December 3rd 2019
Board 10

Cue Bid 

South opens a weak NT. North forces to game (with some slam interest) with 3S and South (with good cards for a slam in Aces and a King) cue bids 4 Diamonds. North rebids 4 S (denying the Ace of Hearts) which becomes the final contract. 

Want a good reason not to lead a singleton trump? Look no further than here. On a passive diamond (or even club) lead, NS have to guess the spades AND the hearts to make 12 tricks. 

Board 6

Rule of 14

West opens 1S and East would like to bid 2H but using the Rule of 14 the hand is not strong enough. A ‘dustbin’ 1NT keeps the bidding open to hear the rebid.  If West rebids 2C then East can rebid 2H.  As West is balanced with 15 pts it’s a pass.


Assuming Diamonds are led, (4thhighest from longest suit) which cards should East discard?  Discard 2 Clubs.  It is hoped that South will lead a Club which will set up E/W 7thtrick and the 1NT contract will make.  If South switches to a Spade it sets N/S 7thTrick and the contract is defeated.