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Bridge will only be played on Thursday evening if there are sufficient numbers. Please check with Tam Payne.





Lucey Trophy
LuceY Trophy

The Lucey Trophy was originally presented as a rubber bridge award in 1968 and was won for the first time by J. Mason. It is now awarded to the winning pair of a duplicate session played following the Club's Annual General Meeting. The trophy is not engraved and the record of winners has only been maintained continuously since 2005.

1968 J. Mason   1985 Mrs. M. Hughes Robert Smith 1990 Robert Smith P. Taylor
2000 Tony Warner Sheila Warner 2005 Howard Marshall Tam Payne 2006 Brian Barrett Valerie Barrett
2007 June Scotting Michael Whiting 2008 Brian Barrett Valerie Barrett 2009    
2010 Peter Kittow Arthur Little 2011 Brian Barrett Valerie Barrett 2012 Phil Aelbury Ken Manning
2013 Gordon Allen Valerie Mackenzie 2014 Trish Foster Peter Clemens 2015 David Loasby Michael Whiting
2016 Pat Spooner Barbara Ellerker 2017 John Aspinall Julie Aspinall 2018 Peter Clemens Tony Graham
2019 Brian Barrett Valerie Barrett