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Please Note.....

At all duplicate sessions, it is a club rule that the N/S and E/W seating arrangements are decided by the cutting of cards, or the toss of a coin, should either pair request it.

Welcome to Holywood Bridge Club

Richard Coulter

It is with great sadness that I have to report the sudden and totally unexpected death of Richard Coulter at the weekend.

Richard has been a member of Holywood for just a few years and served as Club Treasurer for the last couple.

He, with his partner John Forsythe, became loyal and valuable members, formidable bridge opponents but always pleasant to play against.

We extend our sincere sympathy and condolences to his wife Jenny and family. All our thoughts are with them at this sad time.

He will be sorely missed by the Club.


To Moya Kelly &Sandie Millership  on coming 1st in the Lady Milne Trials.  They won both weekends.  Very well done..

New Online Event

NDBC is continuing its weekly evening tournament at 7.00 pm on Monday's

This event is open to all members of the NIBU

This will be a paid tournament and cost 2 BB$.

It will be run under vNIBU137, search under "All Tournaments"

If you need help with signing up or purchasing BB$, contact Sandie on the information below

Online Bridge for North Down Players

Sandie is continuing to run events on Tuesdays and Fridays at 2pm lasting about 1.5 - 2 hours, depending on the number of tables.

We have approx 8 tables at the present but have plenty of space for more.  Many of us are new to BBO and this is a relaxed event which everyone who is playing is really enjoying.

Why dont you join us?

 If you are interested in taking part and have not already registered with her,  contact Sandie on  or by text on 07710381261.

She will be pleased to help you at any time if you need any help in registering or getting online


The club committee has taken the decision to suspend the club for the foreseeable future, believing this to be the best route to protect the welfare of its members. They will continue to monitor the situation and will update you as, and when, circumstances may change.

   Welcome to the Holywood Bridge Club web site.   

The site aims to provide information on the duplicate sessions and competitions held in the club, statistics to peruse, and general information about the club. 

If there is anything you think could usefully be added to the site, please contact any member of the committee with your suggestions.

Forthcoming Events

Online bridge -

Tuesday & Friday, 2pm under Sandiem - Free

Monday, 7pm under vNIBU137 - 2BB$


Royal North of Ireland Yacht Club

Monday Nights 7:05 for 7:15 start.

How Much?

Annual Membership Fee - £20

Table Money - £2

Non-Members £3

Doreen Spence 4
Director: Sandie
Host: vNIBU137
Doreen Spence 3
Director: Sandie
Host: vNIBU137
Doreen Spence 2
Director: Sandie
Host: vNIBU137
Doreen Spence 1
Director: Sandie
Host: vNIBU137
#6828 Pairs Grummit Salver 2 Re-Run
Grummit Salver 2
Director: vNIBU137