Jávea Bridge Club
Pandemic Update

Sadly nothing in today's announcement that will permit us to return to the clubhouse yet.


Emergency Information

With more case of Corona virus being reported each day.

The emergency number is still 

900 300 555 

If you do not speak Spanish you can press 3

and say the language you wish to speak in eg ENGLISH 

Have your SIP Number ready.

Most important is that anyone with symptoms STAYS AT HOME and doesn't visit their doctors in person. 

Coughs and Sneezes?

If you are feeling unwell please stay at home and think of others.

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This tennis star uses bridge games as opportunities for relaxation. When she travels, she likes to find nearby bridge clubs and join in. She once said, 'No matter where I go, I can always make new friends at the bridge table'

She wrote the introduction to Audrey Grant's 'The club series, Introduction to Bridge!' She's also teamed up with another famous player in an email course designed to help teach bridge to newcomers (bonus point for this player too) 


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All about entries

Entry problem

Teaching resource

Check out Bestebridge.com

You will need to set up an account, but it is free and has good quizzes and an interactive hand of the week under the HAND PLAY TRAINING

Release 2.19o
Regular bridge Wednesdays and Thursdays 2:30pm
About JBC

Javea Bridge Club LogoA Warm Welcome to Jávea Bridge ClubJavea Bridge Club Logo

Jávea Bridge Club have our own premises situated in the coastal town of Jávea on the Costa Blanca. We are conveniently located near shops and the beach with ample street parking.The club house has a well stocked bar, air conditioning and free wifi providing a comfortable and relaxed environment for our frequent bridge tournaments, lessons and social events.

We pride ourselves on our international membership. Newcomers and visitors of all standards are always made to feel welcome and every attempt to find a partner will be made if you require one. Our establishment is wheelchair accessible.

Why not come and give us a try? 

 (During these times of social distancing and constant changes any potential visitor MUST contact us before playing at the club, when you will be advised of current restrictions in place due to Covid-19)


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Don’t stop and think before a ducking play,

plan before hand so you can play at your normal tempo. 




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Declarer Play

6 West leads 7♣ Seems simple, 6 hearts, 5 clubs and 1 diamond making 12, is it really that simple? 

You win the club lead with the A♣  and draw trumps in three rounds. The problem now is that the club suit is blocked. If you simply cash the top three clubs and play a fourth club you will have to win in the South hand. This is no further entry to dummy. You should cross to dummy with a second top club and lead a spade, throwing a club from the south hand. You can then win the return and score an easy 12 tricks. 

PLAN IN ADVANCE. Not wait until you are in hand with no entry to dummy to cash your last club. 

Last updated : 28th Mar 2021 17:36 GMT
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Pairs with Barrow Guests
Pairs Real Bridge
Wed 14th April 2021
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1420 for 1430h
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Thu 15th April 2021
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Real Bridge
1420 for 1430h
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Inter Club Teams Virtual Trophy

The 3rd challenge match between Montrose and Jávea took place on Monday 25th January 2021

Well done, to  MONTROSE who despite our efforts emerged as the winners: Bill, Emily, Ros, Ray, Liam, Ronan, Sarah & John who retained the trophy for their club by 91-67 Imps

Thanks to Sarah and Matthew for their excellent organisation.  

Further interclub matches are being organised. If you would like to suggest your "home" club as opponents then get in touch. 

Jávea Computer Club

The JCC share our club house meeting several times a week,

click here to visit their website.

Jávea Bridge Club Sponsors

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Andrew Turner Health, Car, Life

Home and Funeral Insurance

Many thanks for your continued support.