Khatib Bridge & Education Center
Support Khatib when you play on BBO !


When you play on-line, help support your local club! Only games provided by the SE Carolina Cooperative return a portion of the card fee you pay to BBO to our club for all active Khatib players. Other BBO games, whether ACBL or not, do not provide this benefit.  

Questions?  Please Email us!


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Lead Director
Lead Director

Chris Van Leuwen

Building Manager
Building Manager

Audrey Crandall

Bridge Instruction
Bridge Instruction

Donald Thompson

For a partner please call Carol
For a partner please call Carol

Carol Helderlein

On-Line Play Coordinator
On-Line Play Coordinator

Sally Swing

Please Support Your Local Club!
Card Fees & Membership
For Club Members
For Non-Members
Membership Fee (Yearly)

On-Line Play 
Usually 2 or 18 Boards. Fees Vary.
  $ 10
$ 15
$ 75
The Khatib Kibitzer

Special Feature:
"The Last Guess" by Kit Woolsey

Common Game Results

Che Common Game

Useful Links
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We are a 501C7 Non-profit Bridge Club

500 SE Palm Beach Road
Stuart, Florida 34994
(772) 287-5885

Please Mark Your Calendar

Our Leap-Year
"Eight is Enough" Swiss 
Thursday February 29th

The will be a memorable event, since it can occur only one time every four years! Early reservations are requested.

49er Play Every Monday

For these special games, 49ers may partner with anyone else, regardless of their total masterpoints. 
Donald starts his half hour lecture at 9:30
, followed by two hours of supervised play. Don't be late! Contact him for details: 772.232.6617

SE Carolina Cooperative

At any time during the day, 7 days per week, please select your BBO games from those offered by our cooperative! Our club receives a portion of the card fees you pay while on BBO, but only for the SE Carolina games.

Face-to-Face Sunday Play

Sunday face-to-face games at the club will continue at their 1 pm start time. Hope to see you there!

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Welcome to Stuart & Palm City!
Welcome to Stuart & Palm City!

Stuart has often been called "The Sailfish Capital of the World", and remains a favorite destination for both fisherman and pleasure boaters. Along with Palm City to its West it forms Martin County's largest community and is home to almosty a third the County's residents.  

Convention Card Templates
Reaching Out

Do you know of a member whom has suffered an illness or recent loss, and is in need of a kind word? Ali Kuron will send a condolence card to that member on behalf of the club.

Ali Kuron: 772-834-7554

Flu Season Warning

For players who vaccinate, we recommend bringing your wellness defenses up-to-date by receiving the latest boosters, with updates for Covid, RSV, Shingles and Flu. For more on Covid 19 Updates, please visit the CDC Website.

On-Line Bridge (Bridgebase)

Welcome to ACBL Live!
We are a 501C7 Non-Profit Club

Pair or Team Club Play
Mon - Wed - Thurs - Friday
Game Time 1 pm


by SE Carolina Cooperative
Novice, Limited & Open BBO games
Click Here for network details

For new or returning players

Directed by Donald Thompson
Friendly & relaxed face-to-face play

Friday mornings, 9:30 to 11:30
No Reservations Required

Co-Founders of the Bridge Center
See the White House's
birthday greeting
to Dr. Khatib
and note their
remarkable accomplishments.
And you can read the
ACBL's Tribute
to Reza & Georgie's
long-time sponsorship
of Bridge.
Founder of the Bridge Center
Founder of the Bridge Center

ACBL National Tournament
Director for 26 Years
Harry Falk

The Memory Tree

The Memory Tree was created to remember and honor those members of Khatib Bridge Center who have passed away. The Tree was donated by club member Phyllis Sutch. Questions can be directed to her through the club.

♠   ♥   ♦   ♣

How it works: When you donate $100 you are then entitled to select your commemorative suit. Your suit's placard will then be engraved with the name of the deceased member and attached to the tree. All monies collected are allocated to a special fund.  These donations have been used for projects such as the purchase of our club's new chairs.
To add a placard to the Memory Tree, please provide the name of the player to be honored, the chosen suit, and a check made payable to Khatib Bridge Center, marked for:

"The Memory Tree"

The Memory Tree