November 12th 2019
Board 4

This is a tricky hand.

East might bid 2S over 1NT    BUT  his partner has passed, he is vulnerable and South could have substantial assets (as indeed he has). If east does bid 2S then south can

1) double (north may take this x for Take out).  If left then east is not going to like it and will be lucky to make more than 4 tricks for a score of 800.  

2) jump to 3nt - you have Spade cover and game points and your partner must have H suit honours.  We all choose to go for game N/S.

Board 7

2C Opener 

You don’t get a two-loser hand every day of the week! With a void and 22 points, this hand is worth opening 2 clubs and when South eventually supports clubs, a direct 6 club bid – you have no way of finding out whether South has the King of hearts or not, without risking going too high. 

The play is trivial – you draw trumps, play spades (ready to ruff the 4th round if needed ) and then finesse the Queen of Hearts – it makes and you make 7S.