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An EBU "virtual" Horley Bridge Club commenced on Monday 22nd June 2020 at 13:30! Please register for future events using the "register for <date>" tabs on the left of this webpage.


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Minutes of 2019 AGM (Draft)
Minutes of 2019 AGM (Draft)


Minutes of the 36th Annual General Meeting on Wednesday 15th May 2019 at Horley Baptist Church



Phil Roxburgh (Chairman) John Hill (Secretary) Maggie Conway (Treasurer) Cecile Bradley, George Coomber, John Cousins, Prasannajit de Silva, Mike Eaton, Gill Gallagher, Clive Grummet, Elizabeth Grummet, Karen Johnson, Rosemary Keen, Andrew Kennedy, David Nastaszczuk, Mavis Procter, John Rickwood, Gail Sperrin, Wendy Steel, Frankie Sulke, Tony Vaughan, Eega Wellard, John Wells, Judith Wells, Andrew Wilson, Joan Young.

1.            WELCOME

The Chairman opened the meeting at 7.00pm and welcomed members to the 36th AGM.

2.            APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE were received from Andy Yule, Steve Lock, Sue Noblett, Frances Plummer, Rosemary Fulcher, Chris King, Margaret Brantom, David Maysey, Ron and Jan Munro, Hetty Fisher, Rebecca Ormerod and Terry Woodbine.

3.            MINUTES OF THE 2018 AGM

a)            The minutes were approved by the meeting.

b)            All matters arising are covered in the main agenda.

4.            CHAIRMAN’S REPORT

Phil Roxburgh said that, despite efforts to attract new members, including training, the Club had a deficit for the third year running. It continues to be important to attract new members.

The Eastbourne weekend had been a success, thanks to the hard work of Mike Eaton, Maggie Conway and others. Inviting members of other clubs had worked well. There will be another such weekend in April 2020.

5.            TREASURER’S REPORT

An Income and Expenditure statement for the year to 31st March 2019 had been circulated. Maggie Conway mentioned that the cost of the electronic scoring system was not included; Phil has declined to seek reimbursement until the system is working reliably, which he believes it now is.

We have finished the year 2018/19 with £3,463.40 in the bank having made a loss of £567.84 in the year. Maggie proposed an increase in table money to £3 per session. There was some debate about the possibility of a bigger increase. However, it was pointed out that the extra 50p proposed should raise £1,000+ extra yearly assuming attendances do not fall. That would be enough to generate a surplus and the Club has significant reserves and no current plans for substantial capital investment. An increase to £3 was unanimously approved.

It was asked whether the increase in rent some years ago coincided with the move from Hookwood Hall. Although that is broadly true had we not moved the rent would have increased more.

Maggie expressed thanks to Peter Cartwright for reviewing the accounts.  The accounts were approved.


The existing officers and Committee members were re-elected. Gill Gallagher was duly proposed and elected as a new Committee member.


Trophies were presented. Details of the winners are set out in the attached schedule.

8.            PLASTIC CUPS

Phil explained the Committee’s proposal to stop providing plastic cups. This would be environmentally and financially better. Members could choose to use the church’s cups but must wash and put them away. Otherwise members can bring their own cups.

9.            A.O.B

•             Phil agreed that a sign N would be displayed at future sessions.

•             Andrew Kennedy asked if we should increase table money for ‘Sims’. It was explained that many members are not fussed whether a session is ‘Sims’ or not, and we need to encourage attendance

•             Karen Johnson suggested that newer members need some explanation/encouragement about the ‘Teams’ event. Dave Nastaszczuk promised to cover this at his next teaching session

•             Frankie Sulke suggested there may be other ways we can co-operate with other clubs

•             Joan Young asked whether, in view of the low attendance (3 teams only) the ‘Teams’ event is viable. Phil explained that we were committed to hold it before the low attendance was known. The Committee will discuss the future of this event

The Committee was thanked for its work. The meeting closed at 7.33.


Competition Winners 2018/19


1)            Sumner Memorial Cup (Teams):

Rosemary Keen, Kong Luk, Dave Nastaszczuk, Phil Roxburgh.

2)           Monday Pairs (15th October 2018) – Eega Welard and Cecile Bradley

3)            Wednesday Pairs Championship (14th Nov 2018) – Prasannajit de Silva and Steve Lock

4)            Edward Bradley Memorial Trophy for most improved player in lower half of NGS– Rosemary Keen

Rosemary Keen went from an NGS Ranking of 43.61% to 50.29% - a very impressive gain of 6.68%

5)            Trophy for most improved player in upper half of NGS - Gail Sperrin

Gail Sperrin went from an NGS Ranking of 54.83% last April to an impressive 58.32% – a gain of 3.49%