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DVD 13-Hand Evaluation (without a fit)
13-Hand Evaluation (without a fit)

We all use the standard High Card Points (4 for an Ace, 3 for a King, etc)  system to evaluate our bridge hands. This goes beyond that to look at “good” and “bad” hands based on their trick taking potential rather than their high card points. The Presenter's dislike for the 4-3-3-3 shape always leads him to reduce his HCP by one when holding 4333 shape, whilst increasing the count for “length” cards (i.e. 5 cards or more) in a suit. Further adjustments are made depending on whether honours are together or separated and when one is held in partner’s suit.


He adds a cautionary tale for mis-fits and points out that 2 mis-fits do not make for a game in No Trumps.


A good DVD, but one that most club players might find rather esoteric.