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An EBU "virtual" Horley Bridge Club commenced on Monday 22nd June 2020 at 13:30! Please register for future events using the "register for <date>" tabs on the left of this webpage.


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DVD 25-Defence as Partner of the Leader
Defence as Partner of the Leader

This DVD starts after the bidding has concluded, your partner has made the opening lead, and the dummy is revelead. It challenges you to make a plan at trick 1 for the rest of the defence.


Beginning with identifying the lead (is it an Honour sequence?, singleton?, low spot card?, high spot card? etc.) you are then questioned on what this implies about partner's hand ( and declarer's) and determines which card you should play.


Your defensive plan is formed at trick one and helps you to decide whether to continue the suit or to switch. Any suit switch being determined by weakness in dummy as much as your own holding.


In passing it deals with never leading away from an ace at a suit contract, the dangers of leading a doubleton, and unblocking honours. Throughout the seminar, the mantra of “Trust Partner” is repeated. This is a good attempt at dealing with a difficult problem – defence.


Many will not find this an easy topic and may need to work hard to gain from this DVD. But the rewards will be considerable.