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Welcome to Keighley Bridge Club
Club Reopening

Keighley Bridge Club is now open again for face to face bridge on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings, and Wednesday afternoons. The procedure is as described in Mike's letter, with the exception that there are hosts on Wednesday evenings Host List.

John Conquest's Funeral

Freda Conquest has asked that those members of the club who were planning to attend her husband Johns' funeral be informed that it has been postponed until 29th July at 12.30 pm at Skipton Crematorium, due to a member of the family having to self isolate.

Malcom and Mavis Wood
We were very sad to learn of the recent deaths of Malcolm and Mavis Wood, long standing members of Keighley Bridge Club for over 30 years. An obituary can be found on the In Memorium page.


1NT Overcall
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On board 17 from the Wed 13th Jan joint Keighley & Bradford event, North at my table opened 1 with their distributional hand and East overcalled 1NT showing 15-17 points and at least one stop in diamonds. West holds a good 9 points including 4 hearts so needs to find out by Stayman whether East also has hearts. ..........

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Hand 3 from the Wed 23rd Dec joint Keighley & Bradford event was of interest both in the bidding and play. ..........

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Bidding question

The bidding on board 1 from the Wed 2nd Dec joint Keighley & Bradford event is of interest. North opens 1NT and South bids 2 [transfer]. West bids 3 holding a good hand with six hearts and the question is whether East should pass or raise to 4.

If West held only 5 hearts they would double the transfer bid to show this, also if they held a less strong hand with 6 hearts. Given that West has these alternatives with weaker hands, there is a good case for East to raise the 3 overcall to 4.

John Spencer

Minimum Opener
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In the Wed 4th Nov joint Keighley & Bradford event East opened the bidding with this hand. Only 11 points but definitely worth an opening bid with a 5431 distribution and strength in the long suit.

Question – should East rebid 2♣, 2, or 2♠ when West responds 1♠ to the 1C opener. ..........

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NT Rebids
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How many points would you expect opener to have for the 1NT rebid in this sequence? 1 - Pass - Pass - Double - 1NT. ..........

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How to bid the Grand Slam from Wednesday's Session
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There were 13 top tricks available on board 12 this week in the joint Keighley & Bradford pairs event, but no pair managed to bid 7NT

West is the dealer and opens 1♣. ..........

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Members Subscriptions while the club is closed

The Committee have decided that the club will not charge subscriptions while it is closed. Once we are able to re-open we will determine pro-rata subscriptions for the remainder of the year. If you normally pay by standing order then you can either cancel it or let it stand and we will credit you in the following year.

Online Bridge Mailing List

I have set up a mailing list for members who are trying online bridge and want to find partners etc. If you want to be added then email me and I will add you. My email address is john at jbovey dot uk.

John Bovey

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The main 3 sites are:

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