Kingston Duplicate Bridge Club
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On Sundays we hold a casual, shorter game and invite new players to join us.  The cost is $5 and partnerships are arranged. Game time is 12:30.

If you need a partner for a game, please phone the club at 613-384-0888 and leave a voicemail with your name, the day you need a partner for and your phone number.  Our wonderful parntership people will get back to you when they have found you a partner.

70% Games 2019
70% Open Game 2019


70% Club-Open Section

Minimum 7 tables

Paddy Allan and Don Kersey hold the all-time high score record of 80.09% played on February 27, 2013.


70.25%         Mar 1st                    Kevin Loughlin and Bert Winges

72.54%         June 4th                  Jim and Greg McKellar

71.15%         June 14th                Shona Donovan and Marc Sylvester

73.56%         July 12th                  Dave Cross and Eva Wiseman

73.50%         Aug 27th                  Kirti Oberai and Chris Caswell

71.53%         Aug 30th                  Jim and Greg McKellar

70.78%         Sept 9th                   Don Kersey and Mark Donovan

70.56%         Oct 1st                    Kevin Loughlin and Rod Lindsay

70.13%         Oct 29th                  Chris Caswell and Bob Fowkes

75.45%         Nov 5th                    Patrick Jennings and John Bantock

70% Game Intermediate and Novice 2019


70% Club


Keith Prytulka and Tommy Doyle hold the all-time high score record of 80% played on May 8, 2014.

          73.00%       January 23           Gayle Seto and Linda Tindall

          72.50%       January 28           Marg Beck, June Leach

          70.32%       April 17th             Betty McIver and Bruce Rae