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Kitchen Rota
July to December 2019
Here is the new rota for the next six months.  As usual, if you are going to be away when it is your turn, could you try to swap with someone else?  Any problems, let me know; 01621 854779 or 078333 51424
Jul     Oct
1 Anne Thurgood    7 Yvonne West
8 Barbara Parker   14 Linda Powell
15 Mary Clark   21 Margaret Nettlingham
22 Angela West   28 Ann Owen
29 Yvonne West      
Aug   Nov
5 Linda Powell   4 Janet Francis
12 Margaret Nettlingham   11 Anne Thurgood
19 Ann Owen   18 Barbara Parker
26 Venue Closed   27 Mary Clark
Sept   December
2 Janet Francis   2 Angela West
9 Anne Thurgood   9 Yvonne West
16 Barbara Parker   16 Linda Powell
23 Mary Clark   23 Margaret Nettlingham
30 Angela West   30 Ann Owen
Your duties are:
Bring  One Litre  of semi-skimmed milk (Claim a refund from our treasurer- Barrie Stead)
Set up the kitchen, not forgetting teaspoons – they are in the kitchen cupboard
Any time after 4 o’clock, tidy up the kitchen repack everything in the boxes, make sure kitchen is neat and tidy. You should not have to do other people’s washing up. Any foodstuff has to be packed in the tins provided.  Inform Angela of any shortage - teabags, biscuits, sugar... 
Take the tea towels home for washing.
      Finally, thank you very much for your help.