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Need a Partner

If any Member needs a partner click on "Find a Partner " in the main menu or:-

For Monday afternoon ring Sally Axford on 0115 937 3277

For a Tues. or Thurs. evening then ring no later than 12-00 pm. on day they wish to play to Julie Spillane on 0788 201 5628.

Welcome to Keyworth Bridge Club
Keyworth Bridge Club

Keyworth Bridge Club was founded in 1973. Duplicate Bridge is played four times a week in a friendly atmosphere.

On Tuesday and Thursday evenings in the Keyworth Village Hall at 7-00 pm.

On Monday afternoon at the Burnside Hall, Plumtree at 1-00 pm.

On Wednesday afternoon in the Keyworth Village Hall at 1-00 pm.

Wednesday Sessions are hosted therefore partners are not required.

Pre-dealt hands are used at most events.

Visitors are welcome, please ring before proposed arrival.

Contact number:-

07789 205 395 (Tuesday & Thursday)

0115 937 6824 (Monday & Wednesday)

The Club is affiliated to the EBU and the Nottinghamshire Contract Bridge Association.

Wednesday Hosts

We are still looking for hosts for Wednesday afternoon sessions.

If you can offer a date please email David Adams at or call on 07789 205395.

You only need to be prepared to play or not play if we have an even number of attendees.

You do not need to do any administration or set-up.

Duplicate Pairs
Director: Ian Dovey
Scorer: Gordon Fullerton
Duplicate Pairs
Director: Mervyn Jones
Scorer: Jeremy Webb
DSM Trophy.1 of 12
Director: Stephen Southorn
Scorer: Stephen Southorn
Duplicate Pairs
Director: Mike Nailard
Scorer: Jeremy Webb
Mon 21st Oct 2019
Duplicate Pairs
Burnside Hall
Director: Mervyn Jones
Key Holder: Martin Day
Tue 22nd Oct 2019
Duplicate Pairs
Village Hall
Director: Ian Dovey
Key Holder: Paul Spillane
Wed 23rd Oct 2019
Wednesday Teams
Village Hall
Director: Mervyn Jones
Key Holder: Martin Day
Host: Mervyn Jones and Glyn Taylor
Thu 24th Oct 2019
Duplicate Pairs
Village Hall
Director: Tony Gettins
Key Holder: Margaret Fox