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Just on the tail end of my Spring series. It was so rewarding to offer so many diffierent opportunities for all levels of players in the rank beginners to the advanced Intermediate group. A little break this summer is now in order however i I am still always working and preparing already for the fall. Also keep checking this page for future updates on games for novice players and course packages to be purchases. 

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Welcome to Josee's Bridge
Welcome to my website!
Welcome to my website!

♠  Welcome to my website ! Here you can find my class schedule for both Toronto and Lake of Bays, helpful links to improve your bridge and other useful tips . Please email me if you have any question. Looking forward to hearing from you !  ♣ 

NEW GAMES FOR 0-20 MP PLAYERS - Starting Wednesday May 19th - 3 games a week!

starting Wednesday May 19th
3 games a week!
Games every Wednesday at 10 am and 7:15 pm and Saturday at 12:15 pm
The games that are set up for the coming week are as follows:
  • #38669 Josée & Lee's 0-20 Pairs Game, Wednesday May 19 10:00 AM
  • #38673 Josée & Lee's 0-20 Pairs Game, Wednesday May 19 7:15 PM
  • #38719 Josée & Lee's 0-20 Pairs Game, Saturday May 22 12:15 PM


The charge for the games is 5BB$. That is the equivalent of US$5 (approx. CDN$6.25)
In the early stages the game will be 18 boards. You will have 9 minutes to play each deal. If we find that is not enough time or too much time, we will adjust the time in subsequent games.
The BBO software will change to the next round when the clock has expired OR when all pairs have completed the deals (boards) for the round — whichever comes first.
1) Join the ACBL if not a member already. See below for details on the guest membership (this only needs to be done once)
2) Enter your ACBL number on BBO (this only needs to be done once - contact me at if you need guidance on this)
3) Log in to BBO and PURCHASE BB$. Buy your BB$ directly from BBO.  
Do NOT purchase your BB$ through an App or you will pay 30% more than necessary. This means accessing BBO using your browser (
4) The BBO software posts the games on the BBO website 2 hours PRIOR to game. We recommend that you register early, especially in the early going stages, in case there are problems. So let’s say you want to play Wednesday morning at 10 am, as early as 8 am you and your partner can go online and you find the game as explained below and then one of you registers for both of you. That is why you need to have your partner for the game and also know their BBO user name.
Here is how to find the games on game day 2 hours prior to the start:
AFTER you log in to Bridge Base online ( you will be at the Events/Categories page which lists categories. Under FEATURED AREAS you will see a heading entitled VIRTUAL CLUBS. Click on that heading.
Now you will see a list of countries with the heading ACBL – NORTH AMERICA at the top, and ALL CLUBS at the bottom of that list. Go to the bottom of the list and click on ALL CLUBS.
You can scroll down to find the game title for that day OR there is a SEARCH button in the top right corner of the window if you wish to type the name in there. Simply click on our game and when the INVITE window opens, invite your partner to the game.
3) If you are unfamiliar with playing on BBO, we recommend that you spend a bit of time playing in the CASUAL section of BBO so that you will become familiar with the mechanics of the bidding and playing.
4) PARTNERS - If you do not have a partner already and would like to play on a specific day - send me - ie Josee an email ( as soon as possible and I will try to find you one.
At the conclusion of the game you can go to the following website to see the Results. They are posted approximately 1 hour after the conclusion of the game:
If you have any question prior to game or during the game, Lee can be reached at 416-274-1752.
If you have questions after the game on some boards you played, send me the board number and we can discuss these.
Lastly, HAVE FUN. And RELAX. :-) This is not brain surgery!
Bigwin Island Bridge Club
Bigwin Island Bridge Club


So pleased with your support of our virtual club - called Muskoka Bridge for the purpose of our virtual games on Bridgebaseonline. (
Games are on Sundays at 1PM and Mondays at 7PM EST
The cost is $3 (a BB$ which equals $1US).
To register for the game, sign on anytime in the two hours prior to game time. Both you and your partner need to be online to sign up for the game. One of you will register for the partnership. 



Private Coaching by Doug Cowan

Hi Everyone.

At Josée Hammill’s suggestion I am looking to set up private bridge coaching sessions for brand new bridge players. I understand how difficult it can be for new players to become regulars at the game. Josée and I ran similar face-to-face sessions prior to the onset of COVID.
The following outlines my thoughts and I would like to solicit your feedback:

  • Coaching sessions will be 1 to 1-1/2 hours in length using regular bridge hands on BBO.
  • A session will consist of a group of 4 players and up to 4 kibitzers (watching only). Focus will be on playing as many hands as reasonably possible.
  • My role will be to offer bidding and playing comments during and after the play. You can ask questions during the play of the hand, as well.
  • I will post a schedule of available times and you can sign up for one or multiple sessions.
  • You can join as a single person, or as a partnership.
  • Fees will be $20 per session for players and $10 per session for kibitzers. (A kibitzer could join the session if a player dropped out or did not show).
  • My preferred day of the week is Tuesday with session times at 10 am and/or 1 pm.

My comments will be based on the fundamentals of bridge as taught in Josée’s Bridge Basics and Intermediate I courses. We will not use any outside conventions and will focus strictly on bridge fundamentals.
I am at the planning stage and would like to assess the level of interest. If you feel this is a worthwhile exercise for you, please send me a message at Let me know your interest in playing or kibitzing and the times you prefer. Based on these responses I will respond and may modify some of the elements of this offer.
I look forward to hearing from you and wish you success with the game of bridge.
Doug Cowan.