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Whitemore Trophy
Whitemore Trophy

The competition for the Whitemore Trophy was initiated by Mr. L. Whitemore and was first won by Mike and Barbara Harnden. Unfortunately, the club record of other winners before 1990 is unavailable. The trophy is won by the winning pair of a knockout competition of which rounds are played on designated sessions during the Club year.

1990 John Aspinall Julie Aspinall 1991 John Aspinall Julie Apinall 1992 R.H. Dix R.J.H. Dix
1993 E. Evans-Jones D. Griffiths 1994 E. Evans-Jones D. Griffithe 1995 M. Horton Mrs. P. Newton
1996 Tony Warner Sheila Warner 1997 David Loasby Margaret Woode 1998 John Aspinall Julie Aspinall
1999 John Aspinall Julie Aspinall 2000 John Aspinall Julie Aspinall 2001 John Aspinall Julie Aspinall
2002 John Aspinall Julie Aspinall 2003 M. Alan-Smith Mrs. M. Alan-Smith 2004 Maurice Lewis Michael Whiting
2005 Malcolm Thompson Jo Thompson 2006 Sue Everitt Michael Whiting 2007 John Aspinall Julie Aspinall
2008 Richard Warner Grace Warner 2009 Maurice Lewis Michael Whiting 2010 Tony Graham Maurice Lewis
2011 Tony Warner Sheila Warner 2012 Peter Ison  Jane Aylett 2013 Trish Foster Valerie Mackenzie
2014 Peter Davies John Thickins 2015 Tony Graham Michael Whiting 2016 David Loasby Michael Whiting
2017 David Small Colin Waters 2018 David Loasby Michael Whiting 2019 Tony Warner Valerie Mackenzie