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The Competitions area has been restored to the menu. BridgeWebs is unable to handle corrected game score reports, and so the Competitions lists are not perfectly accurate. However, they will enable you to see approximately where you stand in the mp races. The authoritative list is the one that is posted on the bulletin board at the club.

Jacksonville School of Bridge
3353 Washburn Rd.
Jacksonville, FL 33250
Phone: 904-223-3837

Email us using the Contact Us form in the Information section.

Welcome to the Jacksonville School of Bridge
Double Silver Points Week Update

The Sunday (Aug 2) open game has been canceled due to lack of interest. St. Augustine has an open game in that same time slot (12:45 Sunday). If you are not sure if you are on the list of St. Augustine players, contact Alta Tanner (

Next week (starting August 3) we're back to the normal schedule with an added 299er game:

  • Monday, open game 12:45;  New 299er game, 12:50
  • Wed, 499er game, 12:45

BBO Virtual Club Games Update

Effective Monday, June 15, the revised JSOB virtual game schedule is as follows:

  • Monday: open pairs game at 12:45
  • Wednesday: 499er pairs game at 12:45 

This means no more Friday games; it also means that the Wednesday game is limited to 499ers only. The limited game is an experiment, so if you like it, please play and support it!

You can sign up a little less than 2 hours in advance. In order to play in these games, every player needs to have played at JSOB at least once during the past year. The cost is $5 for a regular game and $6 for silver point games. To register, log in to BBO as usual and go to Virtual Clubs under Featured Areas. Our club is JSOB 117960.  Be sure you have enough dollars in your BBO account to sign up. Like Support Your Club games, these Virtual Club games benefit our club, so get a partner and let's play bridge!

Support JSOB by Playing Bridge on BBO

Are you playing bridge online? Did you know that Support Your Club (SYC) games on BBO have the following advantages:

  • part of your fee ($4 out of the $6 entry fee) goes back to JSOB; and
  • you can earn real ACBL mps, that count toward rank advancement. (Most other BridgeBase “points“, unless they are specifically in ACBL games, are uncolored and do not count).

In just two weeks in March, Support Your Club games on BBO generated over $900 for JSOB! So, grab your favorite partner (or any other ACBL member) and start playing, seven days a week at 10 AM, 5:10 PM, and/or 7:30 PM.

Playing as a partnership in a Support Your Club game on BBO is just a few clicks away:

  • Go to  and create and then log into your account.
  • If you are new to BBO, read BBO’s instructions online. “Other useful links” at the bottom of the page tell you how to update your ACBL # and purchase BB$, which are needed to play in ACBL games and get masterpoints.
  • To play in a Support Your Club game, click on “ACBL World”.
  • Click on “Support Your Club ACBL Black Point Game”. These games are available for registration starting a few minutes after 8:00 AM, 3:10 PM, and 5:30 PM, for games that start 2 hours later. When the game pops up, click on it, then invite your partner. You and your partner must both be online at that moment, and you must know your partner’s BBO screen name. The 5:10 and 7:30 games fill up quickly, so it’s best to be online when the game opens for registration.
  • After your partner accepts and the row on which the game is shown turns yellow, you are registered. You can log out and log back in just before the game to play. When the game starts, as long as you are logged in, it will pop up on your screen.        

For more help, go to Scroll down the page to see lots of options, especially the Support Your Club games and the FAQs. Also, check out the BridgeBase video tutorials at

And if you still need help, contact Lynn Brown (, 386-405-0547), Jan Madsen (, 904-610-1802), Judy Miller (, 978-239-2926), Linda O’Dell (, 904-708-4105), or Nancy Whitmire (, 904-683-6347H, 904-874-0372C).

Breaking News

We have been notified of the recent death of Alice Zayac. No further details are available.

We have been notified of the recent death of Barry Fogel. No public services are scheduled. You can leave a memory here.


Coronavirus Update
At the request of ACBL, the Club will be closed until further notice.



Game Schedule

Monday Open Game   

10:30 AM Alta Tanner, 904-758-2060

Partnerships Barbara Parke, 972-948-7323

Monday 299 Game

10:30 AM Alta Tanner, 904-758-2060

Tuesday Open Game   

10:30 AM  Linda O'Dell, 904-708-4105 

Partnerships Jeanne Harlan, 904-363-6239

Tuesday 299 Game  

10:30 AM  Linda O'Dell, 904-708-4105

Partnerships Penny Marks, (email preferred), 904-343-3841

 Lesson 9:30 AM

Tuesday Evening Chat Bridge (Description on Lessons page)

6:30 - 9:00 PM, except on 3rd Tuesday

Don Dvorak, 904-821-1598; Lynn Brown, 386-405-0547; Richard Streeter, 904-535-3195; Alexa Streeter, 904-654-2562; Mark Franzoni, 904-887-6033

Tuesday Open Tacos and Teams (Swiss teams, 3rd Tuesday of the month)

6:30 PM  Anne Landry, 904-708-7257 

Partnerships John Reeve, 904-249-0073

299 section if attendance warrants

Advance signup highly encouraged, $2 donation requested for food

Wednesday Open Game

12:00 noon, Anne Landry, 904-708-7257

Partnerships Sharon Bushman, (email preferred), 440-785-3855

Wednesday 0-199 Game

12:00 noon, Anne Landry, 904-708-7257

Thursday Open Game   

10:30 AM  Lisa Higginbotham, 904-434-5190 

 Partnerships Michele Raeuber, 904-731-3844 

Thursday 299 Game   

10:30 AM  Lisa Higginbotham, 904-434-5190

 Partnerships Penny Marks, (email preferred) , 904-343-3841

 Lesson 9:30 AM 

Friday Open Game

12:00 noon Anne Landry, 904-708-7257

Partnerships Jeri Hogan, 904-716-1309

Friday 299 Game

12:00 noon Anne Landry, 904-220-4810

Partnerships Penny Marks, (email preferred), 904-343-3841

Saturday Chat Bridge (Description on Lessons page)

9:30 AM to 12:00 PM

Saturday 0-50 Game (3rd Saturday)

12:30 PM

Nancy Stein, 904-998-0899  Jeanne Harlan, 904-363-6239   

Saturday Open Game

12:30 PM

Anne Landry, 904-708-7257; Richard Streeter, 904-535-3195


Charles Goren's Philosophy

"You should play bridge for fun. The instant you find yourself playing the game for any other reason, you should pack it up and go on to something else."

-- Charles H. Goren 1901 - 1991

Founded in 1993, the Jacksonville School of Bridge attracts a congenial mix of players of all experience levels.
Come join us for a friendly and challenging game of bridge at a full service club!

♣   ♠ 

♣ Standing weekly and monthly games
Machine pre-duplicated boards, hand records, and remote scoring
Charity games, STAC games, and worldwide events
♠ ACBL sanctioned tournaments
♣ Lectures on bridge topics at all levels
Partnerships arranged

Monday Morning Pairs
Director: Alta Tanner
Saturday Open Game
Director: Richard Streeter
Club Championship Game
Director: Anne Landry
Charity Game
Director: Lisa Higginbotha
Wednesday Afternoon Pairs
Director: Anne Landry