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Finally, I have worked out my teaching schedule for this Fall. Please check the main page for all the details. Intermediate 3 has never been taught online before. If you want to strengthen your defence with your partner and deepen your understanding of several conventions, this is the course for you.

If you have friends interested in learning this awesome game, direct them to this site or better yet have them email me. 

I continue to be grateful to Lee for the  0-20 MP players.  I see that you are learning much by playing in these new games. What a wonderful opportunity for all of you. Doug is continuing his coaching sessions and they have been well attended. Check on the main page for details on this. 


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Welcome to Josee's Bridge
Welcome to my website!
Welcome to my website!

♠  Welcome to my website !  ♣ 


Here you can find my class schedule for both Toronto and Lake of Bays, helpful links to improve your bridge, past recordings and many other useful tips .


Please email me if you have any question at


Looking forward to hearing from you !


Josée Hammill 

Upcoming Fall Lessons on Zoom

2021 Fall Lessons On Zoom 
With Josée Hammill


Excited to offer the following learning opportunities this Fall!  All lessons are recorded with unlimited access once you purchase the course.



Basics Beginners Bridge Series
– Please Tell Your Friends! 

Tuesdays 9:30 am to 11:30 am (EST) beginning on September 21st for 8 weeks


Learn the basic elements of the game of bridge: how to take tricks, how to work with a partner, how to open the bidding in a suit and in No Trump, how to respond, how to compete and more. Opportunities to play and practice online will be provided. Lessons are recorded and can be watched on your own time.


$240 CDN ($188 USD). Price includes taxes and Barbara Seagram Basic Bridge textbook. See the below for payment instructions.



Intermediate I Bridge Series

Tuesdays 4 to 6 pm (EST) beginning on September 21st for 7 weeks.

For those who feel rusty and need a refresher and for those moving up from Basic lessons. Opportunities to play and practice online will be provided. Lessons are recorded and can be watched on your own time.

$210 CDN ($165 USD). Price includes taxes and Barbara Seagram Intermediate I textbook.



Intermediate III Bridge Series
– Back By Popular Demand! 

Wednesdays 4 to 6 pm (EST) beginning on September 22nd for 6 weeks.

Intermediate III is a full course on Defence and Conventions!

  • DEFENCE: Third Hand Play, Second Hand Play, Suit Preference Signalling, Strategy on Defence, Lead Directing Doubles, Discarding. 
  • CONVENTIONS: Negative Doubles, Jacoby 2 NT as a forcing raise, Jacoby Transfers, Texas Transfers, Splinters, Roman Key Card Blackwood, Cue Bids, Slam Bidding and lots more! 

$180 CDN ($142 USD).  Price includes taxes and Barbara Seagram Intermediate III textbook.




  • Contact Josée Hammill at or call 416-300-9140.
  • Include First and Last Name, email address, mailing address if you require mailing of the textbook.



Payment Instructions


If you are in Canada


An etransfer (automatic deposit. No need for a password) to my email address is preferred. Otherwise, a cheque can be mailed to 418-1717 Avenue Road, Toronto, Ontario, M5M 0A2.


How do I get my book?

  • Pick it up at the address above, in Toronto (two weeks before the class starts).
  • By mail: add the postage costs to the course fee ($5.74 CDN). Please allow for 3 weeks delivery.  


For students outside Canada


Please mail your cheque to 418-1717 Avenue Road, Toronto, Ontario, M5M 0A2.


Alternatively, you may choose to pay in US dollars via PayPal to email address (also by clicking on this link). Please refer to table below for total amount (it already includes postage, to cover mailing of the book, and PayPal fee):


Course *


Paypal **

Bridge Basic

U$ 197

U$ 207

Intermediate 1

U$ 174

U$ 184

Intermediate 3

U$ 150

U$ 160


* Textbook included & shipped by regular mail. Please allow for 3-4 weeks delivery.

** When using PayPal, include your First and Last Name, email address, and mailing address in the message.



Now I have my own online store where you can buy recordings of my most popular courses!

I am now offering 3 courses available for purchase online. Intermediate II, Two Over One and my most popular Bid and Play series on Conventions. Details below. I can send you the links as soon as you express interest. Note that Intermediate 2 course has a brand new revised book. Thrilled with this!

All courses are complete, with all recordings, slides, and handouts, so you can watch them in your free time, at your convenience.


  • INTERMEDIATE II COURSE: This course takes a break from the fundamentals of bridge to look at this game in a more strategic way. Less about points, more about shape of the hand, new conventions and a short intro on Defence. You'll learn Weak Two Bids, Strong 2 Club Bids, Slam Bidding, Cue-Bidding First Round Controls, Preempts, Unusual NT, Michaels Cuebids, Opening Light in 3rd seat, Balancing, End Plays, Cross-Ruff, Loser-on-loser play, Introduction to defence,and MUCH more!! This is an 8 week course.

    Price (includes postage and taxes): $245 CDN/ $197 US (if paying by check) / $207 US if using Paypal.

  • TWO OVER ONE : Discover the system that most of North America now plays! Get into better contracts more easily. Find slams and do it on fewer values. Know when part-score is enough. Learn the forcing No Trump bid. A 2-day course + Extra hands.]

    Price (includes postage and taxes): $71 CDN/ $60 US (if paying by check) / $66 US if using PayPal.

Both courses (2 over 1 & Intermediate 2) include Barbara Seagram's book (sent by mail), and upon payment confirmation, you'll receive a link in Google drive with the full course.


  • BID AND PLAY – THE CONVENTION SERIES!: This is the series I am most proud of! :) 7 weeks on Conventions:

Lesson 1 - DONT over 1NT Opening Bid

Lesson 2 - Reverse Drury

Lesson 3 - Jacoby 2NT and Splinters

Lesson 4 - Reverse Bergen/Bergen Raises

Lesson 5 - New Minor Forcing/Checkback Stayman

Lesson 6 - Fourth Suit Forcing

Lesson 7 - Four Way Transfers All recordings come with supportive documents and practice hands.

Purchase each lesson individually: $20 CDN ($15 USD by check / $18 USD by Paypal) or

Buy all 7 lessons for the price of 6: $120 CDN ($90 USD by check/ $95 USD by Paypal).


Email me at if interested in purchasing these courses. I will provide you with all necessary links and information.


3 Amazing New Books by Barbara Seagram

Brand new!  Play it Safe: Retail: $25.00 On special: $22.00


Playing party bridge or teams, declarer's objective is to make his contract -- nothing else matters.

Playing it safe is of vital importance. Yet playing safe can take many forms -- it might involve simply choosing the best line of play, or keeping one opponent off lead, preserving entries, or even giving up a trick you don't have to lose, all in the cause of bringing that contract home securely.

Playing matchpoints (regular duplicate bridge), there are times when safety is more important than anything else. Recognizing all these situations, and knowing what to do when you encounter them, will improve your bridge scores by leaps and bounds.



Barbara’s Bridge Tips: Retail: $25.00 On special: $22.00


Whether you have been playing for a while or you're not very experienced, this book will help you to move your game up to the next level. The tips cover all aspects of bridge - bidding, play and defense.

Advice and examples are drawn from material Barbara Seagram has developed for her students over the last twenty years - it's like having your own personal bridge coach sitting beside you!



Barbara’s Quizzes: I've written this book so you have a fun way of finding out how much of modern bridge bidding fundamentals you have mastered.

It is also a tool that will help you identify and improve any areas of your game that may need some work. I suspect (and am hoping) you will want to share this with your regular partner.

Order Barbara’s Quizzes by emailing Barbara at


  • In Canada, you may pay by etransfer to AKORNEL@SYMPATICO.CA, but email Barbara as well, so we have all your postal and email details.
  • Americans, you can mail a check to: Barbara Seagram, 220 Lawrence Ave East, Toronto, ON M4N 1T2 CANADA, but email first so we can get the book on the way to you.

2 games a week!
Games every Wednesday at 10 am and 7:15 pm 


The charge for the games is 5BB$. That is the equivalent of US$5 (approx. CDN$6.25)
1) If you or your partner have not yet played in this game, email Lee at at least one day prior to your first game. Give Lee your name, your ACBL number, your BBO user name and a contact phone number he can reached you at. Once this is done you will be free to join the game 
2) Log in to BBO and PURCHASE BB$. Buy your BB$ directly from BBO.  
Do NOT purchase your BB$ through an App or you will pay 30% more than necessary. This means accessing BBO using your browser (
3) The BBO software posts the games on the BBO website 2 hours PRIOR to game. We recommend that you register early, especially in the early going stages, in case there are problems. So let’s say you want to play Wednesday morning at 10 am, as early as 8 am you and your partner can go online and you find the game as explained below and then one of you registers for both of you. That is why you need to have your partner for the game and also know their BBO user name.
Here is how to find the games on game day 2 hours prior to the start:
AFTER you log in to Bridge Base online ( you will be at the Events/Categories page which lists categories. Under FEATURED AREAS you will see a heading entitled VIRTUAL CLUBS. Click on that heading.
Now you will see a list of countries with the heading ACBL – NORTH AMERICA at the top, and ALL CLUBS at the bottom of that list. Go to the bottom of the list and click on ALL CLUBS.
You can scroll down to find the game title for that day OR there is a SEARCH button in the top right corner of the window if you wish to type the name in there. Simply click on our game and when the INVITE window opens, invite your partner to the game.
3) If you are unfamiliar with playing on BBO, we recommend that you spend a bit of time playing in the CASUAL section of BBO so that you will become familiar with the mechanics of the bidding and playing.
4) PARTNERS - If you do not have a partner already and would like to play on a specific day - send me - ie Josee an email ( as soon as possible and I will try to find you one.  You can also rent a robot to be your partner. 
At the conclusion of the game you can go to the following website to see the Results. They are posted approximately 1 hour after the conclusion of the game:
If you have any question prior to game or during the game, Lee can be reached at 416-274-1752.
If you have questions after the game on some boards you played, send me the board number and we can discuss these.
Lastly, HAVE FUN. And RELAX. :-) This is not brain surgery!
Additional Games for Novice Players

Credit Valley Virtual Club has two novice games that may be of interest to our newer players: 


Games are $5

  • Monday at 12:30  0 - 20: Teaching Game with Richard and Denise with breakout sessions.  (Zoom link required) 
  • Thursday at 6:30  0 - 50: Game 


To register for the games

  1. Provide you BBO username to Denise Donovan. Contact Denise first at email address below
  2. Log into BBO/Virtual Clubs/North America/All Clubs

For further information, or to access the Zoom link for Monday's teaching game, contact Denise Donovan:, 416-575-6754




Josée Hammill wins 2020/21 Teacher of the Year Award

The American Bridge Teachers’ Association (ABTA) announced on August 17 that the winner of the 2020/21 Teacher of the Year award is Josée Hammill of Toronto, Canada.

Josée has devoted herself to the craft of instructing new and intermediate players in the joy and mysteries of the fabulous game of bridge.

Those of us who have been her students thank Josée for her dedication to the role of teacher and mentor. We congratulate her on this acknowledgement of her teaching excellence.

Well done, Josée!

Bridge Coaching by Doug

Hello All,

‘Bridge Coaching by Doug’ is on temporary hold while Josée offers her fall courses. We will resume sessions in October/November. These sessions are designed to help you practice the fundamentals of bridge as taught in Josée’s Basic Beginner and Intermediate I classes.

Coaching sessions consist of bidding and playing real hands with feedback and questions. Sessions are held weekly and are 1-1/2 hours long. Four players and up to 4 watchers can participate in each session. They are open to individual players and couples at a cost of $20 for players and $10 for watchers. Call or register your name with me and I will advise you of the fall dates as they firm up.

Please note:
If you are a group of 4 players and want to attend bridge coaching as a group, I may be able to accommodate you sooner. Please contact me and let me know of your interest and preferred timing.

Doug  Cowan