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Directing & Scoring

KCBA is committed to supporting and training its County and Club TDs. The County normally organises County TD training once every three years and will support financially any EBU Club TD that wishes to undertake the County TD course organised by EBUTA. It is hoped that TDs that have completed this training will be willing to assist EBU Tournament Directors in directing some county events. If any club TD is interested in assisting at County events, please contact Stephen Brown.

In September 2017, Stephen Brown & Paul Gibbons provided training to learn more about the changes to the Laws.  To keep-up with the evolution of the game, the WBF undertakes a review of the Laws every ten years or so.  The previous 2007 release encompassed many changes, and whilst the latest edition – the 2017 Laws – has fewer changes, it is probably the most comprehensive yet, and the trend towards giving the Director more discretion has continued. The basic purpose of the Laws is still in defining correct procedure when things go wrong, and in general not to punish offenders, but to provide an equitable result acceptable to all competitors. These latest Laws give more emphasis onclarifying the interpretation in certain areas. 

See the 'News Laws 2017' for further information and materials used at training.

Stephen Brown
Kent Chief TD