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Welcome to Huddersfield Bridge Club
Update to Constitution - Conduct Committee

Following agreement at the AGM on 6 June 2019 the Club Constitution has been amended to incorporate a revised procedure for complaints and misconduct. If you require a copy of the revised Constitution and associated attachment please contact the Club Secretary (Sue Measures).

I am pleased to be able to confirm that Katie Thorpe has agreed to be Chairperson of the Conduct Committee should one be needed during the 2019/20 season.

Pearl Murphy, Chairperson

Start and Finish Times

The Committee, in consultation with the Tournament Directors, have agreed that evening sessions will continue to start promptly at 19.00 and, as far as possible, will end by 22.30. Based on the number of pairs, the TDs will choose a movement to allow this 22.30 finish and will manage the movement accordingly, including reducing the length of the break if need be.

The TD may also remove a board if a table has fallen behind. Persistently slow pairs will be warned in the first instance and may then be subject to a procedural penalty.

To help the TD to achieve this, pairs are asked to be at the table and ready to play by 18.55 at the latest. All pairs are expected to stay until the end of the session (unless sitting out the last round)

Any queries or comments please speak to a member of the Committee

Maintenance Book

A Maintenance Book has been placed on the Noticeboard in the hallway of number  4. When any work on the Bridge Club property is required please make a note of the job in the book and add your name so the Maintenance Group can come back to you with any queries.

Email contact

There is an email form on the Contact Us section under Information but the club can also be contacted directly by emailing (note that this email address is not monitored constantly)

Alternatively, please feel free to contact or


Thursday morning
Director: Pearl
wednesday afternoon
Director: Pearl
Wednesday evening
Director: Rod
Tuesday Evening
Director: Pearl
Monday Afternoon
Director: Ian K Whitehead
Monday Evening
Director: STB
Friday evening
Director: Denis
Thursday Morning
Director: Pam H
John Gerrard Sim Pairs
Director: STBarrett
20th Jun 2019
Match-pointed pairs, partner provided
20th Jun 2019
Gentle Duplicate
21st Jun 2019
Match-pointed Pairs
23rd Jun 2019
Malton Cup
24th Jun 2019
24th Jun 2019
25th Jun 2019
Match-pointed pairs
26th Jun 2019
Peter Littlewood Trophy
27th Jun 2019
Match-pointed pairs, partner provided