carol Clisby
  • June 2018 - Mary Webster
  • April 2018 - Martin Samuel
  • February 2018 - Loulou van Geuns
  • December 2017 - Joan Clancy
  • October 2017 - Asad Ansari
  • August 2017 - Pauline Finn
  • June 2017 - Martin Samuel
  • April 2017 - Asad Ansari
  • February 2017 - Rosemary Vase
  • December 2016 - Ivor McGloughlin
  • October 2016 - Carol Clisby
  • August 2016 - Loulou van Geuns
  • June 2016 - Joan Clancy
  • April 2016 - Mary Webster
  • February 2016 - Loulou van Geuns
  • December 2015 - Carol Clisby
  • October 2015 - Joan Clancy
  • August 2015 - John Turner
  • June 2015 - Les Hough
  • April 2015 - Pauline Finn
  • February 2015 - Rosemary Vase
  • December 2014 - Fauzia Ali
  • October 2014 - Judy Barrett
  • August 2014 - Ivor McGloughlin
  • June 2014 - John Turner
  • April 2014 - Loulou van Geuns
  • February 2014 - Mary Webster
  • December 2013 - Pauline Finn
  • October 2013 - Joan Clancy
  • August 2013 - John Turner
  • June 2013 - Loulou van Geuns
  • April 2013- Joan Clancy
  • February 2013 - Rosemary Vase

Click the "Competitions" link opposite for full standings.


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Welcome To Kingston-upon-Thames's Own Bridge Club
Bridge during the outbreak

Full Programme of
Online Tournaments & Seminars

With CV-19 restrictions in force, Kingston Bridge Club, in common with other clubs in Ned Paul's 'stable', is now meeting online.  We are currrently running six online tournaments a week. The programme includes three daytime games a week and also three evening games a week. All members of any of Ned Paul's clubs, plus friends may play. 


We use the bridge playing site (known as 'BBO') to run these games. There are now a minimum of six games a week.  All games are 18 boards, matchpointed pairs.  Current games are:


Monday daytime - 12.30pm  Monday evening  - 7.30pm
* Wednesday daytime - 12.30pm  Wednesday evening  - 7.30pm
* Friday daytime - 12.30pm  * Friday evening  - 7.30pm


The evening games are at BBO 'peak time', which many other clubs are currently not offering.  For complete details, including cost, and results of past games, see Ned's other website

To play, make sure that you are registered on BBO (free of charge) - then mail me ( with your BBO user name, your real name, your EBU number if you have one, and your contact email.

To find the tournaments, log on, click 'Competitive', then, 'Tournaments', then 'All Tournaments'.  Scroll down the time-ordered list until you find the 'Ned Paul Online Tourney', Click 'Register' to play.  

If you are unfamiliar with BBO, please watch this Youtube video which will guide you through the access process and answer many questions:

Video Conferencing Seminars

Every Thursday evening at 7.15pm we hold a video conference on Zoom, hosted by Victor Lesk, the author of the BriAn bridge scoring app. There will be a social catch-up followed at 7.30pm by discussion of a bridge topic of the week with Victor and Ned and the chance to learn by playing real hands. It's easy to join - just click this link at the right time: (password 123456) and follow the prompts to download the Zoom app. You will be able to see and hear others, and be seen and heard if you wish. Topics may include such as:

  • Slam conventions including Blackwood and Roman Blackwood
  • Two suited overcalls - Michaels, Unusual NT
  • Carding: Signalling and discards
  • The losing trick count

Payment: Please book your seminars at the club's payment portal BACS, Credit/Debit Card and Cheques accepted. Any payment queries should be directed to Victor Lesk

If you haven't got round to paying please just join and catch up payment later.  We would rather see you than not.

Friendly Bridge Club New Players Welcome
Friendly Bridge Club  New Players Welcome

Above:  A crowded Shiraz Mirza Hall for the 5th Anniversary Party

Welcome to Kingston's own bridge club.   We meet three times a week:

  • Thursday evenings: Shiraz Mirza Hall, Norbiton, KT2 7AZ.  Full 24-board club duplicate.  Start at 7.30pm and finish promptly by 10.30pm. New players always welcome. Partners found for single players; everyone guaranteed a game. Electronic scoring; results posted promptly to the internet.
  • Wednesday afternoons:  The Richard Mayo Centre, United Reformed Church, Eden Street, Kingston KT1 1HZ. 1.30pm-4.00pm. Social duplicate bridge, Play 18-20 boards in two-and-a-half hours. Partners found for single players; everyone guaranteed a game.
  • Monday afternoons:  The Willoughby Arms, Willoughby Road, KT2 6LN. 1.15pm- 3.45pm. Gentle duplicate bridge.  New players always welcome - suitable for first time duplicate players. Suitable also for newer players, improvers and refreshers.  This is our entry level game and is very relaxed.  We are very welcoming and advice and support always available as you find your 'bridge legs'.  Come with or without a partner; everyone guaranteed a game.

Friendly & Sociable Club

Everyone is welcome at Kingston Bridge Club, including those new to duplicate. There is no membership fee: you simply pay 'table money' for those sessions you attend.  Kingston Bridge Club aims to be a friendly and sociable bridge club. We look forward to welcoming you to our games.

Duplicate Bridge at Kingston Bridge Club

All Welcome: Partners Found

In duplicate bridge you play as pairs, playing with the same partner throughout the session.  There is a host system at all of our games so single players are always welcome and will be paired up. Our duplicates are professionally directed, usually by either Victor Lesk or Ned Paul.

Great Venues

We use different venues.  Our main Thursday game is at Shiraz Mirza Hall, right beside Norbiton station.  There is good access by public transport or reasonable parking nearby.  Refreshments - tea/coffee and biscuits - included in the table money.

On Wednesday afternoons we meet in the cente of Kingston at the Richard Mayo Centre at the United Reformed Church in Eden Street (KT1 1HZ). The Centre offers a range of facilities for community activities.  We play upsatirs in Room 21 but there is level access to the building and a lift to the first floor.  There is a cafeteria open for refreshments until 2.00pm.

On Mondays our 'gentle' group plays at a pub, the Willoughby Arms on the north side of Kingston.  They set aside a group of suitable tables for us.  The pub is within walking distance of Kingston town centre or close to the 65 or 371 bus routes.  Inexpensive metered parking is available in the local streets.

See the Information page - link opposite - for more details of  the venues.

Bridge in the Pub on Monday Afternoons

We now play at the Willoughby Arms on Monday afternoons, see details above. We use an area of the pub with suitable tables. For your refreshments please support the pub bar, or why not consider a pizza, pork pie or ploughman's lunch before the bridge begins. A condition of our use is that it is not permitted to consume food or drink brought from outside the pub.

Our Monday game takes the form of a supervised gentle tournament and is aimed at those wanting to improve and polish their game. You should know a little of the basics to join the game; absolute beginners are recommended to Ned Paul's beginner lessons including his highly successful "Learn Bridge In A Weekend" - see dates opposite (or visit the Tuesday afternoon sessions, which are suitable for beginners, at our sister club New Chiswick BC). But if you do know the basics please don't be shy in coming along - support and advice from an experienced tutor will be available throughout.

Our recommended bidding system is modern Acol with a weak NT, as widely taught in England, but other bidding systems are equally welcome.  We encourage players to learn and use modern conventions such as Weak Two opening bids and Transfer Responses to 1NT and 2NT.  If you would like to upgrade your game to include these and other modern ideas come along and we will support you throughout the learning process.  The group is very sociable and welcoming. Please trust us: we have a lot of exeprience in helping new players find their 'bridge legs' and going on to enjoy the game.

Wednesday Players Get Their Own Ladder

Kingston BC's  popular Thursday evening Ladder competition has rolled on into another year.  Scores from 2018 carry forward in full, subject to the handicaps that apply to those who have already won. 

New for 2019 is a separate Wednesday Ladder for the afternoon game at Kingston Riverside Club.  It will work in exactly the same way.  Any time you score more than 50% in the duplicate you score Ladder Points. Score 58.67% and you score 8.67 Ladder Points. These points accummulate and the overall leader at the end of each two month segment tops the Ladder and wins a prize.  The winner is then handicapped back down the Ladder, giving a chance for a different player to win.  

To start the Wednesday Ladder off I am backdating it to October last year and the first prize payout will be based on standings at the end of February.  Ann Ingel has a healthy early lead. You can access the standings by clicking on the Competitions link in the menu opposite and clicking on the Wednesday Ladder.

Contact Us

For any enquiry please telephone Ned Paul on 07792 715517 or email 

For info on lessons, scroll down.

New Venues for Monday and Wednesday
New  Venues for Monday and Wednesday

In play at the Willoughby Arms

The Wednesday game, our afternoon social duplicate, takes place at the Richard Mayo Centre at the United Reformed Church in central Kingston.  This is a popular venue for a number of community activities and easily accessible by all public transport to Kingston.

The Monday game, our 'gentle duplicate' suitable for newer players is now at the Willoughby Arms, a traditional Victorian pub in the eponymous Willoughby Road in the residential area just north of Kingston town centre.  The postcode is KT2 6LN and the pub is on the corner of Lowther Road.  It is surprisingly quiet and there is good street parking (metered - 80p per hour). We play either in the ground floor snug bar or upstairs in the large function room.

Parking at Shiraz Mirza Hall

As users of Shiraz Mirza Hall, we are only entitled to use the four dedicated spaces outside the hall. If you park elsewhere in the Hannover House car park, you risk being issued with £100 civil penalty notices.  Instead, once the hall spaces are taken you may park in the station car park. The evening fee for the station is now £3.00 if paid by phone or |£3.50 cash from the South West Trains ticket machine ouside the station.

Alternatively go to Norbiton Avenue and other streets on the OTHER SIDE of Norbiton station.  Park here for free and then just walk through the station underpass.  Easy and hassle free.

Xmas party 2019
Xmas party 2019

Merry Xmas to all at Kingston Bridge Club! Photos from our party at Shiraz Mirza Memorial Hall on Thursday 19 December can be found here.

'Swiss Pairs' Evening - July 25th
'Swiss Pairs' Evening  - July 25th

Thanks to all those who competed in our inaugural Swiss Pairs wine and cheese evening, especially Pauline and Rosemary who organised the food so well.

Congratulations to winners Ann and Lisa who took £100 first prize in a close finish. Full results can be accessed from the Results Calendar link int he menu opposite

Looking forward to the next one! 

Kingston Bridge Club Open Day - Nov. 4th 2017
Kingston Bridge Club Open Day - Nov. 4th 2017

Kingston Bridge Club Open Day

Thanks to everyone who particpated in Kingston Bridge Club Open Day on Saturday November 4th. We had been invited to hold the event by SieMatic by Project Kitchens of Wood Street, Kingston in their kitchen showroom in the middle of Kingston town centre.  Interested shoppers, and those attracted by our publicity, werre able to come in and try bridge between 10.00am and 3.00pm.

A big thank you to all the club members who came and helped.  We have definitely made contact with new players who will join us in the future.  Thank you to Mike Sewell of SieMatic for coming up with the idea and to enthusiastic showroom manager Sarah Goebel for hosting us, proviiding refreshments and making the day work so well.

Online duplicate
Director: Ned Paul
Scorer: Ned Paul
Social Duplicate
Director: Ned Paul
Scorer: Ned Paul
Online duplicate
Director: Ned Paul
Scorer: Ned Paul
Ned Paul Bridge Online
Director: Ivan, Sean, Victor
Online duplicate
Director: Sean Butler
Scorer: Victor Lesk