North Alabama Bridge ACBL Unit 232

Atlanta Regional Cancelled due to COVID concerns.

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Welcome to North Alabama Bridge ACBL Unit 232
Welcome to the North Alabama Bridge Association (ACBL Unit 232) and Huntsville Bridge Association

North Alabama Bridge Union (ACLB Unit 232)  includes bridge club locations in Huntsville, Athens, Florence and Scottsboro

Calendar of Huntsville Bridge Club Games

F2F means Face-to-Face game played at the Club (Highlighted in Yellow).  BBO means that game is online  (Highlighted in Pale Blue)

Morning   F2F   BBO    F2F  
All start at 9:00 AM 9:00 AM   9:00 AM 1:00 PM
  OPEN PAIRS (Lynn) 299’er GAME (Bud) OPEN PAIRS
    11:30 VIDEO EVERY 2 WEEKS (Charles)
Afternoon BBO  F2F F2F F2F F2F BBO BBO
All games start at 1:00 PM, except Sunday at 2:00 PM 2:00 PM (Bud) 1:00 PM  199’er  (Bud) 1:00 PM            0-1000 MPs  (Bud) 1:00 PM OPEN PAIRS  (Lynn)  1:00 PM            0-1000 MPs Bud)  1:20 PM           0-1250 MPs (Bud) 1:00 PM OPEN PAIRS (Bud)
  OPEN PAIRS ONLINE, except F2F OPEN SWISS ON 3d SUNDAY followed by lesson & hand discussion (Swiss on 2nd Tuesday)        
Evening   BBO  BBO        
All are on BBO and start at 7:00 PM 7:00 PM 299’er GAME (Lynn) 7:00 PM OPEN PAIRS (Lynn)


Huntsville Bridge Associaton Special Games and Events

The Bridge Center in Huntsville will have a number of special games to thank our members and to offer opportunities to win higher Masterpoint (MP) awards.  In addition, the ACBL will sponsor a number of games played only on BridgeBase Online (BBO), giving you additional opportunities to win MPs of several “colors” (including Gold and Red). 



Sponsored by

BBO, F2F, or Both

Entry Fee

Aug 2

Club Championship Games

Huntsville Club



Aug 9-15 and 16-22

North American Pairs (NAP) Qualifying (see below)

Huntsville Club



Aug 12-15

Virtual Vacation, online regionally rated events


BBO only

Aug 23-29

Sectional Tournament at Clubs (STaC); all awards are Silver Points.  See details on the next page

Huntsville Club and District 10



Aug 30


Huntsville Club



Sept 9-11

Huntsville Sectional (update later in this newsletter)

Huntsville Club



Sept 13

International Fund Games



$7 F2F, $6 online

*Excludes the 199er Monday afternoon Play and Learn game, which stays at $6

North American Bridge Championships Held Online

A number of local players won masterpoints in the July 15-25 North American Online Bridge Championships (NAOBC).  Leading the pack was Disa Eythorsdottir who won 40.45 MPs.  Many of you have not had the opportunity to meet Disa yet, as she only recently returned to Huntsville after living in New York City for several years.  While in NYC she met and married fantastic person and excellent bridge player Magnus OlafssonMagnus has played in Open games at the club several times recently.  We look forward to seeing Disa at the club. Disa is a multi-time North American Championship and World Championship winner, including both Women’s and Open events.

The list of local area winners in the NAOBC is: 

 Disa Eythorsdottir     40.45 MP

  • Grant Zhang               27.47
  • Ralph Boles                23.46
  • Geoff Hintze               23.46
  • Larry Sealy                 21.60 (competing in the Grand National Teams [GNT]

Championship Flight)

  • Owen Lynch               21.20
  • Paul Munafo              18.32
  • Dongsheng Wu          17.86
  • Daryl Gahm                9.61
  • Rob Ring                     2.88
  • Keith Noren               0.54 (competing in the GNT Flight C)
  • Jim Ray                       0.54 (competing in the GNT Flight C)
  • Phil Bridges                0.54 (competing in the GNT Flight C)
  • Gordon “Macy” Brown 0.54 (competing in the GNT Flight C)

Finally, some of you know former HSV resident Christian Jolly, who now lives in Atlanta.  Christian won 31.25 MPs in the NAOBC, competing in the GNT Flight B.

Well done to our local players for winning MPs in the NAOBC!



Pictures, Pictures, Pictures
Pictures, Pictures, Pictures

We are trying to build a pictorial directory of our members and pictures will only be viewed in the Members Only area..  We will also be able to show your pair's pictures, and those of your opponents, when you view results.  If you don't have a picture on file and you would like it to be or if you don't like the picture that is posted, you have several options to add one.  If you already have a digital picture, you may post it yourself in your account area when you log in or send it to our webmaster, Kent Kraus (link on Home Page).  If you don't have a digital picture and know someone with a digital camera or smartphone, you can have a picture made and email or text it to Kent.  The final option is you can send a hardcopy picture to Kent.  His address is in the phone directory, which may be viewed in the Membership part of the website.  

Pictures help us get to know the names of other members of the club and make it a more enjoyable experience.  We hope you will choose to participate.  If you do not want to have a picture published, please let Kent know and he will add your name to the do not publish list.

Fri August 6, 2021
Huntsville AL Open Pairs
F2F 1:00 PM
Director: Bud Hullings
Fri August 6, 2021
Huntsville AL < 1250
BBO 1:20 PM
Director: Bud Hullings
Sat August 7, 2021
Huntsville Saturday Open
BBO 1:00PM
Director: Bud Hullings
Sun August 8, 2021
Huntsville AL Sunday Open Pairs
BBO 2:00 PM
Director: Bud Hullings
Huntsville AL < 1000
F2F 1:00 PM
Director: Bud Hullings
Huntsville AL < 299
BBO 9:00 AM
Director: Bud Hullingss
Huntsville AL Open Pairs
F2F 1:00 PM
Director: Lynn VanPelt
Huntsville AL < 1000
F2F 1:00 PM
Director: Bud Hullongs
Regularly Scheduled Swiss Team Games

Swiss Team for 0-1000 MP:


Stratified Open Swiss team game: 


Contact a Director if you need a partner for any game.

Director Email Telephone
Bud Hullings 256-426-0779
Lynn Van Pelt 256-653-6078