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The West Norfolk and King's Lynn Bridge Club was formed on12th December 1945 at an inaugural meeting in The Globe Hotel and its first chairman was Mr. John Lewin.

Origially a Rubber Bridge Club, it is now primarily a Duplicate and Teams Bridge Club with only one trophy, the Lucey Trophy, dedicated to Rubber or Chicago Bridge.

The Club currently meets at South Wootton Village Hall on Mondays and Thursdays.


Click here for the Club Constitution adopted on 18 July 2011 together with the Schedule of Disciplinary Procedures.


An Annual General Meeting (A.G.M.) shall be held in mid-July. Any General Meeting shall require a quorum of 10 Club members. The agenda for the A.G.M. shall include:

(a) The presentation of annual reports by officers of the Club, including the Chairman and Treasurer.

(b) Deciding the annual subscription and table money (although exceptionally the Committee are empowered to vary table money during the following year if in their opinion it becomes necessary).

(c) Election of the Committee for the following year.

(d) Appointment of an Auditor.

(e) Consideration of Proposals regarding Club Rules and Procedures previously submitted by at least two members. (Propser and Seconder) in writing to the Committee.

(f) Presentation of Trophies.

Other Extraordinary General Meetings (E.G.M.)may be held from time to time. Such General Meetings  may be called by either the Committee or by a Proposal, stating the purpose of the Meeting, signed by at least six members. The date of the E.G.M. shall be fixed by the Committee and at least two weeks notice shall be given to members by prominent display of a Notice on the Club's Notice Board and Announcements of the date of the E.G.M. at each Club meeting prior to the E.G.M.


The Committee shall include of the Chairman, who will normally act for two years,Vice-Chairman (who will normally become Chairman for the following two year), Chief Tournament Director, Secretary, Treasurer, Chief Scorer/Statistician and Immediate Past Chairman. If deemed appropriate, some posts may be combined.. The Immediate Past Chairman and the new Chairman are automatically on the new Committee; all other officers and Committee members are to be elected at the A.G.M.. The Committee shall not exceed twelve in number. In an emergency situation the Committee has the power to co-opt a member to fill a temorary vacancy.

Any Committee Meeting shall have a quorum of four Committee Members. Notice of a Committee meeting shall be given either in person or bypost by the Secretary or Chairman to the members. The Chairman shall chair the Committee meetings or in his/her absence, the Vice-Chairman or if both are absent, the Immediate Past Chairman.

The business of the Committee shall include:

(a) The consideration of application for membership.

(b) The convening of the A.G.M. and any E.G.M. as provided for by the Rules.

(c)The overseeing of the administration of the Rules; any dispute or unclear matters regarding the Rules should be decided upon by the Committee whose ruling will be final. (The exception to this is the immediate resolution of matters regarding competitions q.v.).

(d) Disciplinary action: the Committee has the right to take appropriate disciplinary action against any member against whom a complaint has been made. Any complaint should be made as soon as possible after the event e.g. to the Tournament Director on the relevant Club night and then confirmed to the Club Chairman in writing. The Committee must fully investigate such a complaint; in exceptional circumstances the Committee may at their absolute discretion, suspend or expel any member.

(e) Social events: The Committee shall be responsible shall be responsible for the administration and finances of social events such as the Cheese and Wine Evening, the Christmas Dinner and the Charity Evening.