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Need a Partner

If any Member needs a partner click on "Find a Partner " in the main menu or "WhatsApp" Sue Daniel 0796 887 0928

Last updated : 17th Jan 2024 21:37 GMT
RealBridge On-line

Click "RealBridge Login" in the Calendar.

Enter your full name eg. John Smith, enter your EBU number in the "ID number" & then click "Login".

For more information see "On-Line Information" in the main menu.

Last updated : 5th Jul 2022 18:16 BST
Archived News Page

This page has information and news of interest to the members. For a full list of forthcoming events, see "Calendar" on the menu and for a list of results see "Results".

Handicap Trophy

Congratulations to Doreen Connor & Sue Daniel on winning the Handicap Trophy.

Last updated : 29th Mar 2024 19:58 GMT
EBU Masterpoint Promotions

Congratulations to recently promoted :-

Lesley Forman - Regional Master.

Jenny Leggott - Distrct Master.

Jannice Hill - Area Master.

Pam Bath - Club Master.

Last updated : 16th Mar 2024 21:21 GMT
Burnside Memorial Trophy

Congratulations to Val & John Watson on winning the Burnside Memorial Trophy.

This event was a combined competition with F2F & RealBridge events playing as normal & the scores combined to determine the winning pair.

Last updated : 29th Dec 2023 06:21 GMT
Nicky Burns Autumn Trophy

Congratulations to Carol & Bob Browne on winning the Nicky Burns Autumn Trophy.

Last updated : 27th Nov 2023 09:37 GMT

Thank you all who supported the CIN events either by playing, donating or both.

£822 was raised & your committee agreed to increase this to £1,000

In the CIN Sim. pairs event the top pair Louise Scull & Mervyn Jones are currently 28 out of 1588 pairs.

Last updated : 24th Nov 2023 15:11 GMT
Carol Fram Salver
Carol Fram Salver

Congratulations to Chris & Martin Lee on winning the Carol Fram Salver.

Last updated : 22nd Nov 2023 23:27 GMT
AGM Trophy Competition
AGM Trophy Competition

Congratulations to Audrey Norbury & David Adams on winning the AGM Trophy.

Last updated : 20th Oct 2023 08:52 BST
Harry Ratcliffe Bowl

Congratulations to Val & John Watson on winning the Harry Ratcliffe Bowl.

Last updated : 6th Jun 2023 08:34 BST
Team of 4 Competition
Team of 4 Competition

Congratulations to Jean Pavis, Janice Hill, Val & John Watson on winning the Team of 4 Competition 

Last updated : 31st Oct 2019 09:02 GMT