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DVD 2-Competitive Auctions
2-Competitive Bidding



The number of tricks is the number of trumps (either pair)


Bid to the level of the fit.   Consider :   Fit,  Vulnerability, the power of spades.


-50   is a good score.


Overcall with a weak hand if a good suit  (7 HCP)

Can overcall with a weak suit if a stronger hand (10 HCP)


After an overcall by partner :


  1. Support suit ASAP (particularly if a major) – to the level of the fit
  2. Bid high and fast with a distributional hand (keep enemy from finding a fit)
  3. Bid opponents’ suit when strong (alerted)  -  forcing  “strong and excited”

    Bidding at a high level - must have support for partner’s suit.

     Usually a shortage in opponents’ suit.

  4. If both pairs have an 8 card fit,  it is ALWAYS  right to bid to the 3 level.

    e.g.  1H  1S   2H   2S      -   bid to 3  

    NB  the 3 bid is competitive NOT INVITATIONAL


    It is not right to bid 3 over 3.  E.g.  1H 1S  2H  2S  3H   PASS


    Either 3 will make or go off 1.  Either 140    or  -50.

    If it goes off, it means the enemy would probably make   140  


  5. 13 HCP but no support for partner’s suit.  NT is a lazy bid.

    Bid opponents’ suit  e.g.  1D 1S Pass  2D

  6. If original overcall was weak, bid suit again and the auction ends.
  7. If original overcaller has a stop in the enemy suit, bid NT.
  8. If original overcall is stronger bid a second suit.





    e.g.  1D  Pass Pass   ?      Where are the points ?   partner may well have a good hand but can’t bid.   


    Borrow a king from partner and bid If possible – particularly if short in opponent’s suit

     (partner should be aware  - value of their hand reduced)


    1S       Pass      2S       Pass  


    Pass       ?       Again, where are the points?    Borrow a king and see if you can bid..





  1. E.g.   1H  1S      if strong with support for partner’s suit, bid the enemy suit.  – 2S


  2. If weak but some support for partner – STRETCH    5 HCP and 3  in suit, - bid


  3. If weak with no support for partner – PASS  -  do not stretch.



    OPENER’S REBID   (after an overcall)


    e.g.   1H   1S  2H   2S   


    Where there is no prospect of game, It is always right to bid to 3,H 



    Any other bid is a game try.


    A bid in opponent’s suit  is very “strong and excited “   1H  1S  2H  2S   3S


    A jump to 4H  should close the auction.  Indicates a distributional hand, no slam prospect.





    NEGATIVE DOUBLE  (Sputnik double)


    e.g.    1D  1S   X     -     this promises 4 in the unbid major.


    Should be treated as a 1 H bid.