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A quiet and unusual year

We are still teaching, playing, directing on line.

Hope to hear from you soon.

World Medal
World Medal

Stephen wins a bronze in the Junior Transnational Bridge Teams in Croatia this year.


Bidding questions?

Lead decisions?

Defense or Declarer Play Problems?

Directing issues?

Just. £1 a question £10 payable in advance to our KIBBridge paypal account, or £40 for 50 questions.

NB - Questions about a whole auction etc. count as more than one question.

Both Katie and Stephen are qualified Bridge Teachers and Directors.



EBU director

Stephen now directing online.



Stephen's first two books have been published by

Master Point Press - the specialist bridge book publishers.




Crocs on Squeeze Play Volume One


Crocs on Squeeze Play Volume 2




£15 each 






I CAN Play Bridge

The next 4 books in this series available at £7.50 each. (Discount to KIBBridge members)

miniBridge and miniBridge Hands

Basic Bridge Topics and Competitive Bridge Point Counts

still available:

Essential Bridge and Essential Bridge Point Counts

Basic Bridge Bidding and Competitive Bridge Bidding



Duplicate PARTIES at your home

Thinking of having a bridge party?

We can arrange and direct for any number.

Individually priced depending on what you require.

Discount for KIBBridge members.

Lessons for 2019

Why not learn a new skill or improve your existing one.  

NEW - Online teaching for 1 -4 pupils by Facebook / Skype / BBO -  Approx an hour on line, available from both Katie and Stephen. Variable charges depending on numbers etc.

Lessons for bridge and miniBridge available for private groups as well as our general lessons. Start from the beginning, revise and / or choose your own topics.  Private groups of 3 or 4 just £30 for 2 hour sessions with full notes, play and refreshments at our base in Bexhill. Travel to other areas within an hour radius from base.  £10 per hour for travel.

Group lessons for a maximum of 8 and minimum of 3 continue  (£7 per head), by request - topics for lessons to be advised or requested.

Supervised bridge sessions also available for groups of 4 at £24 per session.

Advanced Stephen lessons also available - further details on request


Contact for further information.



Qualified teacher

Stephen is now a fully qualified EBTA Teacher

Professional Teacher

Katie is now a Professional Member of the English Bridge Teachers Association.


Sue Clarke

Youtube - Presentations

Our first YouTube powerpoint presentations on all Essential topics including REVERSES, and using a Bidding Box now ready to view.

Please view and comment

EBU Young Players of the Year

Stephen and Michael are the Young Pair of the Year, 

Ben is the Young Player of the Year.


And a very successful EBU Summer meeting. 


EBU Spring Congress in Stratford

Stephen, Ben and Partners win EBU Spring Bank Holiday Congress in Stratford.

Stephen and Ben come 9th in A  Final Championship Pairs.

2017 White House Trophy


Well done to England - coming third.

Stephen debuts as Commentator on BBO on the 31st March.

(Having already been a vu-graph operator.)

Teams Successes

8th January -

Ben and Sam and Partners win Manchester Teams.

(Stephen, Katie, Matt and Mark come 7th in Sussex teams)

EBU Autumn Congress
EBU Autumn Congress

Stephen, Michael, Ben and Sam win the main Swiss Teams Final.

Kripa, Jon and 2 others come 9th.

Stephen and Micahel come 9th in the main Pairs Final, and win the Junior Proze for the Swiss Pairs.

Well done KIBBridge members at Peterborough.



SCCBA Autumn Congress

Matt and Partner win the Swiss Pairs at the Autumn SCCBA on the 29th October.

Matt also won the Swiss Pairs with a different partner at the SCCBA Spring Congress.

Super Champ Matt with both cups - havng achieved the Double

SCCBA Autumn Congress
Summer EBU Congress successses 2016

Stephen and Michael win the B stratification in the Swiss Pairs. 

Also 24th overall out of 270 pairs.

Jonathon and Kripa come second in the C stratification.

Jon and Ollie win U26

Ben and Partner win GCH Fox Chamiponship Pairs

Ben and partners come 2nd in mixed pivot teams

Ben and Sam receive Young Pair of the Year award

Well done all KIBBridge members.


Summer  EBU Congress successses 2016
English Riviera Swiss Pairs - 2nd - 3rd July

Has been won by Stephen and Michael

English Riviera Swiss Pairs - 2nd - 3rd July
National Pairs Final - 17th April 2016

Stephen and Michael have today come 4th in the National Pairs Final in Birmingham

NGS rating 61.99%

National Pairs Regional Heats
National Pairs Regional Heats

Southern region

Won by Stephen and Michael - KIBBridge members.


Raffle Prize on HF holiday
Raffle Prize on HF holiday
Ace of Hearts

Katie and Stephen came second in the Green Pointed Norfolk Congress Pairs -

  Stephen is now an Ace of Hearts in the NGS rating.  


KIBBridge - I CAN Play Bridge Books

Ready for sale - our first two I Can Play Bridge Books -

Discount for KIBBridge members.  If buying through ebay, wait for me to invoice you.

Essential Bridge - Bidding and Play

Essential Bridge - Bidding Workbook

coming soon -  Basic Bidding and Basic Competitive Bidding

London Year End Success

Swiss Teams C Stratification won by KIBBridge members -

Stephen, Michael, Jonathon and Kripa.

Well done.

Brighton Teams Success

Stephen and his KIBBridge and England Junior Squad members Michael, Sam and Ben played brilliantly at Brighton to come third in the  B final for the Teams - a three day event.


European Youth Bridge Championships
European Youth Bridge Championships

Tromso, Norway for this event in July.

Didn't do too well, but had a lovely time

Sussex Venture Pairs

Two KIBBridge members - Stephen Kennedy and Matt Davis have today won the SCCBA Venture Pairs.

yes  WELL DONE   smiley

KIBBridge Smiley Duplicate

Next Smiley duplicate sessions with hand records and a Stephen commentary - for 8 - 16 players, with refreshments.smiley

will be in the autumn.



Peggy Bayer - Junior Camrose

Congratulations to England Winning both the Peggy Bayer and Junior Camrose again.

Well done to Stephen (second left) and his team mates - Laura, Freddie, Ben, Nick and Sam the under 20s did not lose a match!

Well done to the Under 25s too.who so nearly didn't lose a match.




Representing England

Stephen with his 3 other under twenty teammates, Laura, Freddy and Ben came 5th in the Czech junior championships held on the last weekend of November.  As most teams were in the under 25 range, this was a great result.

Sussex Junior of the Year

At the Sussex Autumn Congress Stephen was presented the Junior of the Year Award for Sussex for his international (and home) achievements and contributions to bridge in Sussex.  Pleasse see SCCBA web site for more information. 


****Also appearing on the front cover of the EBU magazine,and on the EBED page in one of his famous yellow tee shirts*****smiley

Brighton Congress

KIBBridge congratulates Stephen and his partnner Jonathon Derrick  for winning the under 19 pairs championship at Brighton.


England win Peggy Bayer trophy
England win Peggy Bayer trophy

Stephen (on the right) as part of the 6 players who won the Peggy Bayer trophy for England earlier this year.  Two players absent.  NPC Michael Byrne accepting trophy.


in small classses teaching you what you want to learn

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