Wraight Cup
Wraight Handicap Cup

The Wraight Handicap Cup is contested twice a year, in Spring and Autumn.
Handicaps are based on Pairs results during the previous six months.

The competition is open to all inexperienced players competing regularly on Mondays. To qualify, both players must be inexperienced - i.e. be ranked below the rank of Advanced Master (7500 master points) or of equivalent standing at the time of the competition - and must have played as members on at least five previous occasions over the previous six months.

Previous Winners
  Autumn Spring
2018-19 Steven Barron and Andrew Peill Peter Goulding and Christine Ord-Smith
2017-18 Philip Hoyle and Richard Bird Janice Hornby and Janice Mitchell
2016-17 Philip Hoyle and Andrew Peill Robert Boyd and John Nicholls
2015-16 Lynne and Ian Dodsworth Hilary Parker and Gay Talbot
2014-15 Catherine Walne and Fred Thornton Ian Hatton and Brian Smith
2013-14 John Nicholls and Brian Pollard Jill Jagger and Avril Dobson
2012-13 Ian Hatton and Brian Smith Joan Fox and Pat Thompson
2011-12 Margaret and Dennis Pook Gay Talbot & Bill Tippett
2010-11 Judith Johnston and Brian Pollard Grant Bramwell and Ian Hatton
2009-10 Janice Mitchell and Janice Wilkinson Mary Cross and Laura Watson
2008-09 Jeanne and Harry Salisbury Carol Wood and Avril Dobson
2007-08 Gay Talbot and Barbara Webb Anne Truelove and Kath Jasper
2006-07   Peter and Jacce Jeffreys