Kingston Duplicate Bridge Club
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On Sundays we hold a casual, shorter game and invite new players to join us.  The cost is $5 and partnerships are arranged. Game time is 12:30.

If you need a partner for a game, please phone the club at 613-384-0888 and leave a voicemail with your name, the day you need a partner for and your phone number.  Our wonderful parntership people will get back to you when they have found you a partner.

ABC Winners 2019
ABC Across the Board Champions 2019


2019 Across the Board Champions

Placing 1st in A, B and C category and 1st overall in an Open Game with minimum of 7 tables



63.66%         Mar 4th          Chris Caswell and Tara Oberai

67.69%         Mar 5th          Suzanne Ryan and Linda Tindall

60.17%         Mar 13th        Julie Plante and Wayne Griffin

66.26%         Mar 18th        Sharon Boal and Suzanne Lambert

60.44%         Apr 4th           Marlene Young and Ray Rothenbury

60.19%         Apr 17th         Patrick Jennings and Jennifer Grechuk

65.05%         Apr 22nd        Tara Oberai and Wayne Griffin

62.78%         Apr 26th         Patrick Jennings and Ray Rothenbury

59.93%         Apr 29th         Madeleine Chown and Susanna Hum

61.48%         May 15th       Florence Campbell and Carol Anne Ralph

57.40%         May 20th       Jack Klaassen and Barry Wilson

60.29%         May 27th       Jack Klaassen and Barry Wilson

64.29%         July 1st           Chris Caswell and Tara Oberai

62.50%         July 3rd           Barry Wilson and Glen Torrie

64.29%         July 15th        Barry Wilson and Jack Klaassen

63.04%         July 23rd         Tammy Gauvin and Frances Szewczuk

64.58%         Aug 7th           Barry Wilson and Glenn Torrie