North Alabama Bridge ACBL Unit 232

Face coverings required for all face to face games until further notice.

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Rules for Face to Face Games
F2F Play Requirements

As a reminder, your elected Board decided on the following requirements for playing bridge, directing, kibitzing, or visiting in person at the Bridge Center:

  • COVID vaccinations are required for all players, directors, kibitzers, and visitors in order to play or attend a F2F game.
  • Individuals must show their vaccination card, indicating that they have been fully vaccinated and are beyond the two-week period required for maximum immunity.
  • The Directors will maintain a log of vaccinated players so that players will not be required to show evidence of vaccination every time they play at the HBC.

  • Mask wearing is not required.

  • Each individual is responsible for certifying that they are healthy to the best of their knowledge and that they are not suffering from any communicable disease. (Note: this is not a new requirement.  The Club policy has always been that players who are sick should stay home and not go to the club.)

  • The HBA will furnish hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes for use at the Club at both club entrances and around the club. 
    • Players must sanitize their hands upon arrival at the club.
    • Players should use the hand sanitizer whenever they feel it would help protect themselves or others.

    • N/S must use sanitizing wipes to clean their home table one time before the beginning of the game.

  • No food may be consumed inside the club during the Reopening Phase I.
    • Fully wrapped or commercially pre-packaged food may be consumed outside the building.  The phrase “commercially-prepackaged” includes both mass-produced foods, such as purchased in a supermarket, and to-go food from a restaurant.

  • The Club will continue to have coffee, canned beverages, and bottled water. 
    • The Club will provide individually-wrapped stirrers.
    • Beverages may be consumed at the playing tables, but shall not be placed on the table surface.

These rules are in place for the protection of our bridge players and will be enforced.