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HBA Ranked Masters Competitions
HBA Ranked Masters Pairs Championship

This competition comprises club heats followed by a single session final. HBA membership is not necessary. All players must be 5* Masters or below. 

Competitiors should not play in more than one heat.

50% of the eligible pairs from each heat qualify for the final. A club heat should be played as a single winner movement.

The Hitchin Bridge Club holds a heat of this competition in March.

HBA Ranked Masters Teams Championship

A single session multiple teams club representative event. All players must be 5* Masters or below.

Entry fee paid by the club. Hitchin won this event in 2019. 

The event is held at Jersey farm Community Centre St Albans AL4 9RG


Eccles Cup

This is a single-session representative competition for teams made up of four pairs who must all be bona fide members of the club they represent. The entry fee is paid by the Club.

Each player's NGS grade must be Jack or below, and the total grade of the players on the team must be at most 80 (counting a Jack as 11). All players must have a public NGS grade.

Eligibility will be checked on the date of entry. If a team meets the requirements on the date of entry then they will be eligible for the competition even if some players' grades have increased by the time of the event.

The competition is organised as 2 sections. The pairs of each team, assessed according to their combined NGS grades are assigned:-

Pair 1 to section 1 NS; Pair 2 to section 1 EW; Pair 3 to section 2 NS and Pair 4 to section 2 EW.

The pairs of a team start at the same numbered table. An unswitched Mitchell movement is played in each section with Round 1 omitted so that pairs in the same team do not play against each other. The same boards are used in both sections but each section is scored separately and 4 ranking lists are produced.

A team's position is determined by the sum of the ranks of it's 3 best pairs. A tie is broken by comparing the sum of the ranks of all players in the teams and if necessary the total percentage scores of all pairs. There is no overall winning pair.