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DVD-4 Finding and Bidding Slams
4-Finding and Bidding Slams

The opening of this DVD states that the bidding of slams is not usually the hardest part. Recognising that there is a possible slam being much harder than the process of getting there. His benchmark being 33 high card points for a NT slam and 30 total points (including distributional points) for a suit contract.


He does use part two of the seminar to discuss bidding methods. Cue bidding, splinters and Key Card Blackwood (which uses the King of trumps as a fifth “ace”) are introduced, and the shortcomings of each explained. He clarifies the use of a quantative 4NT (bid immediately after a natural NT bid).


Frequent mention is made of using "Fourth Suit Forcing" as a bidding method to get further clarification of your partner’s hand.


In many ways this is a complex DVD to follow, but it will reward those who persevere.