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Welcome to Kingsbridge Regal Bridge Club
Kingsbridge Regal Virtual Club

 Bridge Base Online (BBO) 

When: Mondays at 6:30pm
Cost: BB$3
To Enter: Register with your partner on BBO at least 10 mins before the game

Kingsbridge Online Club Players List will help you identify your opponents. 

Our games are 18 boards and  each board lasts eight minutes. You need to self alert your conventions when you bid.  


Devon Virtual Bridge Club

When: Wednesdays at 7.15pm
Cost: BB$3
To Enter: Register with your partner on BBO at least 10 mins before the start time. 

Devon Virtual Bridge Club holds an 18 boards on Wednesday evenings. Most weeks will be normal pairs events with county (double) masterpoints. Exceptions will include Charity events for Devon Air Ambulance on Wednesdays 26 August and 28 October.

Players may not enter with robot partners, but a robot pair may appear in order to avoid a sitout.

In order to play in any Devon Virtual Bridge Club (BBO name vEBU_DEV) event you  need to register  as a DVBC member. DVBC Registration.

 Full details are on the Devon website 

EBU games at BBO

The EBU runs  five 12-board games on BBO every day, all of which give master points and are processed for the NGS. The "Fast Game at High Noon" is played at 5 minutes a board for those who like to play faster than our usual games. 

The remaining games are played at a gentler 7 minutes a board and start at 2pm, 3:30pm, 7:30pm and 9pm. They cost $1.50, of which 50c per game will go to a fund for our clubs.

Getting Started On Bridge Base Online

Kingsbridge Regal Bridge Club holds an online session at Bridge Base Online on Mondays.  

First you need to set up an account  with Bridge Base Online.  Once you've done that  you need to register with the Kingsbridge Virtual Club - send the following information to Rosemary Caddy.  You only need to register with our club once.  


Telephone numbers

EBU number and 

BBO player name. 

EBU advises people interested in playing to sign up with Bridge Base Online and play in some free games to see how the game works.   Help to do this is available at BBO Instructions.

The fee to play is BBO$3, which is about £2.40.   Purchase the $BBO at the web site rather than using the BBO app as it is cheaper.  If you want to play but don't want to buy dollars at the BBO website  please contact Rosemary Caddy. 


Each Monday you need to register for the game. 

Go to Bridge Base Online and login. The login button is in the upper right corner of the window.

Then  click  on Competive and  then All Tournaments. In the search box enter Kingsbridge.

Register to play and when your partner has logged in, invite them to play.  You don’t need to stay logged on, but you must come back at least five minutes before the game starts or you will be deregistered.  Wait and the first hands will appear at game time.  

Don’t hesitate to contact either Ann or Rosemary if you have questions. 
Ann Cripps. 
Rosemary Caddy.

Kingsbridge Regal Bridge Club
Kingsbridge Regal Bridge Club

Due to the Corona Virus Pandemic sessions at the club are cancelled until further notice. 

Monday and Tuesday Duplicate starts at 6:40. 

Please arrive and be seated by 6:30.

The Regal, Church St., Kingsbridge, TQ7 1 DD.

Visitors are always welcome.

Call Ann if you have any questions 07999337975.

17th August 2020
BBO Online session
24th August 2020
BBO Online session
31st August 2020
BBO Online session
1st September 2020
Tuesday Night
Kingsbridge Regal 6:30
BBO Online session
Scorer: Nigel Charlesworth
BBO Online session
Scorer: Christine MacFarlane
BBO Online session
Scorer: Christine MacFarlane
BBO Online session
Scorer: Christine MacFarlane