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Minutes of 2021 AGM (Draft)


Minutes of the 37th Annual General Meeting

at 13.30 on Monday 11th October 2021 at Horley Baptist Church


Phil Roxburgh (Chairman) John Hill (Secretary) Maggie Conway (Treasurer) Dave Nastaszczuk, Mike Eaton, Cecile Bradley, George Coomber, Karen Johnson, Rosemary Keen, Mavis Proctor, John Wells, Judith Wells, Andrew Wilson, Joan Young, Christine Bohorquez, Andy Yule, Frances Plummer, Maurice Dobb. David Maysey, Rebecca Ormerod, Ron Munro, Peter Cartwright, Jon Harrison, Thiru Jesudason, John Startup.


The Chairman opened the meeting at 13.30 and welcomed members to the 37th AGM. No AGM had been held in 2020 due to the pandemic.


Apologies were received from Andrew Kennedy, Frankie Sulke, John Rickwood, Gill Haimes, Doreen O’Dell, Prasannajit De Silva, Helen Saunders, John Cousins and Simon Deans.

3.            MINUTES OF THE 2019 AGM

  1. The minutes as posted on the Club’s website were approved by the meeting.
  2. All matters arising are covered in the main agenda.

4.            CHAIRMAN’S REPORT

Phil Roxburgh said that the previous 20 months had been challenging. He noted, with sadness, the death of several members; our thoughts are with their friends and families. Online bridge had been a lifesaver for the Club, and he thanked Dave Nastaszczuk for organising it. Phil thanked the Committee for their work.

5.            TREASURER’S REPORT

Income and Expenditure statements for the two years to 31st March 2021 had been circulated. Maggie Conway said that 2019/20 had shown a small surplus, but the surplus for 2020/21 was substantial due largely to the absence of room hire and refreshment costs.

We finished the year 2020/21 with £4,653.92 in the bank. However, attendances since the return to face-to-face, particularly on Wednesdays, were insufficient to cover costs.

The accounts for the two years were approved.


Phil Roxburgh and Simon Deans are standing down from the Committee. There were no nominations for Chair or new Committee members.

The remaining officers and Committee members were re-elected.


It was explained that attendance on Wednesday evenings had varied, declining from two and a half tables to one recently. This was a financial drain on the Club. Also, these levels were too low to operate a sensible duplicate session. The sessions had been continued up to the AGM in the hope of improvement and to enable members to decide whether to continue them. A proposal was put by Phil, and seconded by several members, that Wednesday sessions be suspended forthwith. On a vote by show of hands there was almost complete support and none against. John Hill will advise the Church.                                                                                                                                    Action JH


Winners of the various competitions were announced. Details will be set out on the club’s website.

                                                                                                                                                                                                   Action DN

9.            A.O.B.

  • Joan Young proposed a vote of thanks to the Committee, in particular Phil as Chair and Dave for organising online, the return to face-to-face and the website. This was seconded by Mavis Proctor and agreed by general acclamation.
  • Karen Johnson asked if there were plans to increase the Club’s membership, mentioning that she had joined as a result of a training programme. Dave Nastaszczuk said that would be considered at the next Committee meeting.

The meeting closed at approximately 13.50.