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Spring lessons are going well. It is not too late to sign up for the Bid and Play series. 

Also note the 2/1 two day course I am offering in May!  

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Welcome to Josee's Bridge
Welcome to my website!
Welcome to my website!

♠  Welcome to my website ! Here you can find my class schedule for both Toronto and Lake of Bays, helpful links to improve your bridge and other useful tips . Please email me if you have any question. Looking forward to hearing from you !  ♣ 

Two over One with Josée - A Two-week Course

Two Over One With Josée

A 2-Day Course On Zoom


Dates – May 10 and 11, 2021

Times – 9:30 - 11:30 AM

Price – $65 CDN ($51 USD) plus postage


Discover The System That Most Of North America Now Plays.

·       Get into better contracts more easily.

·       Find slams and do it on fewer values.

·       Know when part-score is enough.

·       Learn the forcing No Trump bid.  



What you will get:

·       Live ZOOM lessons and unlimited access to the recordings.

·       Barbara Seagram’s 2/1 Game Force book (updated in 2020).

·       Professionally developed PowerPoint presentations (yours to keep).

·       One free additional practice session (date to be determined).


Josée's students often say:

·       She knows it can be tough and has a way to make it simpler.

·       I feel like she's speaking directly to me.

·       She works hard to make sure I understand.

·       My game is improving.


How to Register and Pay


If you are in Canada

An etransfer (automatic deposit no need for a password) to my email address is preferred. Otherwise, a cheque can be mailed to 418-1717 Avenue Road, Toronto, Ontario, M5M0A2.


How do I get my book?

o  Pick it up at the address above, in Toronto (two weeks before the class starts).

o  By mail: add the postage costs to the course fee ($5.74 CDN). Please allow for 3 weeks delivery to avoid delays.  


For students outside Canada*

Please mail your cheque of U$ 60 to 418-1717 Avenue Road, Toronto, Ontario, M5M 0A2.

Alternatively, you may choose to pay in US dollars via PayPal (U$ 63) to email address (also by clicking here: ).


* Textbook included & shipped by regular mail. Please allow for 3-4 weeks delivery.

Bid And Play - Session 5 Recording

Here you can watch the 5th session of the Bid & Play - New Minor Forcing: 
 Partner opens, you bid a Major at the one level and partner follows with 1NT.
Learn how New Minor Forcing will help you find out if partner has 3 card support
for your Major and if they don’t, what they might also have. 

Below you can see how to register for the next sessions and receive all the accompanying handouts every Wednesday in your inbox!

Bid And Play - The Convention Series - Session 6

Bid And Play 2021

The Convention Series

Session 6

April 27 – 7pm to 8:30 pm EST
Fourth Suit Forcing
You and partner have bid 3 suits, now comes the 4th suit…what does it show and how do I respond? 

ZOOM link for the April 27 session:

Meeting ID: 881 4463 9532

Passcode: 628012

In the event of issues with logging in, please
contact Doug Cowan at 416-418-4062

How to Join In

1. By far, your best option is to pre-register for the entire 7-session series. You can also pre-register for an individual lesson (pre-registering means sending an email to me before the start of the lesson). All lessons are recorded! Once you have purchased them you get unlimited access!
Get a free session (pay for 6 and get 7!)
I will email each entire recorded session to you the next day.
Send me an email at
2. You can also pay as you go and choose individual sessions without pre-registering. The drawback is that you will have to go to my website ( the next day to access the recording . Send me an email at to receive the lesson notes.
Payment Information
Pre-register for all 7 lessons (get one lesson free!) - $120 CDN ($90 USD by check / $95 USD with Paypal)
Pay as you go - $20 CDN ($15 USD by check/ $17 USD with Paypal)
An etransfer to my email address works well for all Canadians or mail me a cheque. Address below.
Alternatively, you may choose to pay in US dollars via PayPal to email address (also here:
Mailing address:
Josee Hammill
Future Session
 May 4 – 4 way transfers (after partner opens 1NT)
Doug and I really look forward to seeing you TUESDAY EVENING!


A note from Doug Cowan 

Hi everyone,
Enthusiasm for bridge continues unabated through the pandemic.  Games and lessons are flourishing and I am pleased to be a helper to Josée with her online classes.
Last year (2020) Josée was nominated for the Teacher of the Year (TOY) award offered by the American Bridge Teachers' Association (ABTA). Sadly, the pandemic forced the cancellation of the award for
that year. Happily, the ABTA is proceeding with the award for 2021, in the summer.  Josée's application from last year has been carried over. She did a lot of work in preparation that included completion of an extensive
questionnaire, and submission of examples of her publications, notes, teaching material, newsletter, and a video of a lesson. Whew!
Many of you were good enough to submit testimonials in support of Josée's 2020 application. Those tributes are still on file with the ABTA. You have a chance to do the same again, for this year's award. While
Josée is modest about her achievements, the world of bridge has changed dramatically from last year to this year. The online world has dominated the game, and will likely do so for some time to come. In response to these changes, Josée was quick to roll out a Bid and Play online format for newer players. This replaced the 'gentle duplicate game' she initiated at the start of 2020. She delivered two six week sessions of this format before launching online versions of her very
popular Beginner and Intermediate I and II courses. Doing these things meant she had to learn the intricacies of ZOOM, PowerPoint, BBO and other online and computer technologies. She enthusiastically engaged in these activities, opened her mind to new ideas, solicited help when needed and gave inspiration to those of us still learning this marvelous game. She continues to teach and inspire new players as well as more experienced. If you would like to write a testimonial about your online experience with Josée, I will collect and submit them to the ABTA.

Here are the details:
Testimonial can be from an individual or a group.
Write it as an email. (Your email address will not be shared).
Include your name(s).
Try to be brief, but don't leave out the good parts.
Deadline for testimonials is April 15, 2021.
Send your testimonial to me at I will collate them and forward to the ABTA.
Thank you on Josée's behalf.
Doug Cowan

Bigwin Island Bridge Club
Bigwin Island Bridge Club


So pleased with your support of our virtual club - called Muskoka Bridge for the purpose of our virtual games on Bridgebaseonline. (
Games are on Sundays at 1PM and Mondays at 7PM EST
The cost is $3 (a BB$ which equals $1US).
To register for the game, sign on anytime in the two hours prior to game time. Both you and your partner need to be online to sign up for the game. One of you will register for the partnership.