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George Diaper Trophies
George Diaper Trophies

The Trphies were donated by an early Club Captain, George Diaper, and are won by the Club Pairs Champions. The competition is played over six designated pairs sessions in the club year; the best four percentage scores for each pair are aggregated and the pair with the highest total are declared Club Champions. The trophies were first won in 1963 by H.G. Bruce and E.C. Fox.

1963 H.G. Bruce E.C. Fox 1964 J.Mason Mrs. J. Mason 1965 F. Arveschoug Mrs. B.J. Samuels 1966 E.C. Fox Mrs. G.C. Haylock 1967 E.C. Fox Mrs. G.C. Haylock
1968 E.C. Fox Mrs. B.J. Haylock 1969 F. Arveschoug Mrs. B.J. Haylock 1970 F. Arveschoug Mrs. B.J. Samuels 1971 1972 Roger Amey Mrs. G.C. Haylock
1973 Mrs. Morrison Mrs. Simons 1974 Roger Amey Mrs. G.C. Haylock 1975 Mrs. B. Hodgson David Loasby 1976 Roger Amey M. Boyle 1977 Tony Warner Sheila Warner
1978 Mrs. B. Hodgson David Loasby 1979 B. Balkwill Mrs. B. Balkwill 1980 Tony Warner Sheila Warner 1981 Jack Cox D.A. Siddle 1982 Tony Warner Sheila Warner
1983 Gerald Pizzey Bernard Tuttle 1984 David Loasby Margaret Woode 1985 Tony Warner Sheila Warner 1986 Gerald Pizzey Bernard Tuttle 1987 Mrs. Allwood Michael Whiting
1988 John Aspinall Julie Aspinall 1989 John Aspinall Julie Aspinall 1990 E. Evans-Jones D. Griffiths 1991 David Loasby P. Taylor 1992 E. Evans-Jones D. Griffiths
1993 E. Evans-Jones D.Griffiths 1994 E. Evans-Jones D. Griffiths 1995 E. Evans-Jones D. Griffiths 1996 E.Evans-Jones D. Griffiths 1997 John Apinall Julie Aspinall
1998 Tony Warner Sheila Warner 1999 David Loasby P. Taylor 2000 Bernard Tuttle Michael Whiting 2001 Bernard Tuttle Michael Whiting 2002 John Aspinall Julie Aspinall
2003 Maurice Lewis June Scotting 2004 John Apinall Julie Aspinall 2005 Sue Everitt Michael Whiting 2006 Maurice Lewis Michael Whiting 2007 David Loasby Michael Whiting
2008 David Loasby Michael Whiting 2009 David Loasby Michael Whiting 2010 Tony Warner Sheila Warner 2011 David Loasby Michel Whiting 2012 Jane England Jean Johnson
2013 Brian Barrett Peter Clemens 2014 Brian Barrett Valerie Barrett 2015 Jane Aylett Peter Ison 2016 David Loasby Michael Whiting 2017 Trish Foster Tony Graham
2018 John Aspinall Julie Aspinall 2019 John Aspinall Julie Aspinall