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Welcome to Kingsbridge Regal Bridge Club
Kingsbridge Regal Bridge Club
Kingsbridge Regal Bridge Club

Monday and Tuesday Duplicate starts at 6:40. 

Please arrive and be seated by 6:30.

The Regal, Church St., Kingsbridge, TQ7 1 DD.

Visitors are always welcome.

Call Ann if you have any questions 07999337975.

Tuesday December 10th - Normanís Commentary
I hope the evening has been a success for newcomers and old hands alike. I am aware that  there are a lot of bidding and play issues in this set and it is easier deciding how to bid and play when you have time and the hands in front of you. I am not sure I would have found tonight easy at all.
I will look at the results with interest.
Board 1: a light opening of 1S might see N/S reach 4 of either major though 3H/S is more likely- my preference is the 4-4 fit so the losing club goes on long spades after the ace is knocked out. A club lead makes it difficult for north to make 10 tricks.
Bd 2: E/W have the choice of playing in game in either 5-3 or 4-4 fit, but see above. W opens 1H, E responds 1S and W should jump to 3S. East, a passed hand, is strong enough to accept(8 losers) and bid game. A diamond lead from south gives E a decision but would S under lead an ace so east should play dummy's J. Draw trumps, run diamonds( discarding losing clubs) and ruff a club at the end.
Bd3: will E-W reach 5C or will they be pushed into it or will they risk a doomed 3NT. W opens 1C and N doubles to show the other suits. E might bite the bullet and bid 5C though some might settle for 4C ( or even 2NT if that means a sound raise in your system). N/S should not compete over 4C but brave ones might sacrifice over 5C. However notice you make more tricks in spades so 5S doubled for minus 300 is better than their game but a potential  minus 800 in diamonds is not worth it. However some foolhardy E-W might be tempted to bid a slam over such competition .
Bd4: do you play the UNUSUAL 2NT showing both minors if so N/S can use it to compete  after W opens 1H. E has a difficult choice - a double to imply spades, to show values and a desire to punish one of the minors or better to bid 3H to support partner. Anything might happen now- a cautious south( mindful of vulnerability) might pass, a more adventurous one might bid 4D. I would now bid 4H as W rather than double for penalties, which should go down because of the bad break in spades. No doubt some N/S  pairs will bid 5D and should be punished with a double for minus 500.
Bd5: A part score contest or is it?. Weak no trumpers will either an opening of a D or S. E might chip in with 1H and S should bid 1NT in preference to 2C. A 2NT from N might see S bid to 3N and such boldness is unrewarded because of the clubs.
Bd6; a safe contract forE/W is a part score in D. Bold Ws might risk 3N which only fails with a spade lead. Unfortunately a sequence 1D-1H-2D-3NT would pinpoint the spade lead.
Bd7; 1H-4H seems a sensible sequence (if you do not play splinters) as the singleton makes the N hand stronger than the usual double raise with ten points. 2 spades and a club to lose in the play.
Bd8; Minor suit slams are always difficult to bid and this is no exception so many will just be in game. Notice it has to be E as declarer, a problem if E opens 2C strong and gets a 2D relay from W. However if you get a positive 3C response then it is easier- 3D from E sets the suit and forces to game. 4D from W could start a cue bid sequence which might end in 6D but it is a delicate contract especially when one round of trumps reveals the bad break. Assuming the AH lead East then needs to unblock the AC, then cross to dummy with the spade and pitch the losing H and S on KC and QC before finessing the trump....all very difficult to TIME correctly.
Bd9; 1NT from N might be doubled by E and S might let it run which gives W a problem. If E passes it might make, it might go down... difficult to assess even now..
Bd10; 1H is a better opening from E than IN and 2H should be the final contract. Some W in 1N might scrabble to find an extra trick if they hold up the AS until the third round but they will be squeezing themselves when they play off H winners.
Bd11; N opens 1NT and E overcalls 2S and there it should end. A H lead by S should see the contract down as a C to the A on the third round and the QH followed by a low H ruffed high by N will promote JS
Bd12; tricky for S after W opens a weak two in Hs. best to double and trust N's 2S bid to be weak. To bid and make 3Nor even 2 N would be a real coup and only achievable because of the club and diamond situation. A long shot!
Bd13; a reluctant pass by N, 1H by E, 2D by S, 2H by W then N can come alive. I suspect 5D will be most people's choice but if N can cue bid 4H ( agreeing D) then perhaps 6D is reached. The play requires a complete CROSS RUFF, made difficult by W leading a trump. Remember to take winners outside the trump suit first, though in this case they are also needed as entries.
Bd14; Dangerous with two doubletons but E might open 1N and W passes. Better if sequence is 1C-1D-1H-1S( NOT 4 th suit forcing in this sequence). Then E signs off in IN.
Bd15; knock out the AS and there are 12 tricks in NT or H simply because the H split 3-3. Not a good slam and difficult to bid unless W opens a light 1H. E is hard pressed not to reach slam opposite an opening bid.
Bd16: West opens 1D, N doubles for take out, E passes and south should bid 2S not just a sub minimum 1S. Now game is reached even if W bids 3D- if so you know where nearly all the points are. To avoid two club losers either play to 10H( ie finesse the JH) or better still, if you have the chance, set up the clubs to discard a losing H in South's hand. By the way, REMOVE their trumps first of all !
Bd17; South opens the bidding with 1D and 2,3D will be the contract unless there is a frisky double by W. If so E/W might compete up to 3H( orS) and even two down undoubled scores better than 3D plus one. N has to bid to level of the ten card , ie to 4D, but will they?
Bd18; 2S is the contract and will score 8 or 9 tricks.
Bd19; An opening 1NT(12-14) should be the end of the bidding and plus one scores better than 3C.
Bd20; 1C by W, 1D by E then 1N (15-17) by W, denying a 4 card major, should end the auction. This time 2/3C has the potential to score better than the routine 1N plus one, however in Clubs W HAS to rise with AC on the first round and quickly remove trumps otherwise the defence collects four tricks.
Bd21; 5D or 3N, both make and score the same though each have potential for an over trick if clubs are not lead by E.
Bd22; 2S (weak) by south then W passes, N should now jump to 4S though some might check with 2N in case there is a slam, albeit a thin one. CUE bids after 3S by south will reveal a lack of control in hearts so explore no further.
Bd23; now it is N/S turn to flirt with a slam though if N listens hard he will not go beyond 4H. South opens 1S and north responds 2H ( promising 5 hearts and 9 plus points). 3H by south shows a minimum and North can just bid game.(  a cue bid of 4D by north en route to game will be a mild slam try but again lack of a club control will halt the auction at game).
Bd24; I think I would get this wrong at the table. E opens 1N and W is put on the spot when south overcalls 2S. What does a west double mean? East will bid 3D and that should be that. A lot of finesses to go wrong but you should make 9 tricks.
Bd25: 1D-2C-3C should end the bidding though those tempted to bid 3N are only thwarted by the losing D finesse, as long as the spades do not get blocked!
Bd26; another E-W slam fails cos of lack of club control. Open IS rather than use a strong bid as you have two suits to bid and after south overcalls with 2H W can bid 3S or 4S and game is easily reached.
Bd27: 1NT by south should end the bidding though it scores less than those whose system gets them to 2S.
Bd28; an interesting hand..if West opens 1H I think I would just bid 4S, though that risks missing a slam. And yet the AD lead should defeat the contract as N has no entry to dummy for the finesses...
Bd29; 1H by west, should east raise to 2 and if so they might get too high. To defeat 3H south has to go up with QS when the suit is eventually led by east otherwise North is E end-played..
Bd30; Looks a routine 3NT as wests  invitation will be accepted...nine tricks the norm unless N/S go to sleep at the end of a long evening.
Norman Botton. 
16th December 2019
Monday Night
Kingsbridge Regal 6:30
Director: Nessan Fitzmaurice
17th December 2019
Tuesday Night
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23rd December 2019
Monday Night
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