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Bridge Tuition DVDs
Bridge Tuition DVDs

We have a library of bridge tutorials in DVD format (30 of them!) available at the Club.  Please speak to a Committee member during one of our regular sessions, and you can pick up the DVD immediately from the library. The normal loan period is two weeks.  The titles highlighted in red have been reviewed. The DVDs available are:


1-Ruffing for Extra Tricks

2 Competitive Auctions
3-Making the Most of High Cards
4-Finding and Bidding Slams
5-Play and Defence of 1NT Contracts
6-Doubling and Defence Against Doubled Contracts
8-Losing Trick Count
9-Making Plans as a Declarer
10-Responding to 1NT
11-Signals and Discards
13-Hand Evaluation
14-Pre -emptive Bidding
15-Splinters and Cue-Bids
16-Avoidance Play
17-Play and Defence at Duplicate Pairs
18-Thinking Defence
19-Defensive Plan
20-Further Into the Auction
21-Weak Twos
22-Trump Control
24-Improving Bridge Memory
25-Defence as Partner of the Leader

26-Aggressive Bidding at Pairs

27-Strong Opening Hands

28-Take-out Doubles

29-Suit Establishment

30-Defending Against a 1NT contract (Landy Convention)