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Hello all 

Well just when I thought life was calming down, I was thrown a few more curve balls. As I said in my latest newsletter, now I need to learn to be a better catcher!  All lessons are on PAUSE for now. I will let you know of any changes as soon as possible!  Do stay safe and healthy!  We will be back soon!  Keep playing bridge. Look  up the virtual clubs on BBO and do check Barbara Seagram's website - She has been doing fabulous lessons on ZOOM at a moderate cost. The bonus! All proceeds are going to her Cambodia charities. Please help support this wonderful cause. 

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Welcome to Josee's Bridge
Welcome to my website!
Welcome to my website!

♠  Welcome to my website ! Here you can find my class schedule for both Toronto and Lake of Bays, helpful links to improve your bridge and other useful tips . Please email me if you have any question. Looking forward to hearing from you !  ♣ 

Supervised Bidding and Playing for our Novice and Intermediate Players


These lessons are free. Here are the details:

WHEN : Tuesday evenings , 7 to 9 pm

WHERE : Bridgebaseonline


FORMAT : 4 players play 2 hands, with Josée advising on the proper bidding once you have finished bidding. Then you play the hand. After two boards, 4 new players join. For those not playing, you can watch and listen to the bidding and playing commentary. There may be opportunities to ask questions after each hand.

Here are the steps for you to participate

Log in to BBO at This will take you to the lobby. If you have not joined BBO yet, you will need to register with a user name and a password. Registration is free.

Once you log on to BBO, the first screen you will see has a menu that includes Play or Watch Bridge. In order to find where I am teaching  you will need to add me as a friend . My user name on BBO is JoseeTeach. To add me as a friend, look to the right of your screen, and you will see a tab that says People. Click on this and at the bottom, where it says Add Friend, add my user name JoseeTeach.

Once it shows me online, you can click on my ID and my profile will appear. Go to the top of the profile and click on the blue "Join" button. That will take you to the teaching table.

This part is definitely new for all of you and is very important.

This will be an BBO audio (voice) lesson. When you get to the table  you will see a yellow button that says Voice.  Click on that button. If   you have trouble hearing, make sure that you have your volume 
turned up. If you don't see the yellow button, you may need to log off and change browsers. Chrome and Firefox seem to work well.

If you are using a tablet to access BBO you cant take advantage of    the voice feature from the app. Best to open your browser on your  tablet and go to . Then you will be using the site as if you are on a laptop. I highly recommend you do it this way so you can listen to my wonderful bridge tips :)

Doug will be joining me to help out. His user ID is wdoug1 so you can always ask him questions privately. Add him as a friend also. If you require more help over the phone ask either one of us.

How does this all sound?

We are hopeful this appeals to you and that we will see you at one of our practice sessions!

Let's have fun playing some bridge and connecting again!



Bigwin Island Bridge Club
Bigwin Island Bridge Club


I am pleased to announce that Bigwin Bridge Club has joined forces with Huntsville Bridge Club and Bracebridge Bridge Club and has become Muskoka Bridge for the purpose of our virtual games on Bridgebaseonline. (
Our first game is planned for Monday April 27th at 7pm EST. Games will be scheduled going forward on Sundays at 2PM and Mondays at 7PM EST
The cost will be $3 (a BB$ which equals $1US).
To register for the game, sign on anytime in the two hours prior to game time. In the early days, I recommend you register early so we can iron out any technical issues. Both you and your partner need to be online to sign up for the game. One of you will register for the

There is great tutorial at this link to help you sign on to BBO, add BB$, joining a game etc.

Worth looking into but here is a summary of steps involved once you have signed on to BBO. 

1.On the home screen find the Play or Watch Bridge Section.
2. Click on the Competitive line and then on ACBL Virtual Clubs. You will see a list of Pending Games. Look for Muskoka Bridge or vacb227967 in the title. That will be us.
3. Click on that game and enter the name of your partner. Then click invite.
4. Your partner will then get an invitation to the game. When partner clicks Accept, you are in! Then you can log off and return a few minutes prior to game time.

Make sure you have at least 3 BB$ in your account before Monday. Click the BB$ button on the top right of the home screen and then click Purchase BB$.
Anyone who is an ACBL member and has played in Huntsville, Bracebridge or Bigwin is eligible to play. All those who are not ACBL members can play as well. If you have any trouble registering for the game call or text me at 416-300-9140 and we will sort it out.
If you tried to log on BBO and Join Our Game at Virtual Clubs, and you find that you are BLOCKED FROM REGISTERING TO PLAY, then, please call or text me at 416-300-9140. Send along your BBO Username, so that we can add you to the List of Players eligible to sign on for a game.
For the minnows who are quite new to this and anyone new to BBO, I would highly recommend you still give it a try. 
You do not need to be a current Bigwin member to play with us. The more tables we have the more FUN we will have. Please share this with any of your friends who might be interested in joining us!
If you would like to join in but do not have a partner, send me a note. I will do what I can to pair you with someone!
Don't let nerves or inexperience, hold you back! Just sign on and play. You will love it.

We will do all we can to make your experience positive!
Looking forward to "seeing" you very soon! 

Gentle Duplicate
Director: Josee Hammill
Gentle Duplicate
Director: Josee Hammill
Gentle Duplicate
Director: Doug Cowan



Barbara Seagram School of Bridge - Supervised Duplicate Games for Novice Players 

Armour Heights Presbyterian Church, 105 Wilson Avenue,. Please enter through double doors on Saunders St. 

Tuesday : Gentle Bridge -  7 pm to 9:15 pm 

Contact:  Josee Hammill


Phone: 416-300-9140 

For Games at other locations please access information by clicking on the Useful Links tab in the main menu