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22nd May 2020 17:59 BST
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Welcome to Kingsbridge Regal Bridge Club
Kingsbridge Regal Virtual Club

Our first two sessions of online  bridge at Bridge Base Online (BBO) have run smoothly and feedback has been very positive.  We will continue playing on Mondays at 3:00pm. After a few weeks we'll reevaluate the time slot and if  it suits people better we'll shift to an evening slot.   Bridge Base Online uses BB dollars to collect the money for each session - this fee is distributed among the EBU, a director and BBO.   The minimum table fee to cover costs for a game is BB$3, which corresponds to £2.40.  Make sure to buy the dollars at  the web site rather than on the BBO app since the latter is more expensive. The minimum purchase is $10.  If you want to play but don't want to buy dollars at the BBO website  please contact Rosemary Caddy. 

Please see below for some tips on getting started with Bridge Base Online. 

Next session -  Monday 25th May 3:00pm. 

If you need help identifying players (some have chosen interesting player names!) here's our BBO Player List. And one last thing, our games allow eight minutes per board. 

Getting Started On Bridge Base Online

Kingsbridge Regal Bridge Club holds an online session at Bridge Base Online on Monday afternoons at 3:00pm.  All players from the South Hams are welcome to participate.  

First register with Bridge Base Online.   Then send the following information to Rosemary Caddy.  You only need to do this once to join our virtual club.  


Telephone numbers

EBU number and 

BBO player name. 

EBU advises people interested in playing to sign up with Bridge Base Online and play in some free games to see how the game works.   Help to do this is available at BBO Instructions.

On any Monday when you intend to play, you need to log in to the Bridge Base Online web site  between 1:00pm and 2:30pm and register to play.  Registration closes half an hour before the game starts at 3:00pm.

Click Virtual Clubs and  then England. Locate the title for the Kingsbridge online duplicate game and click the title. Register to play and when your partner has logged in, invite them to play.  You don’t need to stay logged on, but you must come back at least five minutes before the game starts or you will be deregistered.  Wait and the first hands will appear at game time.  

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions. 
Ann Cripps. 
Rosemary Caddy.

EBU games at BBO

If you'd like to play more than the weekly game with Kingsbridge Regal Virtual Club, the EBU also runs several games.  There are  five 12-board games on BBO every day, all of which give master points and are processed for the NGS. The "Fast Game at High Noon" is played at 5 minutes a board for those who like to play faster than our usual games. 

The remaining games are played at a gentler 7 minutes a board and start at 2pm, 3:30pm, 7:30pm and 9pm. They cost $1.50, of which 50c per game will go to a fund for our clubs. We intend to use this to reduce the affiliation fees when they become due in August. Players should note that buying BB$ through an app using Apple or Google incurs a surcharge, so it is cheaper to buy them directly from Bridgebase in a web browser.


Formal notice is given that the AGM of the Devon Bridge Association will take place Sunday 12 July 2020 at 11 am. Accounts to 30 April are on the DBA website. The venue is provisionally Gipsy Hill Hotel, Exeter, but the committee are also considering holding the meeting online via Zoom. Arrangements will be confirmed in due course. Members are asked to update their contact email details on their MyEBU account so that we can contact them individually (the EBU maintains the County membership list). 
Any resolution for submission to the A.G.M. must be proposed and seconded and sent in writing to the Association’s Secretary by 14 June.
Nominations for the posts of Chairman, vice-Chairman, Hon. Treasurer and Hon. Secretary must be proposed and seconded and sent in writing to the Association’s Secretary by 14 June
It is fully expected that this meeting will not be able to take place. In this case, it will technically be adjourned due to a lack of quorum and reconvened at a later date.
As the meeting is not expected to take place, the Swiss Teams on the same date has been cancelled.
          At your Section AGM you also elect the members of your Section committee who then nominate two members to represent the section on the DBA committee. The DBA committee also has vacancies for Treasurer and Tournament Organiser.
Kingsbridge Regal Bridge Club
Kingsbridge Regal Bridge Club

Due to the Corona Virus Pandemic sessions at the club are cancelled until further notice. 

Monday and Tuesday Duplicate starts at 6:40. 

Please arrive and be seated by 6:30.

The Regal, Church St., Kingsbridge, TQ7 1 DD.

Visitors are always welcome.

Call Ann if you have any questions 07999337975.

1st June 2020
Bridge Base Online Session
Online 3:00
8th June 2020
Bridge Base Online Session
Online 3:00
15th June 2020
Bridge Base Online Session
Online 3:00
28th July 2020
Tuesday Night
Kingsbridge Regal 6:30
Bridge Base Online Session
Bridge Base Online Session
Bridge Base Online Session.
Tuesday Night
Director: Vanda
Scorer: Ann