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Kelsall BBO League
27th Jun 2020 22:30 BST
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The Committee

Nick Mayfield (Chair); Richard Elviss (Treasurer); Martin Booth; Ann Tindall, Di Pashley; Sue Ward; Anne Chisholm

Kelsall BBO League
Hosting a League Match
Hosting a League Match

Hosts must remember to change the IMPs to Matchpoints/MPs. All players should check that hosts have done this before play starts, otherwise all players will need to leave the table and set up again. Setting "Permission required to play" is also important. Kibitzer settings are by your own preference, but if you "Allow kibitzers"  and "Allow kibitzers to chat with players" and also have the "Permission required to kibitz" slider on, only people you accept will be allowed to kibitz and chat with the table.

At the end of the game, the host is responsible for recording the score showing in the MP box on the left immediately the 18th board has been played and has updated, agreeing this score with their opponents. Please be aware that the score constantly updates as other players on BBO complete the same boards, so this must be done as soon as the 18th board has updated on your MP score. Recording can be by taking a photo or just a note, as long as it has been agreed. Send to Vony. 

Contact details for your league opponents

Please go to "Member List" in the main menu on the left to access the contact and username details for your next opponents. You will need to log in to obtain this information.