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Need a Partner

If any Member needs a partner click on "Find a Partner " in the main menu or:-

For Monday afternoon ring Sally Axford on 0115 937 3277

For a Tues. or Thurs. evening then ring no later than 12-00 pm. on day they wish to play to Julie Spillane on 0788 201 5628.

Archived News Page
This page has information and news of interest to the members. For a full list of forthcoming events, see "Calendar" on the menu and for a list of results see "Results".
Announcing & Alerting

From 1st. Aug. 2013 there are slight changes to Announcing & Alerting.

2NT openings, Stayman & transfer responses are to be announced in a similar way to 1NT openings.

Non-forcing minor suit openings, which may be short, are to be announced as "may be X" where X is 0,1 or 2.

All first round artificial bids to be alerted even above 3NT.

To view the updated Announcing & Alerting Sheet go to "EBU Information" in the main menu, then to "EBU Announcing Rules" in the sub menu.

Last updated : 11th Jun 2015 14:58 BST

The new laws are applicable to all EBU events as from 1st August 2017 but for Keyworth Bridge Club club events, the committee has decided that they will be applicable as from and including 30th September 2017. However, the new laws will apply immediately to team matches.

Directors please note that the 2017 Law books are already available at Keyworth Village Hall and the Burnside Memorial Hall.

Useful summaries are here New Laws Summary.docx   or here New Laws poster.pdf.

Last updated : 3rd Oct 2017 22:34 BST
Play it again

Have you ever said "I think I could have played that hand better"?

Or "I think I could have defended better"?

If you select "Information" in the Menu & click "Play it again" you might find the answer.


Last updated : 13th Oct 2017 07:15 BST
Spring Trophy

Congratulations to Barbara & Brian Pilbin on winning the Spring Trophy.

Last updated : 26th Mar 2019 19:13 GMT
Handicap Trophy

After handicap adjustment of the results congratulations go to Jean Pavis & Janice Hill on winning the Wednesday Handicap Trophy.

Last updated : 3rd Apr 2019 09:40 BST
Carol Fram Salver

Congratulations to Val & John Watson on winning the Carol Fram Salver

Last updated : 10th Apr 2019 16:24 BST
Notts Sim Pairs
Notts Sim Pairs

Margaret & Norma receiving prize for best score with NGS 8 or less.

Last updated : 13th Sep 2019 08:21 BST
Notts Sim Pairs
Notts Sim Pairs

Pat & Barbara receiving prize for pair nearest to 50%.

Last updated : 13th Sep 2019 08:22 BST
Master Points Trophy

Congratulations to Shirley Ashtari on winning the Master Points Trophy.

Last updated : 13th Sep 2019 20:32 BST

Congratulations to Les Wilcox & Rene Lister on winning the Dennis Smith Memorial Trophy.

Last updated : 1st Oct 2019 23:23 BST

Congratulations to Carol Fisher & Martin Mellor on winning the AGM Trophy

Last updated : 10th Oct 2019 09:30 BST
Team of 4 Competition
Team of 4 Competition

Congratulations to Jean Pavis, Janice Hill, Val & John Watson on winning the Team of 4 Competition 

Last updated : 31st Oct 2019 09:02 GMT
Nicky Burns Autumn Trophy
Nicky Burns Autumn Trophy

Congratulations to Heather Scott & Jenny Hurst also Mike Nailard & Mervyn Jones the joint winners of the Nicky Burns Autumn Trophy.


Last updated : 7th Nov 2019 09:43 GMT

Shirley Ashtari & Dick Milne are currently 11 out of 1803 pairs at 117 Clubs.

Last updated : 21st Nov 2019 08:41 GMT
Harry Ratcliffe Bowl

Congratulations to Gordon Fullerton & Tony Gettins on winning the Harry Ratcliffe Bowl.

Last updated : 9th Dec 2019 08:46 GMT
County Newsletter

To view the latest County Newsletter select "County Newsletters" in the main menu. 

Last updated : 12th Jan 2020 10:04 GMT
Burnside Memorial Trophy
Burnside Memorial Trophy

Congratulations to Mike Nailard & Mervyn Jones on winning the Burnside Memorial Trophy.

Last updated : 16th Feb 2020 08:39 GMT
Club Shield

Congratulations to Gordon Fullerton & Tony Gettins on winning the Club Shield competition. 

Last updated : 9th Mar 2020 23:22 GMT