The Club will resume its usual activities as soon as it can, but this may be a few weeks away.  In the meantime, please enjoy the web articles and if you have any requests, suggestions or come across something that may be of interest to other members let us know. 


Coughs and Sneezes?

If you are feeling unwell please stay at home and think of others.

Online Bridge
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There are so many ways to play bridge online these days it is difficult to know where to start. (If you need help feel free to contact me).

The follow list has been taken from the EBU suggestions : Bridge Club Live, BBO and Funbridge to study no fear bridge UK(for acol) or COM for 5 card majors is a great resource for solo play (contact me for free access) and Bridge Master on BBO. ..........

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Free Book

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Daily tournaments held at 2:45pm for a 3pm start : Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. All visitors and new members welcome.
Daily Snippet


There are many fictional characters that play bridge but very few fictional clubs.

One such club is the Junior Ganymeade Club that is the home club of the butler Jeeves (P. G. Wodehouse). Exclusively a club for valet and butlers it is located in Curzon Street in Mayfair and is mentioned in several of the Guildford born writers books. Once a week Jeeves will take the afternoon off to play bridge at the club.

Aside from socializing, the club´s main activities are bridge and the writing and perusal of the club book. Over eighty years old the clubs constitution requires that every member must record information about their employers in the club book. (at one point 18 pages were dedicated to Bertie Wooster, the employer of Jeeves).

According to historical sources the club is based on a real pub in Charles Street, Mayfair that is called The Only Running Footman, or The Footman for short. 

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Previous snippets can be accessed here Or by going to the menu under PREVIOUS ARTICLES.

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Bridge Crossword (this one is easier)
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7 TD does not worry about this online (4,3,2,4)
8 Double jump shift bid? (8)
9 Think long and hard at the table! (4)
10 Fun loving male (7)
12 Move! (5)
14 Low bid takes the contract (5)
16 Haircut sir? (7)
19 First non-pass (4)
20 Pals forever? (3,2,3)
22 Hard to divine on-line (5,8)


1 Does mixed tintinnabulation jump? (4)
2 Curiosity? (6)
3 Competitive sale - not at the table! (7)
4 Sting-less posturings play mother (5)
5 One in time saves nine (6)
6 One suit shows another (8)
11 Game after midnight - might hold-up! (4,4)
13 Must be treasured (7)
15 History, records (6)
17 A method of scoring? (6)
18 Suit layout (5)
21 About a cafe - card on the table? (4)

see answers. ..........

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BBernard Magee broadcast replay

As promised Bernard Magee said he would find ways to keep us all busy during this difficult time and he has certainly found a solution. Bernard is going to give live broadcasts which will be a combination of a seminar, quizzes, chat and information.

click here for an introductory video

click here for live broadcast/replay

He will be live again on WEDNESDAY. 

Subscibe to his youtube channel to continue to watch his series of lessons and interactive sessions. 

(thank you to John Hiskey for the recommendation) 

Last updated : 30th Mar 2020 11:44 BST
How to use BBO

BBO Online

BBO is free and arguably the best bridge resource on the internet. You can create a free account and challenge other players to 1 table matches. (some of you will have used this before and others are just discovering, why not challenge a club pair to a match). There are many free tournaments and the Bridge Master training area is suitable for anyone. (Pete Hollands has videos solve all the hands). 

Here is a video from my favourite teacher Peter Hollands who has a HUGE archive of past videos to keep you amused. He is an international Australian player and well know commentator on BBO and his weekly video of the instant free. 


The video is slightly long as it assumes zero knowledge of the site. 

If you are wanting to know how to set up a table or other specific task on BBO check out Paul Gipson's list of training videos :



Last updated : 28th Mar 2020 11:37 GMT
Quiz 3

South plays 4 West leads K♣ 

What is declarer's best line, not knowing the diamond distribution?

Duck the K♣ and discard a diamond on the A♣  This line only fails if East has 4 diamonds. 

Last updated : 30th Mar 2020 07:43 BST
More Quizzes

Try clicking here for past quizzes or go to PREVIOUS ARTICLES in the menu where past Daily Snippets can also be accessed.

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Message from your committee

Good afternoon everyone,

I hope this finds you all safe and well.

Anita is daily preparing things of interest for us all on the club website, we would like to hear from you, are you logging on? Are you all keeping busy?

Can we help anyone with shopping or hospital visits or collecting prescriptions? We have members in a wide area who are very willing to help with these things.

Yesterday, we had an email from a bridge player, not a member of our club saying how much she is enjoying the interesting & fun things posted on our website & especially mentioned Peter Hindleys very entertaining article.

We would like to hear from you all, there is a members whatsapp group which you can join, you can email info@javeabridgeclub.com or me. pat.ford4647@gmail.com 

Hope we can all meet for an afternoon of bridge before too long,

Best wishes,


Last updated : 26th Mar 2020 14:12 GMT
New Bridge Magazine

NEW BeBridge Magazine 

For free access to this first English edition click on the link below. I am sure you are going to enjoy it ! There is a really interesting, in-depth interview with Carlos Ghosn, the ex-Nissan boss, as well as lots of bridge hands of course. All bound up in a modern elegant format, ready for you to read online or download to your own computer for looking at later.

The link to the FREE first edition is :  https://kiosque.lebridgeur.com/en/publications/bebridge-926-march-2020/

Last updated : 25th Mar 2020 10:38 GMT
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Keep smiling

Player asked his partner (who is a newer player) why he led the 8 from 98 doubleton.

He replied "My bridge teacher said '8 ever, 9 never'"!!!

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