North Alabama Bridge ACBL Unit 232

Face coverings required for all face to face games until further notice.

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Go Army, Beat Navy

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Playing Bridge Online
Playing Swiss Teams on BBO

Self Alert
When playing online you must self alert your own bids.  This can be difficult to get accustomed to because you cannot alert your own bids at the table. You Self Alert by typing the explanation into the ALERT line when you bid. Hint: Type Number, Click on "Explain", enter alert description, then choose suit. Example: 1 15+ C

If you forget to enter an alert: click on your bid and a window will pop up and you can enter the explanation. If your opponents want an explanation, whether the bid is alertable or not, they will click on the bid and a window will pop up for you to type in your explanation.

To view convention cards or call the Director: click on the 3 horizontal lines in the upper left corner of the game screen.

If you run out of time during a round: The screen clock shows the number of minutes until the round is over. If time runs out in a round before you finish playing the hands, you are taken to the next round.  The software and the Director will try to assign a fair score to both N/S and E/W. Be aware of the clock and do what you can to finish each round before it expires. Make claims to shorten a hand playing time, if your claim is obvious. Unfinished hand Assigned Score Fairness.

If you lose internet connectivity: Your computer will warn you of lost internet connectivity with BridgeBase. Close the internet window, open a browser window, and go to When your log in is complete, the software will automatically take you to our game.

Member Bridge Handles:  Actual member names and BBO handles.