Kingston Duplicate Bridge Club
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On Sundays we hold a casual, shorter game and invite new players to join us.  The cost is $5 and partnerships are arranged. Game time is 12:30.

If you need a partner for a game, please phone the club at 613-384-0888 and leave a voicemail with your name, the day you need a partner for and your phone number.  Our wonderful parntership people will get back to you when they have found you a partner.

Schedule of Lessons
  • Monday 10:00 am: Play with a coach.
    • Everyone is welcome to the Monday 10:00am group.  It is pay-as-play, $5 a session and run by Charlie Waddell 

      Charlie starts with a Q&A and a short lesson and tends to focus on playing rather than bidding.  Bidding often comes up in the Q&A, and Charlie will talk about any convention or bidding issue that the group requests.  

      After the lesson participants play boards, with hand records which allows them to compare what they did with what happened when the board was played.  Participants are free to ask questions during the auction or play.  This is the "Play with a Coach" part.   

  • CANCELLED UNTIL January Friday 11:00 am: Bridge Improvement with Eva and Dave 

    • Everyone is welcome to the Friday 11:00 am group.  It is pay as you go, $5 a session and run by Eva Wiseman and Dave Cross

    • Eva and Dave are very active doing bridge lessons and games on cruise ships.  These sessions are aimed at our I/N players and will cover a variety of topics based on what people indicate are of interest to them.

  • Bridge Lessons with Assunta

    • Bridge Lessons starting weekly September 7, 9:30 to 11:30 am.  9 lessons for $50.  Ideal for beginners and social players wanting to improve their bridge skills

      Phone 613-542-4205 to book your spot!

  • Fast Track Bridge! It's  a general introduction to the game of bridge that includes basic terminology, bidding and card play.

    Course Topics: Hand evaluation, the bidding ladder, no-trump opening bids and basic responses, stayman and transfer.  Major and minor suit opening bids with basic responses. Strong and weak bids with responses, and finally blackwood. A little defence. Hand play will be included in each class using the Book " A Taste of Bridge”. 
    Students are expected to do homework.

    The fee will include the "Taste of Bridge Book". Value of $25.00

    Cost of course is 100.00

    The course will last 12 weeks. Dates to be determined in the new year

          Teacher: Tammy Gauvin  613 888 6148, ACBL accredited teacher and member of the ATBA

           Upon completion of the course you will receive a free play gift from the Kingston Duplicate Bridge Club!  An $8.00 Value.