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General Regulations

Membership of the Association shall be subject to the discretion of the Committee, to be open to:

  • any person born or resident in Kent or those parts of Greater London formerly in the County of Kent,
  • any person who is a bona fide member of a club affiliated to the Association.

Membership of Kent in any one financial year implies the right to play in a final of a Championship event and to represent Kent in the balance of the playing season in the following financial year.

  County of Primary Allegiance

It is a rule of the EBU that a member has one County of primary allegiance. Only members with primary allegiance to Kent may play in any stage of the Arnold Cup, the Arnold Plate and the Larsky Cup. Members with primary allegiance to Kent may not represent any other County.


The current rate of subscription to the EBU and/or Kent can be obtained from the Membership Secretary. Change of address or circumstances of a club, club secretary or an individual should be notified to the Membership Secretary who will advise the EBU.

  General Competition Rules

Participation in all Kent events, with the exception of the Green Pointed Swiss Teams and Pairs, the Kent Congress, the Phillimore Cup, Area Leagues and Inter – Club Knock Out events, is restricted to members of the KCBA.  Only members with primary allegiance to Kent may take part in the Arnold Cup (which leads to representation of Kent in the Pachabo Cup) and the Arnold Plate.  Similarly the Larsky Cup, with effect from the semi-final stage, as four pairs are eligible to represent Kent in the Corwen Trophy.  Any player who fails to attend an event where catering has been provided on their behalf shall be expected to pay any expenses incurred by the KCBA. A player who, at short notice, finds themselves unable to attend an event must at once notify the Competitions Secretary or ensure that the Tournament Director at the venue concerned is advised. THE COMMITTEE WILL TAKE A SERIOUS VIEW OF ANY MEMBER WHO FAILS TO OBSERVE THIS RULE.

  Entries and Entry Fees

Entries and entry fees should be sent to the Competitions Secretary in respect of all events. The closing date for one day events is SIX days before the event; entries received after that date may be accepted at the discretion of the Competitions Secretary. Entries in respect of the Area Leagues should be submitted to the Area Secretary concerned. The Area Secretaries are also responsible for the organisation of heats of the Larsky Cup although they may delegate the running of such heats to heat organisers. Non-members who pay the KCBA subscription at a heat are provisionally deemed to be members of the KCBA. Unless accompanied by an SAE, neither entries or entry fees are acknowledged.

  Starting Times

Starting times for KCBA competitions may vary according to venue and type of event. Play will normally finish no later than 21.00 hours. Please note that competitors are not allowed to bring their own food or drink (even bottled water) onto the premises at Tunbridge Wells. Jugs of water/squash will be available free of charge.

  Competition Regulations

All Kent competitions are played under the directives currently in force of the English Bridge Union.

  Master Points

Master Points awarded to members playing in County events will be credited directly to members EBU numbers, thus it is important that members quote their EBU number when entering a competition to avoid delay or misdirection. The awards will normally be effected after the end of the month in which the event was held. Points awarded for Area League and KO competition results will be credited at the end of the season.


Trophies are presented at the Annual General Meeting and are held by the winners for one year. Trophies must be returned to the Competitions Secretary by no later than 31st May preceding the next AGM.

  KCBA Referees Panel

In the event of a dispute which cannot be settled to the mutual satisfaction of team captains in any teams match, a ruling should be sought from the Chief Tournament Director or one of the appointed KCBA referees listed below:-

Malcolm Lewis 01795 531916
Derek Patterson 01622 209871
Norman Selway 01689 606890
Gerald Tredinnick 020 8249 5240
Jeremy Willans 07801 600364
Colin Wilson 01732 355858
  Chief TD

Stephen Brown      07788 895098     stephenbrown2mail@gmail.com