November 19th 2019
Board 8


 North’s transfer shows 5 spades and then he bids game to show his points and balanced hand. Usually we try to have the stronger hand as declarer but after 1NT this is difficult – what else can North bid? If he just goes straight to 3NT West will lead a club and south will take 10 tricks off the top-he can’t afford to take the heart finesse because if it fails the opposition will take their clubs and he will only make 9 tricks. (it doesn’t fail but South can’t know that). Score +430


South (with good 3-card support and only two rubbish clubs) converts 3NT to 4 spades after the transfer bid, he knows they have an 8 card fit. 


On a non-club lead, NS will make 12 tricks (draw trumps, concede a diamond). On a club lead this will be reduced to 11 (duck club, win 2nd) and proceed as before. The heart finesse doesn’t gain anything as losers go on the little diamonds. Score +450 or +480