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Welcome to Irish Bridge Union
Moylan Cup 2022
  • Moylan 2022 RunnersUp
  • Moylan 2022 Third Place
  • Moylan 2022 Winners

Congratulations to Carol-Ann Cummins and John Noonan, who emerged victorious after three sessions to win the Moylan Cup (the IBU All-Ireland Pairs Championship) which was held in Malahide Bridge Centre over the  weekend of April 2-3. This was the first IBU event to be held live in more than two years, and, while numbers were a little lower than normal (with several COVID-related withdrawals in the days before the competition), everyone was delighted to be back to the table for live bridge. Our thanks to Tournament Director Brian Lawlor for managing the event smoothly.

The full list of prizewinners is:

  • 1st Carol-Ann Cummins & John Noonan
  • 2nd Tom Hanlon & John Carroll
  • 3rd Kathleen Vaughan & Bríd Kemple
  • 4th Anna Onishuk & Karel De Raeymaeker
  • Session 1: Michelle Moloney & Marcin Rudzinski
  • Session 2: Seamus Costello & Brendan Sheridan
  • Session 3: Joan Kenny & Jeannie Fitzgerald

Full results


EBL Statement on Russian Invasion of Ukraine

The European Bridge League has published this statement on the Russian invasion of Ukraine. President Jan Kamras, whilst recognising that the actions of the bridge world are unlikely to have any major impact on the conflict, notes nonetheless that the bridge community has a responsibility to support Ukraine and show its revulsion at the Russian actions, and the support of Belarus for those actions. You’ll see that certain supports are planned for the Ukrainian Bridge Federation, and that Russian and Belarussian participants have been disinvited from all EBL events until further notice.

The IBU supports this stance completely, and a number of fundraising initiatives on behalf of the Ukrainian relief effort are being planned by clubs within both the CBAI and the NIBU.

Irish Bridge Union
Irish Bridge Union

Welcome to the Irish Bridge Union Website

The Irish Bridge Union (IBU) is a confederation of the Contract Bridge Association of Ireland (CBAI) and the Northern Ireland Bridge Union (NIBU) and is the body responsible for the administration of bridge on an All-Ireland basis, where applicable - for example participation in European and World Championships.

The IBU also runs a number of All-Ireland competitions - the Burke Trophy (Inter-County Open Teams Championship), the O'Connor Trophy (Inter-County Intermediate A Teams Championship), the Moylan Cup (All-Ireland Pairs Championship), the Pat McDevitt Trophy (Senior Pairs), the Senior Teams Championship, the IBU Club Pairs, and the Egan Trophy (All-Ireland Teams Championship), as well as the annual Interprovincial Championships, which have sections at Open, Area Master, and Intermediate grades. All members of CBAI and NIBU are automatically members of the IBU.

There are also several IBU junior events, notably the Limerick Treaty Cup (Pairs), and the All-Ireland Schools Teams Championships.

Finally, there is a week of Simultaneous Pairs events in support of the IBU every November.  Details of this year's event are set out below.


IBU Simultaneous Pairs Week 2021

We hope you are enjoying the IBU Simultaneous Pairs week for 2021, with games every day this week. Thanks to all those clubs that are participating. You are contributing very valuable funds to the IBU (a confederation of the CBAI and the NIBU which is responsible for sending teams to international competitions). The next European Championship is scheduled for Madeira in June 2022, so the funds raised will go towards the expense of the four teams (Open, Women, Seniors, and Mixed) due to represent Ireland there. The arrangements are a little complicated this season because some clubs will be playing in-person, some online, and some in a combination of the two, but however you have played the event, we hope that your members have enjoyed it.

The results can be found on the ECATS website, which is also where your members should go to check their rankings in the national standings once you have uploaded your results. We will be presenting the usual prizes to the winners, both overall and within the various sub-categories.

The daily commentaries are also available on the ECATS site, and have been sent to all the participating clubs for distribution, and will also be uploaded here once each nightly game has finished. Our thanks to our expert analysts for this season, Brian Senior, Paul Delaney, and Enda Glynn.

Monday Commentary Tuesday Commentary Wednesday Commentary Thursday Commentary

If you have any feedback to assist us in organising future Simultaneous Pairs events, we’d be happy to hear it.

IBU Simultaneous Pairs Results 2020

Thanks to all the clubs that took part in the IBU Simultaneous Pairs events during the week of 2-6 November.

We are pleased to present the full results for each of the days. Well done to all those who featured in the rankings.

Monday        Tuesday        Wednesday        Thursday        Friday

Thanks again to our expert analysts Paul Delaney (Monday and Tuesday), Brian Senior (Wednesday and Thursday), and Hilary McDonagh (Dowling-Long, Friday) for their invaluable commentaries. We hope that your members enjoyed the competitions and that you’ll sign up again for the CBAI Simultaneous Pairs in February. Having been through this exercise online once now, we are sure we’ll all find everything a lot easier to manage next time around; apologies again to the clubs that couldn’t complete their events on the Monday because of system failures within BBO. Doing this online has also had the result of saving a lot of the normal paper usage!

URGENT - IBU & CBAI Response to the Covid 19 (Coronavirus) Threat

Update May 9: All CBAI and IBU events planned for the 2019/20 season have been cancelled, although several congresses are looking at holding their competitions as online virtual events. So far, those doing so are South of Ireland (Killarney) Congress (9-17 May), and Yeats Country (Sligo) Congress (5-7 June), but there may be others, so watch this space.

Update April 10: The following events have been added to the list of cancellations and postponements for the 2019/20 season: Galway Congress (10-13 April), IBU Seniors Congress (21/23 April), Carlow Congress (1-3 May), NIBU Spring Congress (1-3 May), IBU Club Pairs (9 May and 16 May), South of Ireland (Killarney) Congress (9-17 May), 4Fun Teams (23 May), IBU Egan Trophy (23-24 May), Ballina Congress (10-12 July), the Lady Milne (17-19 April) and Teltscher Trophy (15-17 May) home international tournaments, and the European Championships in Portugal (17-27 June). The congresses and the international events have been cancelled, while the CBAI and IBU events MAY take place later in the year if circumstances allow - although this must be considered increasingly unlikely as time passes and the list of deferred events mounts.

At meetings on Saturday 7 March, the IBU Emergency Committee and the CBAI Governing Council decided, with regret, to postpone all national competitions scheduled for the months of March and April, as a prudent measure to avoid large gatherings and to protect the bridge playing population, which by its demographic is an at-risk group, against the threat of the Covid 19 virus ("coronavirus").

Specifically, this means the postponement of the following scheduled competitions: IBU Burke and O'Connor Trophies (14/15 March), CBAI National Pairs Championships (Davidson, Laird, and Civil Service Trophies, 21/22 March), IBU Moylan Cup (4/5 April), CBAI National Confined Championships (JJ Murphy, Lambert, and Cooper Cups, 18/19 April), and CBAI National Teams Championships (Kelburne, Bankers, and Tierney Trophies, 25/26 April).

Regions and clubs can decide for themselves what policy to adopt in relation to their own events, including congresses, which typically tend to be smaller in size than the national events. If a congress committee decides to postpone or cancel a congress, please let us know so that we may reflect this fact on our website.

The IBU and CBAI will review the situation at Easter, in light of developments on the coronavirus in the meantime, and will issue an update at that point. It is hoped to hold the postponed competitions over the summer, assuming (a) that the threat of the virus has been contained at that stage, and (b) that suitable venues can be found. Please be assured that this decision was not taken lightly; your representatives felt that, given the current guidance from the medical experts, the risk involved in holding large gatherings of card-players was simply too great.

Bridge: A Mindsport For All - Your Help Needed!

The Keep Bridge Alive project being run by Professor of Sociology at the University of Stirling in Scotland (and Scottish international bridge player) Samantha Punch has been rebranded as "Bridge: A Mindsport for All" (BAMSA). The key goals of the project are to work in collaboration with bridge organisations to use research to transform the image of bridge, to increase participation across all ages, and to enhance the sustainability of bridge as a mindsport that connects people and challenges their minds. Details of the current projects being undertaken in support of those goals are here.

The project has recently produced a short video, Why Play Bridge? What Makes Bridge Brilliant, which may be found here. Hopefully, it will not be too long before we are back to face-to-face bridge (and hand-shaking!) as seen in the video. In addition, the researchers are interested in learning how bridge players have responded to the challenges to the game presented by the Covid-19 pandemic and associated restrictions, which they will collate in an effort to provide insights into the short- and longer-term impacts on the bridge community. You can email your views to or for more information see the BAMSA website. Responses don't need to be long and can be structured as you wish. So please consider responding yourself, and bring this to the attention of any fellow bridge players that you think might be prepared to help.

Another survey, aimed specifically at club representatives and bridge teachers, is being run by Kevin Judge, who is a PhD student involved in the project. The aim of Kevin's research is to develop an understanding of how bridge clubs promote themselves, and encourage, develop, and retain players. The survey may be found here (until 31 July) and will take approximately 30 minutes to complete. Participation is entirely voluntary, and all potential participants can receive full participant information detail by accessing the survey. Both the CBAI and the IBU are pleased to support the research effort, and we would therefore encourage relevant parties (bridge club secretaries, or organisers, and teachers) to share their views to enable Kevin and his colleagues to form solid conclusions and develop effective proposals on how best to promote bridge. If anyone has any questions on this research project as a whole, any issues accessing the survey, or any suggestions on how it might be improved, Kevin will be happy to help, and can be contacted by email.

IBU Simultaneous Pairs 2019
IBU Simultaneous Pairs 2019

The IBU Simultaneous Pairs week 2019 has now concluded, and a list of the prizewinners is here. Well done to all, and we will be paying the prizes through the relevant club's bank account wherever possible. If you were not amongst the prizewinners, click here to see the final results and check how you fared in the national rankings.

Thanks to all those clubs that took part, and to our bulletin commentators Paul Delaney and Brian Senior for their expert analysis. We hope that you enjoyed the event and will play again next year.

If your club does not take part in the Sims, why not encourage the committee to sign up; there will be another opportunity in February, for the CBAI Simultaneous Pairs week. Just give us a call on (01) 4929666 if you'd like to be included.



IBU International Trials Notices

Here are the notices for the following international trials:

International Open Trials for the European Open Teams Championship to be held in Madeira from 17-27 June 2020 - IBU Open Trials.doc

International Women's Trials for the European Women's Teams Championship to be held in Madeira from 20-27 June 2020 - IBU Womens Trials.doc

International Senior Trials for the European Senior Teams Championship to be held in Madeira from 20-27 June 2020 - IBU Senior Trials.doc

International Mixed Trials for the European Mixed Teams Championship to be held in Madeira from 17-27 June 2020 - IBU Mixed Trials.doc

European Under-26 Championships

Good luck to the team of John Connolly, Stephen Barr, Michael Donnelly, Nathan Doyle, Jarlath McDonnell, and Conor Farrell, with NPC Thomas MacCormac, who will represent Ireland in the 27th European Under-26 Open Team Championships in Oslofjord, Norway, from 5 to 11 July. Full details, including ongoing results, can be found here.

European Championships - Madeira, 12-22 June

The next couple of weeks sees the 55th European Teams Championships being held in Madeira, Portugal. Ireland is represented by the following teams:

  • Open Event (12-22 June): Mark Moran, John Carroll, Tom Hanlon, Hugh McGann, Nick FitzGibbon, Adam Mesbur, NPC Gráinne Barton
  • Seniors Event (16-22 June): BJ O'Brien, Ranald Milne, Terry Walsh, Peter Goodman, Micheál Ó Briain, Pádraig Ó Briain, NPC Derek O'Gorman
  • Women's Event (16-22 June): Teresa Rigney, Diane Greenwood, Rebecca O'Keeffe, Gilda Pender, Joan Kenny, Jeannie Fitzgerald, NPC Paul Porteous
  • Mixed Event (16-22 June): Carol-Ann Cummins, John Noonan, Sandra Newell, Michael McAuliffe, Louise Mitchell, David Walsh, NPC Diarmuid Reddan

Good luck to all the Irish teams; we will be watching their results and cheering them on. You'll find all the information, including updated results and daily bulletins, at the tournament microsite. Some matches will be broadcast on the BBO Vu-graph facility, so hopefully we'll have an opportunity to watch our teams in action. There will also be a Women's Pairs Championship and a Senior Pairs Championship (12-15 June), and we will have participants in both events. And of course we will also be represented at the championships by our international Tournament Director, Fearghal O'Boyle, as a key member of the TD team.

Moynihans Irish Bar, just around the corner from the playing venue, has very kindly offered free tea and coffee to any Irish players who drop in (just show your official accreditation) in return for a mention on our website and social media ... we are happy to oblige, and hope they will be very busy during the championships.

European Championships - Results
European Championships - Results

Many congratulations to the Irish Open team of Mark Moran, John Carroll, Tom Hanlon, Hugh McGann, Nick FitzGibbon, Adam Mesbur, and NPC Gráinne Barton, which finished sixth in the recent European Championships in Madeira, earning a qualification spot for next year’s World Championship (Bermuda Bowl) in Marrakech in the process. The team was in contention throughout, winning 19 matches out of 29, and a three-match winning streak against three of the toughest opponents, eventual winners Netherlands, runners-up Switzerland, and highly-rated but ultimately unsuccessful Sweden, created a good gap in the race for a qualifying spot, and meant that all that was needed from there were continued solid performances and strong nerves. Well done to all on a great achievement, based upon a lot of hard work, in the past few pandemic-hit years in particular, where the team has taken every opportunity to compete in the highest-level and most testing events.

And heartfelt commiserations to our Women’s squad Teresa Rigney, Diane Greenwood, Rebecca O'Keeffe, Gilda Pender, Joan Kenny, Jeannie Fitzgerald, and NPC Paul Porteous, which missed out on qualification for the Venice Cup by the most agonising of margins, just 1.01 Victory Points, after 19 matches. They won 9 of those, and drew one, beating four of the eight qualifying teams, including the ultimate winners Poland, in the process. They always had a battle on their hands for the final qualifying spot, and unfortunately a narrow defeat to Iceland in their final match put it just beyond reach. Well done to all nevertheless on a fine performance.

Unfortunately, neither our Senior (BJ O'Brien, Ranald Milne, Terry Walsh, Peter Goodman, Micheál Ó Briain, Pádraig Ó Briain, and NPC Derek O'Gorman) nor our Mixed (Carol-Ann Cummins, John Noonan, Sandra Newell, Michael McAuliffe, Louise Mitchell, David Walsh, and NPC Diarmuid Reddan) teams ever really got going, and both finished down the field. We did learn from the championship bulletin that BJ is planning an autobiography, which should be entertaining.

We also have a good performance to report from the Women’s Pairs, however, where Ann O’Connell and Dolores Gilliland became only the fifth Irish pair to qualify for the final of the event since it was inaugurated in the 1980s, eventually finishing in fourteenth place. And of course we were also represented at the championships by our international Tournament Director, Fearghal O'Boyle, as a key member of the officiating team.

Our thanks to all those who represented us in Madeira, and to all who either travelled out to support them or followed the championships from back home. You’ll find all the results here.



IBU - Governance

The IBU Council has decided that minutes of meetings and annual accounts should be published on this website, and on the CBAI and NIBU websites, in the interests of transparency and communication with members. Minutes are recorded as DRAFT until ratified at the next Council meeting.

IBU Accounts 2022.pdf

IBU Minutes 20220808 DRAFT.pdf

IBU Minutes 20220228.pdf

IBU Interprovincial Championships

The IBU Interprovincial Championships were held over the weekend of 19/20 November in the Templeogue Bridge Centre, back live for the first time since 2019.

In the Open Section, a very strong Leinster team (Tom Hanlon, John Carroll, Peter Goodman, Nick FitzGibbon, Adam Mesbur, Terry Walsh, BJ O'Brien, Karel De Raeymaeker, Conor Boland, Marcin Rudzinski, Wojciech Gorcyzca, Tomás Roche, and PC Paul Delaney) had a very convincing trap-to-line victory. The same province also had a comfortable win in the Area Master Section (Adrienne Purdy, Martin Purdy, Eimir Beirne, Eamon Martin Jnr, Sue Power, Colette Stokes, Elizabeth O'Reilly, Helen O'Reilly, Sean Galligan, Brid Galligan, Marie James, and Fiona O'Gorman). The Intermediate Section was more closely contested, with Ulster (Geraldine McNamee, Michael McNamee, Christine Stewart, Judy Young, Eric Butterwick, Bill McCormick, Robert Caves, Diana Patterson, George Harper, John Forsythe, Veronica Fay, Felicity O'Brien) emerging victorious.

Well done to all the winners, and thanks to our TD crew of Fearghal O'Boyle, Mairead Basquille, and Martin Brady. You'll find the full results here


IBU Competition Winners 2019

Well done to the winners of the IBU competitions in the 2018/19 season.

The Burke Trophy (Open Inter-County Teams) was won by Tyrone (William Dukelow, Dean Bradley, Bill Scott, and Drew Lindsay)

The O’Connor Trophy (Intermediate Inter-County Teams) was won by Dublin City (Teresa Gavin, Philip Robinson, Frank Kennedy, and Evgenia Gladysheva)

The IBU Club Pairs (Open Section) was won by John & Lucy Phelan

The IBU Club Pairs (Intermediate Section) was won by Teresa Gavin & Colette Allen

The Moylan Trophy (All-Ireland Pairs Championship) was won by Ronan McMaugh & Marcin Rudzinski

The Egan Trophy (All-Ireland Teams Championship) was won by Rex Anderson, David Greenwood, Paul Tranmer, and Wayne Somerville

The IBU Seniors Congress Pairs was won by BJ O'Brien & Terry Walsh

The IBU Seniors Congress Teams was won by Enda Glynn, Bob Pattinson, Joan Kenny, and Teresa Rigney

Congratulations to all, and thanks to those of you who supported the IBU competitions this season.

Important Information
Important Information
Duais an Uachtarain
Moylan Cup 3rd Session
Moylan Cup Final Result