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BBO and Funbridge have released the linked press statement and asked that it be shared throught the bridge community as widely as possible. It relates to  the topic of unethical behaviour of any sort on their online bridge platforms.

They have asked that it be circulated as widely as possible so that people are aware that any form of cheating or unethical behaviour will not be tolerated either by the online provider or by the World Bridge Federations and other National Bridge Organisations. Please also see the statement recently made by the SBU. 

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There are tens of thousands of players online at any time. Andy Stark shared his unique interview with Bridge Base Online (BBO) founder, Fred Gitelman. When BBO started, Fred had to call his mother to fill in as a fourth. Now it’s not unusual to have over fifty thousand players logged in on BBO.

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Prebooking for play is essential. Wednesdays and Fridays. Please inform us if you subsequently can not attend.
About JBC

Javea Bridge Club LogoA Warm Welcome to Jávea Bridge ClubJavea Bridge Club Logo

Jávea Bridge Club have our own premises situated in the coastal town of Jávea on the Costa Blanca. We are conveniently located near shops and the beach with ample street parking.The club house has a well stocked bar, air conditioning and free wifi providing a comfortable and relaxed environment for our frequent bridge tournaments, lessons and social events.

We pride ourselves on our international membership. Newcomers and visitors of all standards are always made to feel welcome and every attempt to find a partner will be made if you require one. Our establishment is wheelchair accessible.

Why not come and give it a try?

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League Results

League Results

Our first ever online league has now finished. After several months of head to head matches the final few weeks were very close with some very competitive and exciting games. The over all winner on 41 points were Peter Gray and Anita Dixon. Well done to them, especially as they were a new partnership at the start of the competition. 

The whole competition was so close that three pairs tied for second place, on 39 points, each having one win and 2 loses within those head to head matches. 

We hope to run similiar online events in the future, please let JBC know if you are interested in playing in more online tournaments and if you have any comments on how you think these events could be improved. 

(the full results.can be seen under online results)

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Queen of Clubs

Queen of Clubs

Queen of clubs

We have comment before about whether or not the court cards represent famous historical figures or not. If you follow the French assignment of characters then the queen of clubs represents Argine, from an anagram of Regina, latin for queen.  She is so boring she doesn't even have her own Wikipedia page.  Argine when translated into English means river bank or embankment.. In cartomancy she doesn't fair much better as she is not necessarily a good omen. She represents a dark-haired woman whose objectives are quite contrasting. Indeed, she can be malevolent and can announce a form of jealousy from ones relatives. This woman covets your professional, familial or romantic situation and may become harmful. Her meaning is complex depending with which other cards she is associated. 


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Finding the best opening lead is often tricky. Against no trump contracts, it's often best to 

lead the 4th highest of your longest and strongest suit or (if you are luck enough to have one) or the top honour of a sequence

second highest from a long suit without and honour.



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4♠ lead A♣ and continues with K♣ 

If you ruff with the 2♠ you will be unable to redeem your error. Ruff with the 6♠ and play A♠ revealing the position. 

3 rounds of diamonds, 3 rounds of hearts.

Play it again and you can analyse all the variations and also see that West's lead of A♣ should on best defence beat the contract, but continuing with the K♣ is a mistake and gives declarer they chance to make. 

Last updated : 10th Aug 2020 09:58 BST
Declarer Play 31

The contract is 4♠ West leads K♥ You appear to have four losers, is there a way to make the contract?

Looks and easy end play right? If East ruffs the first trick it isn't so easy, you must jettison your A to prepare for a double ruff and discard. 

Win the return from E. Probably A♣ over his K♣ , draw trumps, play A  and K and exit with a heart. West can only return a heart for a DOUBLE DISCARD

club from table and diamond from hand, on his next heart you ruff and discard. 

Last updated : 10th Aug 2020 09:59 BST
Bidding Quiz

most of the panel agreed a 2 was worth the risk and happy for a heart to be led

pass was also considered stating: "I am  not sticking my neck out at this vulnerability" 

Last updated : 6th Aug 2020 11:13 BST
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Pairs tournament (prebook)
Scorer: PeterF
Pairs tournament (prebook)
Scorer: PeterF
Wed 12th August 2020
Pairs tournament (prebook)
1445 for 1500h
Fri 14th August 2020
Pairs tournament(prebook)
1445 for 1500h
Inter Club Teams Virtual Trophy

A challenge match between Montrose and Jávea, 8 v 8 was held 3rd August 2020

Unfortunately we were not successful, losing in very friendly faught match 147-110 (37imps over 24 boards) Well done Montrose. 

The Jávea players were Mike Lawson/Val Lawson, Peter Curths/Gina Curths, Daniel Eiss/Carol O'Gorman and Marianne Speck/Anita Dixon. The spirit of the match was excellent and all players should be congratulated on their conduct thoughout the contest. 

Many thanks to SARAH WILLIAMS for her great organisation of these events. 

match details can be view at Montrose website (Click on Results Calendar, there are 8 results to view.)

anyone interested in being selected for future events please let us know.


Jávea Computer Club

The JCC share our club house meeting several times a week,

click here to visit their website.

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One Deal Lessons

Andrew Robson (short daily lessons) 

Deal 57



Bernard Magee's introduces his website and new lesson structure


(you should be able to see all the previous lessons on his channel from there)