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DVD 15-Splinters and Cue Bids
15-Splinters and Cue Bids

A cue bid is a bid to show a control (first round as an Ace or void, second round as a King or singleton) after a trump suit has been agreed. The objective of the bid is to find out if there is a control in each suit before launching into Blackwood. He outlines when Blackwood is not appropriate (i.e. mainly with a void) when it may not be clear where responder’s Ace(s) is/are.

A splinter shows a shortage (singleton or void) in the bid suit, and is an excellent way to bid slams with great precision (he notes that whatever their system, all the world’s leading players use them).


This is a curious seminar. The Presenter spends a long time talking about cue bids whilst repeating his mantra of “we do not like cue bids” but spends noticeably less time talking about splinters which he clearly likes.


All players would benefit from watching this, but it is not easy viewing – viewers will need to go through it slowly to obtain the maximum benefit to aid better slam bidding.