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Any resolution you might wish to submit should be sent to the club secretary in writing with the proposer and seconder for the motion. 

A form to propose committee positions will be posted on the club wall or proposals can be sent to the JBC secretary. 

In general, we need more help to run the club anyone who can help with the day to day running of the club please get in touch. Many hands make light work. 



Coughs and Sneezes?

If you are feeling unwell please stay at home and think of others.

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This tennis star uses bridge games as opportunities for relaxation. When she travels, she likes to find nearby bridge clubs and join in. She once said, 'No matter where I go, I can always make new friends at the bridge table'

She wrote the introduction to Audrey Grant's 'The club series, Introduction to Bridge!' She's also teamed up with another famous player in an email course designed to help teach bridge to newcomers (bonus point for this player too) 


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All about entries

Entry problem

Teaching resource

Check out Bestebridge.com

You will need to set up an account, but it is free and has good quizzes and an interactive hand of the week under the HAND PLAY TRAINING

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Club AGM Saturday 25th September
About JBC

Javea Bridge Club LogoA Warm Welcome to Jávea Bridge ClubJavea Bridge Club Logo

Jávea Bridge Club have our own premises situated in the coastal town of Jávea on the Costa Blanca. We are conveniently located near shops and the beach with ample street parking.The club house has a well stocked bar, air conditioning and free wifi providing a comfortable and relaxed environment for our frequent bridge tournaments, lessons and social events.

We pride ourselves on our international membership. Newcomers and visitors of all standards are always made to feel welcome and every attempt to find a partner will be made if you require one. Our establishment is wheelchair accessible.

Why not come and give us a try? 

 (During these times of social distancing and constant changes any potential visitor MUST contact us before playing at the club, when you will be advised of current restrictions in place due to Covid-19)


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Prefer a ruffing finesse to a standard finesse.

For example, with AQJ… opposite a singleton

it is usually better to cash the Ace and run the Queen, discarding a loser, than to finesse the Queen.




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Declarer Play

Contract 3NT, West leads 7♠. Can you make against best defence? 

South was a brilliant young American, Mike Lawrence, one of the Dallas Aces who recovered the world title for the USA in 1970. In 1966, when this hand was played at the Summerton Club in San Francisco, he was less well known. Winning the first trick with 10♠, he immediately returned a Spade. West ducked, perforce, as otherwise, declarer has nine tricks. Now came the second key play, a DIAMOND from dummy. Three hearts, three clubs, two spades and the diamond Lawrence eventually established were enough tricks to fulfil the contract. Clearly, if declarer had tried to establish the clubs the defence would have had five tricks, one spade, one club and three diamonds.

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Pairs tournament
Scorer: PF
Pairs tournament
Scorer: MN
Fri 6th August 2021
Pairs tournament
1445 for 1500h
Wed 11th August 2021
Pairs tournament
1445 for 1500h
Fri 13th August 2021
Pairs tournament
1445 for 1500h
Inter Club Teams Virtual Trophy

The 3rd challenge match between Montrose and Jávea took place on Monday 25th January 2021

Well done, to  MONTROSE who despite our efforts emerged as the winners: Bill, Emily, Ros, Ray, Liam, Ronan, Sarah & John who retained the trophy for their club by 91-67 Imps

Thanks to Sarah and Matthew for their excellent organisation.  

Further interclub matches are being organised. If you would like to suggest your "home" club as opponents then get in touch. 

Jávea Computer Club

The JCC share our club house meeting several times a week,

click here to visit their website.

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