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On-Line duplicate pairs

Our on-line duplicate pairs sessions start Monday 6th July.  The county sessions start Wednesday 1st July.

Bridge Ladder

The Bridge ladder started Sunday 10th May.  You can still enter (at the bottom of the ladder!) - please contact Lynn

The full rules are shown on this site under 'Competitions' but please note the following:

  You may challenge a pair up to 3 places above you in the ladder as shown on this site at 9:00 am on Saturday unless you are in the top 4 places when you may challenge a lower pair.

  All challenges must be made between 9:00am on Saturday and 11:59pm on Sunday.

  Challenges must be emailed to both members of the pair challenged and copied to Lynn.

  Challenges will be accepted on a first come first served basis according to the order in which they appear in Lynn's inbox. 


Following the latest goverment advice the Committee has decided to cancel all Monday night bridge sesssions until further notice.

County Individual Final

Congratulations to David & Malcolm who finished 1st and 2nd respectively.

Andrew Robson's articles

A link to Andrew's articles has been added under 'Useful Links'.

County Events

The calendar for 2019-20 can be downloaded from the website

British Winter Sims

Out of 739 pairs nationally, Huntingdon had 3 pairs in the top hundred with Stephen and Michael the highest ranked at no. 19.

Club Championship Teams 2020

Congratulations to Jenny, David, Charles & Yvonne - Club Teams Champions for the second year in a row.



Do you need a partner?   If so, why not use the partner finding service under the 'Membership' menu above.   Or, if you prefer, you can contact Lesley Cole who will help you with this service.

If you are a member of the club and don't yet have access to the members' area, click on the 'Membership'  menu item and then enter your name, email address or EBU Number and click 'Set Password' - follow the instructions to get a link sent to your email address to enable you to create a password.



Huntingdon Bridge Club does not offer bridge classes.  But, if you are interested in learning, then Yvonne Palfrey can help.  Look under 'Information' then 'Lessons'.


Stretford Bridge Club holiday details can be found via the Useful links menu

(Huntingdon Bridge Club will receive 5% commission for advertising these holidays)

Stuart Morton Trophy - handicapped teams

The Stuart Morton Trophy - 1976

Club members donated towards the purchase of this trophy in memory of Stuart who died suddenly whilst Captain of the Club.

This is awarded annually for a Teams event organised as follows. The Tournament Director divides the pairs into an upper and lower section, by handicap, and randomly draws one pair from each section to form a team.


Year Winners
2019-20 Gill Davies, Marilyn Howells, Barbara Talboys, Elaine Miller
2018-19 Mary Mills, Peter Somerfield, Roger Farrington, Graham Dubock
2017-18 Jill Challinor, Anne Theakston, Roger Farrington, Graham Dubock
2016-17 Derek Oxbrow, Barbara Talboys, Eddie Humphrey, Pauline Baily
2015-16 Malcolm Anderson, Stephen Goodwin, Zena Denchfield, Jane Paine
2014-15 Derek Oxbrow, Barbara Talboys, Zena Denchfield, Jane Paine
2013-14 Gill Davies, Marilyn Howells, Jacqui Racey, Sheila Povall
2012-13 Audrey Stenner, Mike Neverton, Ken Firth, Roger Millington
2011-12 Margaret & Roger Chaplin, Peter Ladlow, Colin Payne
2010-11 Eileen Gardiner, Marilyn Howells, Malcolm Anderson, Roger Farrington
2009-10 Peter Somerfield, Derek Oxbrow, Pauline Baily, Mike Neverton
2008-09 Barry Ransley, Len Scofield, J Watson, Alex Green
2007-08 Margaret & Roger Chaplin, Graham Day & Bill Quinton
2006-07 Michael Krause & John Lambden, Enid Emanuel & Bill Stevenson
2005-06 Pauline Baily & Mike Neverton, Roger Farrington & Malcolm Anderson
2004-05 Andrew Dutton & Joyce Day, Mary Pope & Vi Carpenter
2003-04 Yvonne Palfrey & Charles King, Michael & Charlotte Fellows
2002-03 Pat Cole & Barry Ransley, Yvonne Palfrey & Charles King
2001-02 Pauline Baily & Eileen Gardiner, George & Linda Ledwidge
2000-01 Enid Emanuel & Mary Pope, C Howse & S Endicott
1999-2000 Yvonne Palfrey& David McCann, Pauline Angel & Jill Challinor
1998-99 Eileen Gardiner & Penny McCann, Jill Challinor & Doris Stevens
1997-98 Eileen Gardiner & Penny McCann, Malcolm & Ann Howarth
1996-97 David McCann & Y Osbourne, S Endicott & Samuel Ismer
1995-96 Mike & Charlotte Fellows, S Endicott & Samuel Ismer
1994-95 Ray & Janet Porter, K Sinnett & Ann Theakston
1993-94 D Grant & W Curr, Sheila Povall & Margaret Bowman
1992-93 David McCann & Y Osbourne, John Seal & Audrey Stenner
1991-92 Michael & Charlotte Fellows, Gill Davies & Ann Hamilton