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Lessons this Friday
Lessons this Friday

Play Practice Group 10.30


Welcome to Inverness and Blackisle U3A

Welcome to our new U3A Inverness and Black Isle Bridge web site.

Friday morning timetable

Beginners Log into zoom at 9.40

Refreahers Log into Shark 9.40

Play and Learn Log into zoom for 10.00 and Real Bridge at 10.20 for 10.30 start

Why learn to play bridge?

After polling our members we have decided to continue online for the time being. When we meet face to face eventually, it will be in Trinity /charch Halls by the river.We have three groups Beginners, Refreshers and Play and Learn. We also hope to run occasional subject based seminars.

We ensure all members are comfortable with the technology before they start. We intend to start classes on Oct 1st.

If you are joining the play and learn please send in any requests for seminar topics, news or comments or enquiries to Ann Wickens or Fiona Scully   

 Interesting hands also welcome.

If you would like to join the group email Ann Wickens or telephone 01381621051 

All classes start on1st Oct  Contact Ann or Fiona as soon as possible

For experienced players

There are many opportunities to play both online and face to face

Highland Club  currently play Wednesday nights online on RealBridge contact Alan Cruden

Inverness Caledonian Club will continue online on Mondays and perhaps Tuesdays. They also intend to have a face to face group on Wednesdays. Contact Tim

Ness Club Are meeting face to face on Mondays and Thursdays. They have an improvers section on Tuesdays and an online tournament on Fridays. Contact Val Skelton They are also now meeting on Monday and Thursday night Face to Face

Kyle of Lochalsh Club       contact 

Nairn Club  ontact Sheena Munro

Elgin Club Online on Thursdays contact Lesley Annand. There are plans to reopen the bridge centre for face to face.

Dingwall Club contact

Grantown and Cairngorm are in process of merging . for current online events

Club information will may change  Club contacts 


The Sottish Bridge Union is the national organisation for bridge in Scotland.

There are 3SBU Clubs in the town, Inverness Caledonian and Ness and also Dingwall, Nairn, Kyle of Lochalsh, Elgin, Grantown and Cairngorm outside town.

All are currently running online activiities and you are welcome to play in  them

Inverness is on Monday, Inverness/Dingwall on Tuesday, Caledonian/Kyle on Wed, Orkney also on Wednesday, Elgin on Thursday and Ness on Friday

To play you need to sign up for the club and then register as you do for our tournaments.

To sign into a club click here  and use the links to sign up.

In addition, Highland Club are a non SBU Club who meet in non Covid times in Inverness, but are currently playing online on Real Bridge. To play their contact Alan Cruden 

You will find information on Bronze events for new players



How to Register to Play in U3A Fri mornings

Instructions for finding SBU events on BBO:

From the BBO home page:
click on Competitive,
then All Tournaments,
then type 'SBU' in the search box - or scroll down to find the tournament.

The tournament description will appear 2 hours before the start time and you can then register, provided your partner is also online.  

Click on SBU_H_CAL

Please remember that registrations are only accepted from those who have provided their BBO username in advance. John is gatekeeper for this event and he has all your BBO names.  If you wish to enter other events you will need to register the BBO names with the gate keeper. You can find the contact on the Highland District Website

To register your BBO nname withe the SBU 

Log in to Mempad, Click 'My Contacts' tab, select the 'edit' tab.  Fill in your BBO user name in the lower part of the screen. Click Save.  Please DO NOT add any spaces at end of BBO username.  We can only guarantee entrance if we have your BBO User name in time, don't be late!

To purchase BBO$, at parity with US$, use the following link  for Buy BBO$   on the BBO website .Be aware that other routes to purchase may incur additional charges.

"To purchase BBO$, with the minimum of expense, use the following link and use the left-hand side option which says "pay with credit card" or pay with PAYPAL"..... Buy BBO$   

Be aware that other routes to purchase BBO $ (e.g. the BBO App or via ApplePay) may incur additional charges.

Our Subgroups

The Bridge Group are now taking names for next year both for new learners and continuing members

We will have three groups The classes have now started on 1st Oct. We can still aow people to catch up.

Beginners Refreshers , Playand Learn 

We teach the 20 lesson SBU course

If you know people who wish to learn this year please ask them to get in touch with Ann or Fiona.

Beginners will have a lesson on Zoom at 9.40 and will start playing around 10.30 on Real Bridge. Links will be provided each week

Refreshers will receive documents in advance for revision and play on Shark at 9.50. The link is the same each week

Play and Learn will play a tournament on alternate weeks and on the other week will receive instruction on topics not covered in the course in detail. Sign into RealBridge around 10.15 ready to play at 10.30. It will be a different link each week and links will be provided. On the weeks with topics there may an opportunity for Questions firsy on Zoom

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John's U3A
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15th October 2021
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15th October 2021
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15th October 2021
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